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  1. All prices do not include shipping and will be priced accordingly based on location, US only, shipping is insured, USPS priority mail. PM me in regards to shipping if you are buying an item so I can account for the price. Thanks for looking. 1) Arnold Palmer Model AP30R, original grip, heavy amount of use, 35" length- $10 2) Arnold Palmer Model 82048, Golf Pride grip, very good condition, 35" length- $20 3) Travis Matthew white belt, minimal use, Small/Medium size- Sold 4) Adidas pants, brand new, has all tags and extra buttons, 32 waist/34 length- Sold 5) SCOR 4161 wedges, light use, grooves are in good condition, light wear of finish on face, grips are playable, most of paintfill was removed, Genius 12 Firm shafts, standard lie, 1/4" overlength, lofts are 41, 45 and 49 degrees - $40 each 6) Wilson Staff 8882 Black putter, medium/heavy use, wear on black finish, paintfill replaced with tan paint, Lamkin red Crossline grip, 35" length- $30
  2. I haven't been on here for a little while so I didn't see the other thread.
  3. I have a pair of Oakley Radars with the grey non-polarized lens, they work fine for me.
  4. That Captain America one is awesome, the only issue is that it attracts attention and I don't want to be on the receiving end of that. Plus I'm not muscular enough for that, I'm thin and in good shape but I don't have enough muscle mass to pull it off.
  5. I have a feeling some pros will be affected by this at the US Open and we will hear some swearing.
  6. That's pretty lame, another BS rule.
  7. Just remembered to check on this topic, thanks for the responses from both of you.
  8. Like others have mentioned, I was a little disappointed as well for reasons that have been mentioned already.
  9. I need to pull the trigger on some new headcovers soon, so many options out there. I like what BestGrips did with the limited edition covers with blue carbon fiber leather and embroidered white stars, those were very cool. Another idea is to use roman numerals instead of numbers, adds a different look.
  10. What exactly makes them so special that they are worth $1000? Do they have special technology associated with them?
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