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  1. Pretty sick @GolfSpy MPR, absolutely one of my favourite pod casts. Listen to it daily, these guys are beauties. Awesome addition to the team
  2. Very dependant on performance loss. I have about 40 rounds on my FJ Flex and the soft spike system they use isn't much anymore. I have worn these to work a few times too. I'll have multiple pairs but won't buy new until I notice diminished performance
  3. Electronic only Less paper equals more trees on the course....... Lol it's so much easier. Most courses here don't load carts or even pre emptively offer paper score cards. I work with several golf courses closely for work and they keep the paper score cards around for advertising dollars almost exclusively. One said its a wash for the customers to have the choice
  4. I'm diving even further into FW. With the addition of the Stealth 2+ 3w, I'm going to drop my 18° TSi2 Hybrid in favour of a 5 wood. Not sure what kind yet, TSr3 or Stealth 2+ preferably. As I progress lower in my index, I find these as better options, more forgiving, and a little more user friendly now
  5. I've only come across this as assholes. I played with a guy on our high school tour who would use his bag as a ball marker..... talk about BS. Sounds like he's trying to get inhis head
  6. Going through a slight swing adjustment now, and I have come to realize GolfTec did not go into detail enough for my fitting. I was fit into standard lie angles across the board, with 2° upright and +1/2". I realize I need at least 1° upright in my 9, PW, 48, 52, 56, and 60. Possibly more as I get down towards the 60. This in turn probably makes those clubs too long now also, might not be a big deal for swing weight but it is an issue now trying to reduce heel strikes. I wish I had more reputable fitters in the area. I may have to make a trip to Calgary to get to a TXG facility. Maybe throw a round in at Banff Springs too
  7. I just started using the Bushnell wingman, works really well. The app is intuitive as well. Never had a great range finder, but do have the V3. That works really well too, when it's working....
  8. Pro V1 and Pro V1x provide me the most consistent results. Have played the Z Star Diamond with great success, especially in wet conditions. TP5/TP5x lose too much distance to the Pro V1 for me. Also play the Vice Pro Plus, really great ball. You should give them a look, they're based out of Germany, not the US. You can buy their premium ball on Amazon CA for $56/dozen! I am also from Canada
  9. I posted my score with Net in the weekly tour, will that suffice or do I need to something over here too?
  10. Unreal round! The TSr3 is such a monster! I found the Z Star Diamond to perform really well off the tee and in more humid/wet conditions than the Pro V1. Awesome round man!
  11. Date 09/16/2023 Course Name Twin Lakes Golf Resort Gross Score 78 Course Handicap 4 Gross Strokes over/under par 6 Net Score to Par 2 Net Score 74 Net Birdies or better 5 Longest Drive 369 VCT Match Play Designate as Week 2 Match Score Started out shaky, with a couple hosel shanks but started to square away around #9. Course just punched their greens yesterday and they were not awesome to say the least. @LBee shot a personal best and @Itzpiiz got his index to single digits with a 79 today!!!!!! Had a few birdies, and few good bombs today, and a monster 334 3 wood. Average drive today was 317 over 11 drives. Things started to feel more normal than they have in a while.
  12. I walk as much as I can, course dependant around here, but Sun Mountain cancelling shipping to Canada has made getting accessories for the speed cart quite difficult now. Might have to go into a clic gear on the next one
  13. I have generally found the type of music I am listening to greatly influenced how I'd like to play. I'm going to be the far outside outlier in this category, but in part with the music I'm either smoking a cigar, smoking a joint (fire season dependant so I usually go to the pen), or using small amounts of psyllicibum (mushroom stems mostly) to enjoy the round how my body and mind feels it wants to go. I don't drink alcohol and have found immense focus and enjoyment with the cocktail above Sometimes all 4!
  14. Thank you! Give me a run down of the hole by hole scoring system and I'll swing away
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