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  1. http://espn.go.com/golf/story/_/id/10964181/rick-reilly-lesson-phil-mickelson Phil Mickelson doesn't share the Claret Jug with just anybody. RANCHO SANTA FE, Calif. -- Does Phil Mickelson give lessons? "No," he said. "And if I did, my rate might be a little steep." Reportedly, he gets half a million dollars for a corporate day of golf, schmooze, dinner and speech. That works out to something like $65,000 an hour. So a half-hour lesson would be, what, $25,000, with the media discount? What did I care? I was quitting. Me: Great. I'll expense it. Pause. "OK. Com
  2. I've switched from cigarettes to e-cigs and haven't looked back
  3. http://golfweek.com/news/2014/apr/13/masters-2014-equipment-tpa-xviii-putter/ By Adam Schupak At the PGA Merchandise Show in January, I bumped into former Web.com Tour pro Tee McCabeon the PGA Show floor, who is jumping back into the family business. Tee is the son of Terry McCabe, designer of the TaylorMade Burner and Tour Preferred woods, the first commercially successful metal woods. Later, he and Gary Adams teamed up again to start Founders Club and McCabe had yet another hit designing the 975D driver during his stint as head of R&D for Titleist.
  4. Read about it here ... https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1892377170/zen-bloodhound-golf-putter
  5. Good excuse to buy some near gear! What are you looking at for your next pair of shoes?
  6. I've started with a pen-style device. But I've got a box mod coming in the mail soon for the higher battery power
  7. I just started getting into the e-cig / personal vape scene after some 20+ years of smoking. After seeing more and more golfers use this stuff on the course, I finally gave it a shot a few weeks ago and must say that I don't miss the traditional nicotine delivery sytem one bit. Kind of like golf, there are so many ways to get lost in the different types of hardware available. Fortunately, there seems to be less of a drain on both $ and time compared to golf. If any of you MGS folks participate in this activity, share your opinions, insights, etc.!
  8. I'm sure you'll get good news soon. Seems like the old "CEO" (intentional use of quotes) was a douche, and you are better off not being with that company any more.
  9. http://www.golfdigest.com/golf-equipment/blogs/newstuff/2014/03/new-balance-makes-running-star.html New Balance looks to bring its running shoe smarts to golf footwear TUESDAY, MARCH 25, 2014 By Keely Levins When a company known for running shoes takes up golf, no one should be surprised its focus would be on comfort, support and feeling light. These keys guided New Balance and its new NBG2002 golf shoe. The midsole is made of the company's REVlite material, which aids in cushioning and keeps the shoe's weight to only 11.9 ounces. Its outsole offers stability, and just a 10-mil
  10. http://motherboard.vice.com/read/climate-change-and-modern-clubs-turned-golfers-into-firestarters Over the last few years, golfers have started a fairly surprising number of fires. Not by tossing their stogies into the bramble after nailing a birdie, either—they've actually started blazes from the sparks that fly when they swing their titanium clubs into rocks too near their off-fairway balls. The effect is like a less dramatic version of steel hitting flint; when it's hot and dry out, it's apparently a pretty serious fire hazard. New science published in the journal Fire and Materia
  11. Interestingly, Grantland published a different point of view of what the original article got wrong: http://grantland.com/features/what-grantland-got-wrong/ When you're a writer, you want something you create to have a long life, to be something that readers will remember and revisit for years to come. If such was Caleb Hannan's wish, it's been granted, because his essay on “Dr. V and the magical putter” figures to be a permanent exhibit of what not to do, and how not to treat a fellow human being. Hannan's job might have seemed fairly straightforward. There's a cool new tool with
  12. That's a great follow-up piece ... thanks for that!
  13. Bayonet/Black Horse are nice, and so are Poppy Hills and Poppy Ridge. Between Harding Park and Half Moon Bay (ocean course), I think Half Moon Bay is more scenic.
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