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  1. I'm not writing Tiger off yet although his time is slowly slipping away. He still has a huge presence in anything he does and that sells...
  2. Only in the winter when the weather is bad do I lose interest. I can't get enough any other time. If I had no other obligations or a job, I would play sun up to sun down probably 7 days a week.
  3. 83 today but it felt like 93. Struggled on the front to get the driver in the fairway but got it going on 9 and hit driver pretty decent the rest of the day. No birdies but I made about a 30 footer to save par after a long bunker shot on a par 3. All in all I'm happy with the results since it felt like I could have played much better.
  4. Cool memory and awesome wife to go along with getting married on a golf course!!
  5. 90 today, hit driver horrible until the last 3 holes. Irons and putting were ok, struggled with chipping/pitching. I think I have the driver straightened out, I think I was trying to guide it as opposed to just swinging the golf club.
  6. I picked up the JPX EZ forged about a month ago. So far, I would say they are the best golf pick up I have made in a couple years. Pretty forgiving on mis hits and very nice feel.
  7. 82 today, still not hitting driver straight or long but it stayed in play. Irons were ok but I putted well once again. Had 3 makeable birdie putts skim the edge and one lipped out on 18 for par. It's getting better, hope to maintain it.
  8. Shot 78 today on my home course. Coulda been a little better, had a triple on #7, and a double on #8. Birdied 9 and shot 1 over on the back. The game is starting to click right now except driver. I'm starting to score despite hitting it short and not so straight. Going to Dick's Sporting goods tonight, gonna hit the Covert tour and maybe the X Hot driver and see what I get. I loved the feel of my Covert, just lost distance with it. Hoping the lower spin and launch of the Tour may remedy that. Also have a Tour Edge Extoics XCG 7 Beta coming to experiment with.
  9. Sawgrass? That is the only place I have ever gotten iced sented towels.
  10. My first decent round of the year today....it's been a slow start. Shot 82 at a fairly difficult course from 6750 yards. The key was no penalty shots as I switched back to the 913 driver from the SLDR. I did sacrifice about 10-20 yards off the tee but it's pretty cool to hit shots from the fairway. Pretty solid with the irons and putted pretty decent. Chipping/pitching needs a little more practice to get in the 70's. Happy overall though...
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