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  1. Taylormade rocket 2 HL 3 wood stiff flex kali shaft 22 handicap This would be awesome to test, I actually switch between the Taylor, Bridgestone j38, and Callaway 13 degree mini driver.
  2. Hey look its a backwards Nike... I was wondering where they got the idea from..
  3. I will admit I forgot till I read the thread... Thanks for the reminder, all lost those lost soldiers should always be remembered!!!
  4. Thats super hard to believe, I can't understand why they would do that unless they signed with Ricky Fowler or Rory
  5. I like it.. I never tried nickent but I'm looking to replace my 4 wood anyways
  6. This is a lot better than going to a pga tour event where the best thing you do there is try the odyssey putters.
  7. Dave, didn't you start these reviews a while back ago? I remember reading some reviews that where saying how many cans it can hold. The chev 18 was one of those reviews, think there was a couple more. I just don't know where they where put on this site.
  8. Alright guys here is what where going to here about for the next month. I can't believe that Vijay had the knowledge of it being illegal. If he did I don't believe he would just come out and admit to it. I don't see deer antler being any type of performance enhancer all that deer antler is is calcium.
  9. Rookieblue, looks like we are both selling the same 3 wood from Adams. I really love this club, just needed some doe to work on the house. Love the work you did on the R9.
  10. Got to say its my Driver and wood. Can't get a day to day grip on them, My irons and wedges are butter but when you can't get out of the tee box then that 4 iron has a long way to go to try to par a hole..
  11. WOWzers there is a lot of suggestions out there. I would say the most common is the Nike Covert, Titleist 913, Callaway Razr Extreme, and Ping Anser. I will probably stay with Titleist or go to Ping, I just can't take the crazy tops and logo's everywhere.
  12. Its about time that golf companies start putting a funny twist on there commercials. These where great!!!
  13. welcome take a look around and enjoy yourself... Always good friends and good conversation here..
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