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  1. I think people playing the game with poor etiquette is the biggest cause of slow play on regular courses. I do however think that the coverage of golf has had an affect on it. Way too many people play the way they see tour guys play, they (myself included) don't have the control over the game to necessitate reading a green from 4 directions, calculating their yardage to =/- 1 yard. They don't have the control to need that because they can't hit a one yard window even if they knew their exact yardage. People thinking they can hit it 325 yards cause they did it that one time back in 1994 slows play, people not playing ready golf causes slow play, looking forever for their ball with no regard for holding up people behind them. Ball retrievers in general always cause slow play. That is the cause of slow play for most golfers. Personally I have thought for a while if the stations showed less of guys calculating their yardage, reading greens and all that, average joe would spend less time on Sunday morning doing the same while they are out there shooting 98. I don't know a single person that would rather watch Tiger or Phil read a putt or choose a club than watch the rest of the guys on the leaderboard hit actual golf shots. Golf telecasts could show two or three times as many shots if they would cut all the boring crap out of the video. In theory, that would make golf more watchable, less boring and we as spectators wouldn't mind nearly as much if watching the final round took 5 or 6 hours. Why can't a tour pro be reading their putt while others are putting, they want rounds done in under 6 hours but almost none of them ever do this. Why??? I play to about an 8 now(kids don't help hdcp), last summer I played two very difficult courses from the tips, shot 84 on both but got both rounds done in under an hour and 40 minutes. Playing from the wrong tees or too far back isn't the biggest problem in golf as long as you play ready golf.
  2. Your first name Ben - State/Province/Country North Dakota, USA - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup Srixon Z765, DG tour Issue AMT White, X-stiff - Your 7-iron distance 185 Yards
  3. Ok, So I found CB to be very beneficial to me in putting, I loved how much it stabalized the head for me. Short version, I used to miss more 3 and 4 footers than I should cause the face wouldn't stay square to line, that dissappeared when I went to counterbalance, now I 3 putt on average only once every couple rounds. I don't make a ton but I rarely 3 putt. Has anyone tried that in other clubs? Does counterbalancing irons, wedges or even woods have the same effect of "quieting" the head, keeping it square so to speak? I want to try it but I really don't want to waste grips and stuff on counterbalancing my irons if it isn't going to work at all. The benefits were so big for me in putting that I want to try it but don't know if it translates at all.
  4. Stage 2 Now for the meat and potatoes. Does it work? I have always been very skeptical by nature of the high cost/outrageous claims of golf clubs, especially so in putters. I can easily see a driver being more forgiving or longer. I can see woods and hybrids launch balls higher, cut through rough and go further. I can see wedges putting spin on balls and holding greens. I can't see technology in putters doing anything for you to help lower scores.......UNTIL NOW!!! When I saw the announcement for the testers wanted, I immediately applied for two reasons, 1) I wanted to prove or disprove so called putter technology. I think paying $300+ for a putter is absurd by the way. 2) I have owned multiple Rife putters and really do like the way they roll the ball and have come to be known in my golf circle for well above average putting given my hdcp. I must read greens pretty well and every putt seems to have a chance at going in and I very rarely 3 putt. That being said, I don't hole as much as I think I should for how many quality putts I hit on hole-able putts. So seeing a Rife designed putter come up with some new technology, it was a perfect fit for me. The call came from Mr Rife himself a few days later to interview me for a fitting. Wasn't sure how well you can fit someone for a putter over the phone but after talking to him about his experience, design history and track record, I didn't need anymore convincing that he has probably forgotten more about golf than I will ever know. You can tell within minutes you are in deep water talking golf with a guy that has been designing putters longer than I have been alive. He explained the groove technology and how it benefits the average golfer, he explained the difference in strokes and why some putters are better for others and since I counterbalance my putters he went through why it is I like it so much and why it helps me with short putts so much. All cool information to have. I knew I loved CB in putters and why I thought I loved it but it was cool to have him back me up on my perceptions. We will get back to that. Once the fitting part started, his first question was what putter I wanted. I saw the styles in terms of performance so I asked him which one is the most idiot proof as that is what I would need. His opinion/position was that the ER6 is the most accurate though in MGS test, the ER2 was most accurate. I went with the ER2 as I do prefer the cleaner and classier look. I see it has a bit of a stretched out anser style putter. I was on the road when he called so I couldn't write down my specs but what I remember is this. We established I am left eye dominant which I didn't know mattered and also established I do not forward press very much. Certainly not Phil style. Based off that I believe he gave me a 1* loft putter. We made the length 34" and then stock build is with the Winn Pro 1.18 grip which I already use and then a 30 gram counterbalance weight that gets placed 1/2" down from end of grip. I actually use a heavier counterbalance weight but this one actually feels great so that was nice. Mr Rife told me that 30 grams is a good weight for a counter balance weight, anything over that is someone excessive and alters swing weight. Performance The day it arrived I took it out for a little putting green time. The first thing I noticed was the feel. Now feel to me is totally subjective but I will say at first it felt very different to me which is odd as the putter I was using was a rife as well so I expected similar feel. The head itself in my opinion is buttery soft. I first thought too soft but later realized that was not the case. I did my normal pre round routine, I do around the world putting a ball from each "hour" on the clock from about 3 feet, 5 feet and 10 feet. I noticed a lot of putts going in but I also noticed something about the feel. So I said it was weird but that "weird" feeling turned to a dislike for a while until I realized what I was feeling. The technology in EVNROLL putters is designed to reduce "miss" hit loss in direction and distance. How that translated for me was weird. The more I did it I realized what I was feeling was the actual technology in action. I started to purposely miss hit putts to see how they were affected. What I found is that though they felt terrible, they didn't react terrible. I was hitting putts that felt like the equivalent of a bladed iron or fat wedge and yet they rolled online and ended within inches of the hole or in the bottom of the cup. His technology is designed to produce a steady roll across the face of the putter so that a miss hit doesn't end up short and left or short and right. What I got in this putter was the feedback we desire so that we know if we hit it good or bad but without the poor shot quality. I still immediately knew I hit a terrible putt, made a terrible stroke at the ball yet the putt had a chance at going in the hole way. What I saw was actual technology that overcomes my flaws. For testing in the spirit of MGS, I did a data test against my current putter. I putted twelve balls placed at each hour position on a clock with both putters. I did this from 3' 4' 5' 6' 8' 10' 12' and 15'. That is 96 balls with each putter. My results were eye opening. Current putter: Rife Legend Z(modified with tungsten powder in head, 60 gram counterbalance under Winn Pro 1.18 grip. Current putter made putts from each distance. 3'= 11 of 12 4'= 9 of 12 5'= 9 of 12 6'= 7 of 12 8'= 6 of 12 10'= 6 of 12 12'= 4 of 12 15'= 4 of 12 EVNROLL ER2 3'= 12 of 12 4'= 11 of 12 5'= 10 of 12 6'= 8 of 12 8'= 9 of 12 10'= 6 of 12 12'= 4 of 12 15'= 6 of 12 10 more 1 putts. about an 11% decrease in total putts. Total performance is really surprising to me. The technology present in the grooves produces such a true roll that the confidence you have standing over the ball completely changes your outlook on putting. The 6 and 8 footers you wanted to make sure you didn't 3 putt, are now the make-able putts you are looking to lower your score with. 15 footers are tracking right to the very end. I can't tell you how many of the missed putts with the EVNROLL were lip-outs. Every putt I hit with it had at least a shadow over the hole. Unless I completely misread the putt from the get go, all 96 putts had a legit shot at going in with a foot to go. I didn't track miss distance but it was easy to see the ER2 putts were closer on misses. The roll it puts on a ball is second to none. I would love to see more slow motion videos of it hitting putts to see just how much faster it gets the ball rolling. It feels noticeably faster and smoother. Total performance (58-60) Looks and feel (25 out of 25) It looks so clean and classy, nothing distracting, alignment aids are perfect size and color. The head sets up nice and square. The feel as I mentioned at first was a turnoff to me but as I got used to the putter and was able to translate the feel and results, I realized I was feeling a terrible putt on my part but getting great results for how bad I struck the ball. To have groove and roll technology that is so good it gives you the feedback without the poor results is the only real breakthrough I can see in the putter industry. Needless to say I am excited to see what this thing will do in the spring. Likelihood of purchase. (13 out of 15) The hole up for me is whether being a casual golfer like me wants to pay $340 for a putter. I am pretty tight with my money so maybe not today and I wouldn't get my money back because I don't really gamble or play tournaments. That being said, if I have every hit a club worth dropping a premium on, this is it. I shaved 10 strokes off my 96 putts, which translates to roughly 3 or 4 rounds of golf worth of putts for the average Joe. That means about 2.5 to 3.3 putts per 18 holes. To be able to buy that, I don't know another area you can do that in a golf bag. Final thoughts. I really didn't think a putter could do anything for you. I thought a putter was all about what you like the feel and look of and the rest was in your ability to make a good stroke and read greens. Boy was I wrong. Within a couple putts, you can tell that the technology in this putter can help your game today. The truest roll a putter can put on the ball of any putter I have ever felt. Anyone in the market should be at minimum having a nice long demo with one of these. The hype is real with this one!!
  5. EVNROLL ER2 Putter review. My name is Ben Goergen, I am a business owner and father of 2 kids, one of which I have taught golf this year, the other only likes to chase butterflies and make sand angles in the bunkers. I hail from the Big Island of Hawaii but got lost in life and currently live in Bismarck ND. Bismarck is a great town and minus the winters I really like it here. The golf courses are actually great for the size of the town though a little expensive given the lack of competition. With a little drive we have a nice collection of really high quality courses within reach. I don't get to play as much as I would like but try to make it a priority in any free time I do have and given that I have become quite a golf snob. This year I only played 16 rounds on a total of 8 different courses but 7 of those 8 courses appear on the Golf Digest Top 100 Public Courses in the US. If I can only play limited rounds I am going to make them count. "Home" course is Hawktree Golf Club, par 72, 7051 yards and 75.1 course rating from the tips. My father started bringing me out with him when I was about 6 and I had a grandfather that would keep me in the game from then until I grew up a little. I am self taught and never had one lesson. Would like to get a couple lessons one day. I didn't play in high school because I played baseball but I did play two years of college golf. I have been as low as a 1.2 hdcp but currently play closer to 6. No range sessions and limited rounds will do that. Golf is my greatest passion and would love to design golf courses for a living but don't really see that happening. I love nature and being outside and I am of the opinion that a properly built course enhances the beauty of what God already created. They can be so stunning. Now for the important stuff. My golf game struggles with consistency in ball striking mostly. My short game is always solid and when I play more it gets really good. I chip in nearly once a round, get most chips within 5 feet and make a good amount of those. If I can start hitting more greens with my putting being solid, I think the score would really drop. Where I struggle most is off the tee and my iron play is down right awful the last couple years. I hit the ball a long ways, Driver swing speed is about 118 to 120. Carry distance is about 285. I have literally no idea where it may go though so I currently don't "play" a driver. I hit a 3 wood about 265 and have been hitting about 10-12 fairways. When I do miss fairways it isn't by much and I almost never lose a ball off the tee as opposed to losing 2-4 off the tee with driver. My hybrid and long irons off tees are really good but from the fairway hitting into greens I just don't hit good shots. I don't miss by miles or chunk or blade shots but I do everything else. Hit one short, the next long, the next right and the next two left. Just don't give myself many birdie chances. I can go bogey, bogey without hitting an awful shot but then hit a 230 yard 3 iron to 6 feet the next hole. Just really inconsistent ball striking. I can scramble but no matter how good your short game is you will make a couple bogeys and that forces you to hole big putts or make birdies to get those back. Hence I usually shoot 80 give or take a stroke. The courses I play are all around that 75 course rating. This spring, I will be getting a full bag fitting and making my club set for the coming years. I really don't buy into the media hype, I play what I want regardless of name and I never spend the inflated prices to be the first to have something. My current bag is Titleist 905S Driver, Fujikura Speeder x-stiff 43.5" (Just got it, haven't hit it yet, in the bag but headcover hasn't come off yet) Got it for $20 in Mint condition. Went all season without a driver. Callaway Razr Xtreme 3 wood. Fujikura Tour Spec 41" (favorite club by a mile) $30 mint condition Titleist 712U 3 and 4 iron (KBS Tour x-stiff) -3/4" Titleist 712MB 5-PW (KBS Tour x-stiff) -3/4" Irons need to go for something more forgiving Inazone 52, 56, 60 wedges (custom heads I bought and built myself, actually love them. Rifle Spinner shafts) Putter is Rife Legend Z with Superstroke 2.0 grip. I bored out weight holes and filled them with Tungsten Powder and then put a 60 gram Tungsten plug in the end of shaft under the grip. Bag is a Tour Edge Exotics, really like it, tons of features and sturdy but not too heavy. Currently playing Chrome Soft ball but will be trying out the Kirkland ball as well as the Snell My Tour. I worked for a Custom club fitter for a while doing assembly and repairs so I can tinker but as you know, without getting a true fitting it really doesn't matter what you build for yourself. I intend to get to a place and get a full bag fitting and ball to try to maximize what I get out of my game. As far as putters go and really golf clubs in general, I like clean lines, I don't what to look down and see a Transformer at the end of the shaft. I just can't get confident looking down at big fat ugly and space age looking clubs. That is why I play blades and I could do it when I was in college but playing so infrequently I need something more forgiving so I will have to switch. Generally though a clean look gives me confidence so I try to go that route. I used to play #9 style heads, I had a Snake Eyes platinum that my dad stole from me after a hot putter day on the course for him with it. So I replaced it with a Rife #9 style putter that a buddy of mine bought from after a hot putter round. I then after some research bought a Rife Legend Z and then customized it. I actually hate the look but completely love the feel and performance of it. I played my first 11 rounds using it without a 3 putt. I still have only had about 4 or 5 3 putts in maybe 24 rounds with that putter. Very easy to control distance and pretty point and shoot. The feel and roll a Rife putter puts on the ball for me has always impressed both me and the people I play with. They roll so pure off the putter face that if I don't make the putt, you don't know it until the very end. Every putt has a chance. After speaking with Mr. Rife I have a little more insight into why that is......and it doesn't make me feel better about my putting game but I will save that for Stage 2. Mr Guerin Rife called us to talk us through choosing a putter and then a basic fitting process. I being the curious tinkerer, picked his brain and found myself in DEEP water almost immediately. To speak to the people that are behind the design of these tools is eye opening. They know so much and he was very gracious answering my questions. I will give you some of the highlights of that conversation as I give you the review in Stage 2......Stay Tuned....you won't want to miss!!
  6. Awesome, can't wait to put it to the test and see how it goes. Congrats to the other testers, will be interesting to share thoughts with you guys as well. Thank you MGS and EVNROLL!!
  7. I play about 25 rounds a year Current hdcp is 4.9. Current putter is Rife Legend Z, 33.5" with SuperStroke Slim 2.0, I bored out weight holes and filled with Tungsten Powder and then have a 60g counter balance plug under grip. Head weight is now 400g.
  8. Ben Goergen, ND, HDCP 5 Z 765 10.5 Degree with X-Stiff Z F65 3+ wood, x-stiff Z H65 Hybrid 19* X-Stiff Z U65 4 iron 23* X-stiff Z 765 5-6 iron X-Stiff Z 965 7-pw X-stiff RTX-3 Tour Satin 52*, 56*, 60* TFI 2135 ELEVADO CB 35"
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