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  1. I don't recall - my son took it to Uni with him for outdoor workouts - I will get him to send me a picture.
  2. We hit cold weather a couple of weeks ago here in Toronto, especially early mornings. I'm usually a bundle-up kind of guy but tried a different approach this year by using more, thinner layers. For me if my core is warm, I am worm. And luckily this approach achieved that and I retained almost all flexibility for actually swinging. The thin, stingers still hurt though We are now shut down here as of this weekend, but I had my rechargeable hand warmer ready, but now I guess it will only be helpful during other outdoor snow maintenance events. Strangest thing for me was the hat conundrum. I think I was born, wearing a touque as winter headgear, but during the recent coldest round, I still wore my Puma summer bucket hat - thick enough, but also ventilated and treatable, and again it was surprisingly warm enough for 0.5 degrees Celsius (33 deg F). Who knew - but I am quite sure it looked beyond silly... Above all, great call out @BruceTommy - let embrace whatever we can when colder weather hits
  3. And being based in Scotland, I'm pretty sure they've seen periodic rain
  4. golferguy2727

    Mizuno RB

    Still no "Shop Now" link for the RB Tour/TourX balls - yes for the non RB Tour/TourX https://mizunogolf.com/us/balls/ And I have been playing these almost exclusively for the past month and am finding them easily the best ball I've used (except the old Tailor-made Tour Preferred balls - pre TP5 etc). Soft on putter and wedges awesome on irons and generally 5-800 rpm less spin than Callaway Chromesofts on driver.
  5. I’m currently playing the 2014 Tour Preferred CBs - they kicked my PXGs out of the bag and that was only as an experiment. I love how they look and they are forgiving enough when I don’t have my game on the day. It’s funny how technology opens some new doors but keeps plenty of older doors wide open as well.
  6. My Apple 4 watch would just get me though 18 holes but the watch was dead to the world after that. It was one reason why I stopped using Apple Watch for Arccos since it meant I needed a dedicated Apple Watch just for Arccos. I'm sure a "newer than Apple 4 watch" has sufficient battery capacity, but eventually the problem reappears since the power/recharge on apple watches seems to get compromised faster than phones, for example. It is a very small physical battery. And GPS is (I was told) one of the highest battery capacity suckage functions possible, except real time heart rate monitoring I think - or maybe thats a tie. My Arccos journey was: Tags with iPhone (front pocket which was ok but not ideal) Tags with Apple Watch 4 and phone in back pocket or in golf bag - though the watch interaction model would be a good thing, but sadly, as you mentioned, it turned my apple watch into a dedicated arccos device Tags with Arccos Link and Phone in back pocket or in bag - this was a much better outcome until the link fell off twice when playing. The "Find My Link" function required that I walk the course backwards to find it - which I did. Form that I added a lanyard to the link so it would never fall off again. Also found that the link really likes clear line of sight to the sky - in Canada, Spring and Fall can be cool and wearing a jacket was enough to block the link from getting sufficient GPS signal quality so I then started attaching it to my left side jacket pocket and connected the lanyard thingy to the pocket zipper so that would not again fall off. All in all, I think the Link is best used in Arizona Ended the arccos journey by going back to phone in front pocket mode. Shotscope was purchased within two days after that Tried going back to Arccos a could of times but could never get around the limitations I mentioned - which was too bad, since Arccos had the best data presentation model at the time. I do think Shotscope has (mostly) caught up in that regard though, but I won't go back to Arccos again until they can get the shot acquisition method a bit cleaner for me. And maybe it is just me since a large number of folks seem happy with it.
  7. I had a BMW i3 and that logic from charging was accurate re 0-80% fast, final 20% slower. One of my first experiences with this topic as an EV owner was enlightening. I stopped at a charger on a long journey home with about 6% battery remaining. The single FAST DC charger was blocked - the guy had just bought his EV and this was charge number 2 for him. He was only 12% when I arrived so I knew I had at least an hour to wait, so grabbed some food to kill the time as there were no other chargers nearby back in those days. I eat, wander and come back an hour later and he's at 82%. I ask him when he thinks it will be done and he say probably only 15 minutes. I tell him the 0-80% / 20% logic mentioned above and he says, nope thats not how his car works. I nod knowingly, mumbling to my self. 45 minutes later he's at 87% so I ask him if he needs to be 100% to get home. He says he lives only 3 miles away ..... I ask him politely if he can cut it short since I need ALL OF THE POWER I CAN GET HERE TO GET HOME. He is resistant but finally gives in and acknowledges that "maybe his first charge was the same thing, but he thought it was a first charge only thing ...." I think EV owners should be given basic EV etiquette education - it's a different way of living, especially when the cars in question are of the limited capacity variety.
  8. I use Shotscope and am in parallel trialing V1 Game app. I've been a data collector for a long time and use it now to verify the results from Shotscope and now V1 Game. I also record ongoing score in out GolfCanada app which is how I submit scores post round. For each hole, I record (top to bottom): Gross Score +/- relative to par and cumulative +/- relative to par Estimated putt lengths in feet : first, second, third, Penalty stroke indicator FIR/GIR indicator Club used to tee off with dot for fairway, right, left, short etc Takes no time at all after years of practice and has been helpful to course correct Shot Scope (and previously Arccos) as needed. It does feel like V1 Game is now making this quite redundant though so I may stop writing down data next season. The benefit has been general on course awareness, but the cost has been less positive awareness as well - like when I'm cumulative scoring well and I get ahead of myself and poop the bed or get behind in scoring and go hero mode in response. That has been the biggest reason I have questioned the actual writing down activity this year since my skill level has increased and that creates some false hope or expectations that may be better served by not really knowing how I stand. Or maybe I just take out the +/- relative to par (since it seems distracting now, and FIR/GIR since thats captured (mostly) in Shotscope and V1 and real time in GolfCanada app. Recording penalties is still useful since I have not been very successful recording penalties in Shotscope (not sure why) or in V1 (a bit too cumbersome during play - need to explore more). Shotscope manual putting mode has helped diminish the need to putt length recording, but its not super accurate given GPS variance and timing etc. Stepping off first putt and loading it into V1 Game is pretty reliable and repeatable though. Teeing club used is perfectly captured with shotscope, but it can get fairway and rough confused at times. Now that I read this back, sheesh, I do a lot of non-golf work while playing golf
  9. Arccos sensors have an internal battery that dies. They will replace some sensors but you can’t count on it so buying / accumulating some was key for me. I did find you can replace the battery for Arccos sensors (it’s only a cr2032) - it’s not terribly difficult. Arccos sensors are also quite big and kinda ugly - I black sharpied the green base thing to make them look less, um, green Shotscope sensors are rfid so no battery need for foreseeable future and arcoos sells fulls sets for $50 if you need more. Quite robust as well - I’ve only broken one in two years. gatmin sensors have a user replaceable battery which is good. But replacement sensors are costly if needed - the sensor cost was one if the biggest reasons I bailed out of more garmin focus or a trial but to test. Now, to some non sensor club tracking options . I’ve been trialing the V1 game app - it’s got some cool shot tracking algorithms that don’t need sensors but that do need you to 1) identify which club you hit and 2) clean up all the useless shot indicators that you don’t need - although you can ignore those and when you “sign off” the round they get deleted anyway (I think) . The garmin S6x watches do something similar as well I think for non sensor based tracking. and there are other apps that also use movement algorthims to guess (quite accurately) shot locations.
  10. Yes I use the watch for shot capture with the tags. For me I just found Arccos didn’t capture as many shots as Shotscope - if Arccos and Shotscope made a baby I think it would be awesome - probably the best data analytics from Arccos with the most reliable data capture (and the awesome manual putting mode ) of shotscope. I also looked at (but did not buy or use) the Garmin solution since it really does it all in theory - but they just don’t seem to have the data figured out. I was an early adopter Arccos user so grandfathered in with no subscription costs - although mistakenly took a ping free sensor deal and used that with a subscription for a little while. Another advantage - for me- with shotscope is to be able to have more clubs tagged - I have two sets and Arccos didn’t seem to have a practical way of dealing with that besides a separate account (which makes data comparison clumsy) - but Shotscope enables drag and drop of clubs i to your bag for specific rounds. Quite nifty for me as I like to try different clubs and compare results based on playing experience vs sim data. And yes the Shotscope solution doesn’t have a useful hole on a screen view of any sort while playing. So it seems like some extra device is always in play with that requirement.
  11. I am a very happy shotscope user - I went through Arccos to get here - loved the data, but found shot acquisition issues caused more post round edits than shotscope - including using Arccos Link. But, in your options, the LX+ was an option I looked at but could not make work for me. Reason - the LX+ uses the H4 device which is the integration for the club sensors. And the H4 requires a "tap" for each club to be recognized- which is theory is awesome, unless you forget to "tap" reliably, which is what happened to me. For the LX+ its a novel idea, but the thought of having to detach the H4 from the LX rangefinder each time OR bring the rangefinder to a club for each read was an acceptable option for me if and only if I could get the tapping thing down. But, I did not. The second big issue for me was the putting capture. The H4 detach need or brining a rangefinder on the green to tap made zero sense for me. So, if putting stats are not important for you, and you can figure out a way of get reliable club tapping built into your routine (many have successful done so on this forum), the the LX+ is a ridiculously great combined solution and pretty good value at that. But it you lack enough cognitive discipline like me to do basic club tapping things well, and crave putting stats that make sense, then it might be a non-starter. I can't really comment on the other options except to say, we have a local app here from our Golf Body, Golf Canada, which I use on my phone doing the round. It provides GPS, score capture and a simple "end of round score" submission process since I keep scores as I go along. Not sure if you have such an option (or any aversion to using a phone during a round), but just sharing that its a routine/workflow that works for a data hungry scatterbrain like me
  12. At a local course - 340 yard par four, big dogleg right, with trees EVERYWHERE - pushed my drive into said trees on right. Second was a bad chip out that hit a tree and went further right, now into the run up fairway of an adjoining par 3 Then proceeded to try to launch a high thread into the green (mostly blind, especially with tears of fear, sadness and humour in my eyes). Goes long over the green to tee area of next hole ... Fourth shot, Hail Mary low running chip -into the hole. So never really saw the actual geography of the hole except the tee - golf is a strange way to spend time some days.
  13. I did as John S mentions above and he is right - it really isn't difficult and if I can do it, well then anyone can
  14. golferguy2727

    Mizuno RB

    A couple of years ago I did a ball fitting and the Rb tour was the standout winner for me - really like them except they don’t have a high level of durability. I’ve been able to get them at times at a good price point which has helped. My stock is running low and they are getting scarce here in Canada so may need to look at the new offering. Really enjoyed them off driver and wedges/putter I have to say.
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