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  1. Spot on GG, game 4 is TB's season for sure. Too bad Bishop got hurt, the young goalie is quite emotional, Hockey Night In Canada did a little bit on Vasilevskiy's tantrums during 2nd intermission of Blues/Sharks game 3. In the locker room, fine, but showing up your teammates in front of the whole hockey world can backfire.
  2. Awesome Foz, great job, life gives us so many surprises. did you guys win a skin too?
  3. Bad time of the year for that, I got one too, right side mid back(lat?), at best it is stiff, sometimes it tightens up or cramps, can't do a sit-up. I did it in late March, hitting balls outside on a cold day. It isn't getting any better, but it is golf season, what can we do? In five months it will be snowing again. I'm going for the ice right now, and a cold beer. Best wishes.
  4. MGS Review - MLA Tour Classic Putter May 2016 Stage One Thrilled, Honored, And Very Thankful To Be Selected As a Tester It was a huge thrill to be selected by MGS and MLA Golf as a tester for one of the MLA putters featuring their alignment technology. When I submitted my entry as a contestant, it felt like buying a lotto ticket, the thinking being, “I won't win but it is better to try and not win, instead of the just not winning”. I wanted to be involved because of the “Multi-Line Alignment technology”, I have huge problems with putter head alignment, on ev
  5. Sensitive? I posted a version of that same joke we have a golf joke thread somewhere on this site. The first time I heard that joke the wife actually perishes the guy only remembers making a double. At this point, I could be guilty for being sensitive about being cited for being sensitive.
  6. Not one superstition. Maybe I need some. Definitely. First one, I will do no yard work will on days when golf is to be played, by me, or any other person. I feel better already.
  7. What do you think the ladies say about us? And they are smart enough not to post it online.
  8. Nobody likes to wait, and nobody likes to be rushed, and nobody likes to be stung by a bee. That's all I got to say about that.
  9. When my kids were younger I couldn't play or practice for about 5 years, then things changed, travel soccer was over, the kids began to hang out girls instead of Dad, then I was able to get back into golf again, the raising of kids is a tremendous responsibility, but it shoots by so fast. Now if it is your job, yecch. All I wish for you and everybody else is happiness, with or without golf.
  10. Wings can't finish at net now they are finished. Time for golf. Lightning has nice squad, fun to watch, good mix of skill and grit, hope they make a good, long run.
  11. This is awesome. WOW!! Thanks to the selection people for choosing me. Fanastic. Usually I am that guy that never wins the door prize or the 50/50 raffle, until today,, Can't wait for that baby to show up. Very exciting. Also, alignment is a big problem for me, eager, and, well anxious, to see if the MLA will help me with alignment. Actually played 9 holes today for the first time, finally, and the current putter is in big trouble, Exit visas are imminent. Thanks again guys.
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