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  1. 1. Fastback MOTO(Made to order) from gallery in San Diego. 34", standard specs. Has 3 rounds on it, pristine. $550 shipped CONUS 2. 915 2H(18*)- S Flex whiteboard, great condition- $175 shipped CONUS 3. 915 4H(23*)- S Flex whiteboard, great condition-$175 shipped CONUS Take both hybrids for $315 shipped....3W pictured already sold...
  2. All prices shipped CONUS. Add $10 on putter and wedges west of the mississippi... Open to putter trades for either CS or mallets of equal value. 1. MannMade MA/66- 303 stainless with rainbow torch finish, 365g, 3* loft, 69* lie angle, 3/4 toe hang, sound slot. This is the coolest looking putter I've had but I'm putting very poorly with the blade style. $400 2. Mizuno 50*, 56* T4 wedges. The 50* needs reshafted after a tree jumped out and demolished the shaft. Head unaffected...$75 shipped for both. 3. Under Armour Igniter 2.0 with green/gray game day lenses. Worn once, just like my Oakley's better. $65 shipped
  3. Enjoyed the story and beautiful putter!!
  4. I'm a huge Lamont fan. This one didn't fit me well but then had him build me an MA/66 that is my gamer. This will be a great putter for someone!!
  5. Had Lamont build this but just didn't feel right over it. Only carpet putted, never taken out of the basement. Looking to swap for mainly putters but would consider other stuff depending. Price is in ad but actually prefer to swap it.... http://mannkrafted.com/collections/custom-putters/products/hand-milled-long-slope-in-super-nickel
  6. These are maybe most memorable as opposed to best which I guess makes them the same... 5. #18 at Carnoustie. Cue Van De Velde... 4. Postage Stamp at Royal Troon. Made a bogey. 3. #18 at St. Andrews. What a magical walk over the Swilcan bridge finishing in front of a crowd of tourists. 2. #17 at Sawgrass. Best shot I have ever hit. 140 yard 9 iron with a little helping breeze over the pin, rolled back to 8 inches. 1. #16 at Bandon Dunes.... Most beautiful site I have ever seen on a golf course....
  7. I sent Mark Parker, CEO of Nike an email today voicing my disappointment in the process and asking for a change in it. I'm sure it will go straight to his spam folder and never be read but you never know. I had an issue with shipping concerning Titleist last year and emailed the president of sales. He called me within an hour of sending the email and was very open to hearing my concerns.
  8. I think it would be a fair thing to do to hold a lottery. Pay the money up front and if your number is not drawn you get a refund. Same thing the NCAA does for final four tickets.
  9. That's the frustrating part. I would like one to roll but half the people that did get them will have them on wrx and ebay within 24 hrs. Same reason I got away from Scotty. I used to collect and the limited stuff would sell out immediately then posted on ebay before they even had it in hand.
  10. With all the snow Feb and last month I got tons of overtime at work. Picked up the Titleist 915 15F, 18H, and 24H all with the whiteboard. Also got 50 and 54 Mizuno MP T4 wedges. Now to find the time to play them hopefully.
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