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  1. Fernand Qc, Canada Spalding 88 brass USA putter Use to be a strength, but now a weakness. Thank you
  2. Walking along side with one of the greatest legend of all time in the past weeks (Tiger),.Rory has certainly picked up small hints .I am not there with them ,but Tour Tops having their walk of fame together since last Tiger victory ,they certainly work on the game. I have to say Thank you all...... Mr Palmer,Mr.Nicklaus,Mr.Trevino ,Mr Sneed ,and others , for your significant long term contribution over the golden years of golf ,and to this great sport.In my point of view the same applies to Rory, and Tiger.
  3. Yes I voted steel ,but I have to admit that new synergy graphite "well fitted" are spot on. Since new tech engineers have made a lot of research . I am now charmed by the new Synergy shafts ,lenght wise and very precise. Tested with Callaway #7 iron ,Rogue Pro,fitted 1/4 + longer.
  4. Many thanks to all of you lucky guys.We still have snow bunkers all around here and it's melting very slowly. Clubs are ready with new grips and I will only golf with on weekdays ending by "Y"....
  5. M.Fernand Duchesne Longueuil ,Quebec,Canada 48 to 55 round per year Twitter Hcp 11 ,Swing Speed 89 with irons to 96 mph with a driver. Adams super s irons with Kbs tour 90 shafts reg flex,and Super LS #3 wood Kurocage stiff shaft ,Left Hand mid size grips. Conventional length I would choose The driver with regular flex , a #5 wood stiff flex and #3 hybrid stiff flex ,also a set of 5 to PW mid size grips with "regular flex".All the complete set with" light weight shafts ",,except for the wedges that I would love with reg flex. 56% ,60% wedges reg flex Thanks
  6. You are so wright about quality piece .I saw their youtube video on their fabrication step by step it is something to see. They were very avant-garde with milling process .They were probably the first among many other Makers to use it .It makes me think of the Avionic method also use in F1.
  7. I had the Bettinardi Ben Hogan Hawk BHB11 all Aluminium with . I could'nt be precise because i am a 34" lenght user and this one was a 33" inches .So i gave it to my Brother, a shorter Left Handed golfer like me ,he was struggling with a Odyssey mallet ,(I have to say that he has lost 30,% eye sight on his wright eye, because of a cortical breakage) he picked Up the Hogan Bettinardi and BAM,π~ he began to Hole it ,one after another 5 footers,6,7,8,9 and so on,he is so confident with it that he makes is short put using one hand only, that's anoying for me. I would certainly love to Play and write a report about the 34" inches SS38 .And i am sure i could do much better with the Wright lenght and grip size. Thank you . Golfspy and Bettinardi.
  8. I just did it last week, I have changed my grips to new Golf Pride New Decade Midsize grips ,on a set of Super S Adams irons that had stock regular on them, While changing it i have noticed that their original Shaft sticking base tape is very special its like a transparent coating unique to Adams, I have no clue of wath could be the material ? Also i took the serial number of my KBS tour 90 shaft to remember if one would eventually snap broken. This is when you like you shafts .
  9. It is very cold out here in Quebec but for $10 we Do have a Dôme wich allow us to practice all of our clubs inside, in a a warmer area. But this being said its never like playing the real Turf . Have a good Day !
  10. Fernand, Longueuil ,Qc,Canada Hcp 11 , left hand My experience are mainly with Wilson Harmonized wedges ,I own a 56 and 60 degree Left Handed, with Midsize grips ,and i have 100% confidence all around the Greens with Them . I use my 60% in deep bunkers and it suits my spin rate perfectly well I have never tried their " better players"wedges, but i am sure that i am missing something near perfection. Sincerely yours Best regards.
  11. Fernand Longueuil ,QC,Canada 11 hdp ,96 mph My current Driver is a left hand TM Burner with a 48 grams Fujikura reg flex shaft , Epic Flash .
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