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  1. I'm in!! for a left hand set ,thanks to giving me this chance!
  2. Any giveaways in left hand is welcome to me! 

  3. Thank you for you help "cnosil" it was really helpful,, have a good season...
  4. Wath is the loft on #10 and #11 wedges from Honma LB 606 H&B irons, and wath is the H&F means. They are 2 stars shafts. Thank you!
  5. I had a real deal grab today, even if there are missing clubs it is a brand new Broken set of Honma 2stars stiff featherweight LB606 H&F left handed $50 dollars (the real deal) for the 6,7,9,10,11, my question is is the #11 a 50° loft?? And wath does H&F means??? Thanks in advance for you answers. A find them little short but hey...!!!
  6. Thank you guys, I am picking up all the info and according to that start my investigation... I will come back in the near futur if possible to let you know my thoughts.
  7. I actually play a 2004 "RED" color code (1 flat) MB, 54 WEDGE from Ping, and it is dead on the sweet spot at every shot. Is this a sufficient reason why I SHOULD therefore play 5 to Pw flat?????
  8. Hey I ask you guys wath is the Sole grind on these non tour older model 52° Ping wedges model with the black insert. Thanks in advance for you answer!
  9. Are Hogan lighweight shafts from 2002 made by (royal precision) 75 grams are comparable to the shafts of todays makers, equivalent or better ,and are those irons could still as good as any other ,in the hands of a better player of 9 hdcp.? Thanks for answering!
  10. Very kind thank you!
  11. I bought an Callaway 2015 XR driver with the stock San Diego LZ hand made shaft, adjusted to 2+ loft (11) degree. Not bad but I am healing it a little to much..!
  12. I really would like to win a Left Handed Srixon Zx5 driver with Evenflow Riptide in stiff. And or a Callaway set of +1/4 inches ,forged low hdcp players irons in stiff.
  13. I am a Evenflow fan since they came out with their first green shaft ,but this summer I have tried the new Zx5 Srixon that comes out with the New Evenflow stock shaft and they are awesome really 10 out of /10 for me ,it is performing super well and they are also well balanced a big fan of them. Go for it eyes close you won't regrets compared to ,Fujikura,Tensei, Miyazaki, I still by far prefer Evenflow.. get fit for the wright one and everything will be fine tuned to lower your Hdcp.
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