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  1. Most balls will come within a few yards of each other. It is the other performance indicators you need to research. Low spin? High spin? Feel?
  2. Had a health scare these last few weeks. Had a headache that was not going away. Finally went to the doctor and think we have a line on what is happening. The worst, thankfully, did not come out on the MRI but other issues to address are on the table. Listen to you body. I'm 49 and have to realize I'm not young and invincible anymore . Really has given me scare and a new perspective on life.
  3. Saw the thumbnail image and thought I recognized that mountain. I live a few blocks from here.
  4. How is Jester Park these days? Worked there summer of '87. You are not far so I assume you play there in addition to Woodward.
  5. Welcome, from a former Iowa resident. Spent one summer (1987) in high school working at Jester Park.
  6. First set of irons that I bought myself (Titleist Tour Models) in 1987 when I was 16 were replaced in 2005 with the Ben Hogan Apex Edge Pros, which I still have in the bag. I still occasionally play the Titleist, however.
  7. Not regularly now but in my youth this hole always gave me fits. Plays to 615 yards but a little shorter if you cut corners. Whenever I hear of long holes in a discussion, my mind always goes back to this hole. Jester Park #2, Granger, IA
  8. The ball switch happened some time ago. But he OPs original post said nothing to the extent of what Rickie has done. Are you saying that the point of this thread is Rickie only switching balls and glove?
  9. Fake. The first "a" in California is completely outside the lighter circle on a real Cameron. From SC website:
  10. Does it really matter? The number is out for the public to see so I can't see him deflating (see what I did) his handicap for all to see. The course, weather, competition, etc., all play into a good or bad day. Just remember one thing, he goes home to Gisele every night.
  11. It does not. I think that time is gone even with using today's carry bags on a motorized cart. I remember the days of using my single strap carry bags on a cart and doing as you describe. The chiller stay put and, uh, chills?
  12. No issues. Bag Boy has a history of making bags. There are a few things (minor) that I would change to the bag but would not take it off my list if I were looking. I just posted my complete write-up.
  13. Hello, friends. The Masters.
  14. Explain your solid core golf ball theory.
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