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  1. If it had to be only one club, it's be the driver...need a good fit there as I'm now almost 46 and starting to lose some distance (and a bit of control help has always been nice and needed, LOL).
  2. I'm guessing it falls somewhere between the CB1 and CB2.
  3. For some reason, I can't find my name on the list.
  4. Please, please, please keep this place as open, honest, unbiased and impartial as humanly possible.
  5. They've taken a once classy brand and reduced it to the beer, sleeveless t-shirt and tennis shoe golfer that thinks of nothing but how hard they can swing and how far they can hit it -- no matter how good that shot actually is. (In and of themselves, none of those things are terribly bad...but together, and on the golf course is not a good combination) Oh....and that commercial is horrible.
  6. Picked up some (4 dz) of the Gamer's for my off-season and 9 hole league play - $9.99/dz. Also got 4 dz Z-Stars for 30% off and another 2 dz for 50% off....and some TP Blacks for 50% off. I'm set for until next year.
  7. Put me down as another looking forward to this review. I haven't been happy with a driver since my FT-3, and I've just moved away from Callaway because of that.....but I could always go home again.
  8. Put me in the camp that wants to hear more on the Titleist. I had some credit I had to use from last season, and got both a 910D2, or D3 (the smaller one)...and also an Adam's 9064LS. I'd love to hear more, or see a review of either. With all the snow around here, I haven't had a chance to hit either one of them.....they're just sitting there, all shiny and new....teasing me.
  9. Interesting info....thanks for sharing.
  10. I like it....they just need to find a way to get it on radio as well as TV.
  11. Google for a few minutes and you'll find out he's not a very sympathetic figure. He seems to be a user, loser, and lazy bum. Won't be watching.
  12. Interesting....not sure how I feel about "open mold" clubs. Seems like it's just a generic design -- maybe good, maybe bad -- and that it brings a lot of variables into what you could end up getting. Seems like it could be a real hit or miss thing. Think I feel better about having a big name company standing behind things.
  13. Not sure if this is the right forum, but I hear about Endo, Miura, Ping forgings, and Balliwick or Miller's that used to do some forgings in America......what's the difference? What differentiates one from the other? For example, I know the new Callaway Razr X-Forged claim to be Endo forged. Also, I've seen sets of the previous versions of X-forged called Quad Dots that are supposedly Endo forged. Again, what would be the difference? For this example, if Endo did the Quad Dots....who did the others? Just overall....what's the lowdown of the various forging houses? Processes? Differences?
  14. Is this the Adam Barr that used to be on the Golf Channel?
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