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  1. I am looking for spin, ball flight,distance and feel, wind factor etc... I'm in !
  2. I am a lefty at 11 hdcp and I would give accurate comments on how it works from a slow swing speed of 86 to 89 mph. And I could compare this to a Callaway XR with hand made San Diego project x LZ at adjusted at 11 degree of loft .(+2)
  3. I bought an Callaway 2015 XR driver with the stock San Diego LZ hand made shaft, adjusted to 2+ loft (11) degree. Not bad but I am healing it a little to much..!
  4. My birthday is coming soon..! wath a great surprise this would be ! Good luck!
  5. I really would like to win a Left Handed Srixon Zx5 driver with Evenflow Riptide in stiff. And or a Callaway set of +1/4 inches ,forged low hdcp players irons in stiff.
  6. I am a Evenflow fan since they came out with their first green shaft ,but this summer I have tried the new Zx5 Srixon that comes out with the New Evenflow stock shaft and they are awesome really 10 out of /10 for me ,it is performing super well and they are also well balanced a big fan of them. Go for it eyes close you won't regrets compared to ,Fujikura,Tensei, Miyazaki, I still by far prefer Evenflow.. get fit for the wright one and everything will be fine tuned to lower your Hdcp.
  7. Hi every passionate golfer that you are, my question is simple, I play 1/4 + on my irons, does this mean that I should play my M2 (first Gen) driver upright to to? And if so...wath would be the wright fit? Please thanks.
  8. Life is good ,,,thanks God for those super contests...
  9. A nice driver but not the Wright side for me.....Sad.
  10. I desperately need to try something different . I would give a very accurate comparative with the Cleveland Launcher Turbo Wich I had in my bag a week ago, and got rid of. I am now deffenitly ready to compare after many range practice sessions . I'm darn hot healthy and ready to post and write a nice and deep in details review. Please ,,,Please,,,I always loved Callaway's merchandise.. Thanks !
  11. I am in a search for a very good left handed driver kind of Mizuno st200x, or something like a Sim Max 2021 with a high hand lightweight stiff shaft .But I am not ready to spend to much money either...
  12. I am found of the Miyasaki stock shaft 5r, 4443 *Japan made*, that comes with the Cleveland Hb Turbo driver. I am a lefty, and wath I love about this shaft, it's the Trajectory a nice mid high lauch with,praticly no dispersion 3 to 4 yards width in sync time after time again. The distance is normal, if I compare to a Fly Z, *non xl or non plus* middle of the range. Very well balanced shaft, not for everyone because this shaft has a slim line profile,,,, but in the other end it does cuts through the wind with a medium to slow swing speed of 86 mph. Just the pergect fit for this kind of swing . You would be amazed on how it works in narrow fairways if you need to rebuilt you confidence this one for you.. Have a wonderful day.
  13. I desperately need something to my taste and this is it..i am asking my angels to work this out for me.. Thanks to Cobra Golf..
  14. They look soft and lightweight, nice looking golf gear. Thanks for the chance of becoming the winner!
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