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  1. Hey all, I bought a new driver this summer because I thought my old one had no more juice. I brought it along to the range today just to see and I was wrong, it still has a lot of life in it. So now I'm wondering if I should sell it or just take them both and see what I'm feeling that day. Has anyone else done this? How is it working out?
  2. Jeff Manteca, CA Kirkland Signature The only time I have played them is if I find them looking for my actual ball. Not much.
  3. Jeff/Manteca, CA Only in my college golf course about 9 or 10 years ago. I have never used a launch monitor
  4. Jeff/Manteca, CA/USA Odyssey Versa 2 Tyne 3. I used to have a putter with that sort of two bar look and I liked it. Something about the shape is inviting.
  5. I was in Utah this past week and I got to play at my favorite course, Hobble Creek (picture down below). It's never been in bad condition, but I've played more "pristine" courses, I even had one putt go off line because of a dead yellow patch in the green. But it's up a beautiful canyon, nearly every shot you hit you get to watch it up against the mountains, and in the fall it is ridiculously pretty. Like I said, I've played "nicer" courses, but I don't love any other like I do Hobble Creek purely because of the setting. That got me wondering, what makes your favorite course your favorite?
  6. 18/Manteca, CA Wilson Optimax, ~160 yards I’ve been following them on Twitter for a while now. Direct-to-consumer with a great product and great customer service it’s all I’ve ever seen. I’ve been wanting to buy some for over a year now but anything more expensive than a dozen golf balls is too much for me right now.
  7. Jeff/Manteca, CA It used to be about every 2 weeks for 20-30 minutes, but now all the practice greens are shut down. I'm on a downward trend, but still usually 3. This is the first I've heard of it, but I'm on board for any putting help.
  8. No way! I think they do just enough to keep us coming back.
  9. I think my biggest achievement (or evidence of bad approach shots?) is hitting birdies on back-to-back holes by chipping in. That felt pretty dang good.
  10. Hey all, a while back I accidentally broke the shaft on my sand wedge. I hit a really bad pitch and without looking tossed my club away, not angry, just exasperation. Had I been paying attention, I would have noticed the tree that the shaft bent around. Anyway, the friend I was with had an older Taylormade sand wedge in his bag that he just gave me. Lucky me! And a pretty amazing friend. While it works fine close to the green, if I try to do anything more than a half swing, the lie angle is all off at address. The heel touches the ground and from my perspective the toe looks like it is sticking straight up into the air. I would love to adjust the lie angle, but the golf money I spend is either on clubs or on actually playing (not really both). I'm pretty handy; I do wood work and a bit of metal work, so I feel like if there is a good way to do this I could probably get it done. Does anyone have a more-or-less fool proof way of doing this? Thanks!
  11. Jeff/CA 23 Wilson Optimax Forgiveness. I want confidence when I go to grab my club.
  12. Yeah, suddenly I was hitting a few of my clubs further. Just dead.
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