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  1. Good point. The Launcher DST Cleveland just sent me for review says "Mitsubishi Rayon design for Cleveland Golf". I assume that is what you are referring to?
  2. Your brother is still getting hand me downs? It just never ends when you are the youngest - does it?
  3. Thanks, I will check those out. To be honest, Saskatchewan isn't the first place I think of when somebody talks golf destinations. But, it would be an interesting trip once you get all of the standard locales out of the way (Arizona, Florida, Myrtle, etc.).
  4. Very good suggestion. Otherwise, the learning curve could get expensive real quick.
  5. Good point. I'm not the handiest person you'll find. I'd probably grind a knuckle off trying to do this...
  6. Yeah, same here. I've found all the NV shafts very board like for their flex - even the NVS. Just not the shafts for me. On the other hand, the Mitsubishi Diamana series which has been making its way into a lot of clubs lately seems to work pretty well.
  7. In my GolfTEC lesson, one of the things that the instructor pointed out was that I shouldn't be addressing the ball without the toe of my iron at least pointing up a little. He had me carry my hands lower at address, which effectively did just that. Do you agree with that? Just curious to get your opinion from a fitters point of view.
  8. Well... what happened? EDIT: Sorry, just noticed you posted an RX review. I will go over and read that...
  9. Golf Galaxy had them on sale for $18 a box. I even took one out of the sleeve to look at it. But, in the end, I just couldn't do it. Guess I'm a ball snob.
  10. He REALLY dislikes the E6 due to lack of spin. that was in his E6 review...
  11. I first reaction when reading the title of this review was - do we really need a review on the most popular golf ball on the planet? But, you did good and the comparisons were interesting. Nice job.
  12. i just think you have WAY too much time on your hands. Let me guess - you're single?
  13. I mark mine similar to Funky does except I had my initials "BEB".
  14. I would try this. Adams has been raising their game for a while now. My only issue with Adams is that their stuff doesn't hold its value and you end up taking a huge hit upon trade-in or resale when you move onto the next model. But, if you buy pre-owned or after they go on sale, then you're ok.
  15. Wow. Didn't know that either. I will go check them out.
  16. Hey Mike - what kind of finish does that second Scratch iron have? I like that alot.
  17. I honestly didn't know SMT made iron heads. Where did you get them?
  18. Gotcha. I must have missed your mention of that. I've always wondered about recycled product but I think its off topic so maybe a subject for another thread...
  19. Hey, I didn't see this posted on the thread yet. Click on the link below and select the video called "Putter & Headcover Display Racks". It's a video of Scotty discussing the thought behind the design of the rack and a demo of it. Cameron Videos
  20. Yeah, good point. I think we've definitely jumped the shark with this one.
  21. OK, that was a vision I could have done without today. LOL.
  22. I'm sure it makes perfect sense in Cameron Crazyland but I live in Chicagoland.
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