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  1. I think people playing the game with poor etiquette is the biggest cause of slow play on regular courses. I do however think that the coverage of golf has had an affect on it. Way too many people play the way they see tour guys play, they (myself included) don't have the control over the game to necessitate reading a green from 4 directions, calculating their yardage to =/- 1 yard. They don't have the control to need that because they can't hit a one yard window even if they knew their exact yardage. People thinking they can hit it 325 yards cause they did it that one time back in 1994 sl
  2. Your first name Ben - State/Province/Country North Dakota, USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup Srixon Z765, DG tour Issue AMT White, X-stiff - Your 7-iron distance 185 Yards
  3. Ok, So I found CB to be very beneficial to me in putting, I loved how much it stabalized the head for me. Short version, I used to miss more 3 and 4 footers than I should cause the face wouldn't stay square to line, that dissappeared when I went to counterbalance, now I 3 putt on average only once every couple rounds. I don't make a ton but I rarely 3 putt. Has anyone tried that in other clubs? Does counterbalancing irons, wedges or even woods have the same effect of "quieting" the head, keeping it square so to speak? I want to try it but I really don't want to waste grips and stuff
  4. Stage 2 Now for the meat and potatoes. Does it work? I have always been very skeptical by nature of the high cost/outrageous claims of golf clubs, especially so in putters. I can easily see a driver being more forgiving or longer. I can see woods and hybrids launch balls higher, cut through rough and go further. I can see wedges putting spin on balls and holding greens. I can't see technology in putters doing anything for you to help lower scores.......UNTIL NOW!!! When I saw the announcement for the testers wanted, I immediately applied for two reasons, 1) I wanted to p
  5. EVNROLL ER2 Putter review. My name is Ben Goergen, I am a business owner and father of 2 kids, one of which I have taught golf this year, the other only likes to chase butterflies and make sand angles in the bunkers. I hail from the Big Island of Hawaii but got lost in life and currently live in Bismarck ND. Bismarck is a great town and minus the winters I really like it here. The golf courses are actually great for the size of the town though a little expensive given the lack of competition. With a little drive we have a nice collection of really high quality courses within reach. I do
  6. Awesome, can't wait to put it to the test and see how it goes. Congrats to the other testers, will be interesting to share thoughts with you guys as well. Thank you MGS and EVNROLL!!
  7. I play about 25 rounds a year Current hdcp is 4.9. Current putter is Rife Legend Z, 33.5" with SuperStroke Slim 2.0, I bored out weight holes and filled with Tungsten Powder and then have a 60g counter balance plug under grip. Head weight is now 400g.
  8. Ben Goergen, ND, HDCP 5 Z 765 10.5 Degree with X-Stiff Z F65 3+ wood, x-stiff Z H65 Hybrid 19* X-Stiff Z U65 4 iron 23* X-stiff Z 765 5-6 iron X-Stiff Z 965 7-pw X-stiff RTX-3 Tour Satin 52*, 56*, 60* TFI 2135 ELEVADO CB 35"
  9. Ben Goergen North Dakota 6 I use yardage markers, yardage books if they have them
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