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  1. Can I get a lefty badge and a Broke 80 badge?
  2. Agreed. Similar drops on toe strikes. Middle is always pure for sure, although I can't recall an iron that wasn't that way. I know playing an iron in this category isn't going to let you get away with murder, doesn't help that I am a tinkerer.
  3. Thanks for the info! I actually currently game the 770’s. I like them, I don’t love them. But I’m not ready to go to something much bigger yet. Id looking into a set of i230’s to test with for the next few months. I know they are a little longer in the blade length, but nothing offensive to me at least. Just was curious about any noticeable forgiveness differences particularly on toe strikes. Also considering a combo zx5/zx7 set as I think the v sole could help get through the turf as well.
  4. Anyone hit both? Thoughts on perimeter weighting for toe strikes? Been wanting to try a ping iron for a couple years because of the bounce and sole width as I have a steep attack angle.
  5. Easy enough.... anyone find a cheap ball they like to use that still performs ok and is pretty readily available specifically for captains choice tournaments? Sure the easy answer is use the same ball you normally game, but for those that are like me and the adult beverages flow early and often in these formats $4 a ball can get pretty expensive when you are hammering driver every hole and aiming dead at risky flags.
  6. As the title says. Looking for some recommendations for irons that may work well for players with high swing speeds that have inconsistent strikes. I know the easy answer is go get fit. Looking for some input from longer term experiences than an hour long session. I’ve been fit into everything from an mc to players distance over the years. At one point I’ve been pushing a single digit handicap, swinging 3-4 times a week throughout the year. Now I’m lucky to get out twice a month and that will reduce further still in 2024 with another kid on the way and my swing reflects it. Just looking for something to help enjoy playing a little more with sub par strikes. Currently gaming p770’s 4-p. Attack is steep, driver ss is 115 ish for reference.
  7. Congrats!! I have always said that if I ever hit one, I would send the club to a refinisher such as golf garage and have it refinished in a gold color and then put it in a shadow box.
  8. Thanks everyone for all the replies. My 3 wood is going to hang around the garage for a bit, but I do think I'm going to look for another option. It very well could be an entirely mental issue at this point, but we all know that might be the worst kind of equipment problem. Nevertheless, I do like seeing how other people manage similar issues. Thanks again.
  9. As the title would suggest, I am toying with the idea of ditching my 3 wood and adding an additional long iron. Distance is one of my strengths, and I play my 3 hybrid 19.5 deg. to 240 carry. My next iron is a P770 4 iron that I play to about 210 carry. I am horrendous with my fairway wood, but when it does stay remotely straight it is a 270 club and is rarely used for one reason or another. Thinking about getting a p790 3 iron and adjusting my hybrid to 18 degrees in the hopes of filling that 225 range and having the hybrid jump a few more yards. Anyone else done something similar? My gapping towards the bottom of the bag is pretty good so an additional wedge wouldn't help me.
  10. Plastic outside of the winter months. Once the ground freezes here I have to switch to wood tees.
  11. Thank you. Got my heart racing a little bit waiting for the t series testers announcement
  12. I’ve swung it briefly. Albeit a 6.0 60g. I game a black 6.5 60g that gets switched out for a blue tx from time to time. The hulk 6.0 felt more rigid than the black 6.5. It didn’t take long for me to know it wasn’t for me but I like a little feel in the transition. To each their own that’s why they make them.
  13. This is awesome to see. I’m someone who likes to tinker so it’s not uncommon for me to have an entirely different bag every 2 years or so. Always nice to see after fittings not being pushed to new product and getting verification that what you have works well.
  14. Date 08/08/2023 Course Name Baywood greens golf club Gross Score 94 Course Handicap 17 Gross Strokes over/under par 17 Net Score to Par 0 Net Score 77 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 290
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