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    club makers , contests and new products and futur reviews.
    Testers wanted chances.etc...
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    found by myself by luck

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About Me

Born and raise in a small town ,i played good Hockey,very good baseball ,and not to bad at golf either .

I have started to play golf at the age of 15 .

Doing my local hockey school next to a municipal 9 holes establish in st Lambert in early 20 century.

and Since then fell in love for the sport.

My father was known by many NHL hockey players back in the 60's and 70' he has run a sporting good shop called le Royaume du Sport in Longueuil for more than 12 years ,

He died at the age of 52 to young to pass away i regret only one thing .......not being able to bring him to play .

i loved my father so much ,that if you would tell me that he's on the top of mount Everest i would make my way up there and climb against this rude path to meet him for only for once ,even if i have vertigo..

This is enough say.

I am here for you all fellow golf friends .


Left hand Cleveland Hb Turbo driver Japan miyasaki 5 R stock shaft reg flex. 

Adams super LS,fairway 3 wood

Adams xtd 19 degree, with Matrix hq3 red tie, reg stock shaft. 

Still have my Adams Super S,5 to Pw with mid size cord grips. 

Callaway X forged 60

Daiwa 8511 pro balanced goose neck putter 34 inches.

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