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  1. My 58 gets the most use from 90 yards and in. I may pull out another around he green depending on how much run I have but the 58 is the go-to from that distance. I love my 58.
  2. "it's just taking away a skill that takes time and practice" Similar cavity-back irons and 460cc titanium and carbon fiber drivers. Go back to persimmon and blades with the same argument?
  3. Order of desire to watch for me: Masters, The Open, US Open........PGA.
  4. I've played Sand Hollow and Coral Canyon of those you have. Really need to go back. When I did my SG trip (live in Spanish Fork) we also played Wolf Creek in Mesquite. If you go back, don't pass up playing this course. I really want to play Copper Canyon next.
  5. I'm only selling this because [fill in the blank]. I couldn't care less why you are selling. Does not affect whether I would buy or not. Am I supposed to take pity on you and buy?
  6. Dozen TP black balls and choice of a TM putter or hybrid. This was 2008 or so.
  7. I am now 50, currently play Apex 4 shafts and love them but I have a chronic back issue that came up in 2020. I am seriously thinking of moving to graphite R Recoils in a set of Maltby TE Forged heads while reducing my swing. I could certainly have my current irons reshafted, too. Love the club so don't really need another.
  8. Many boutique putter companies in Japan. My guess is one of those.
  9. In search of a True Temper Tri Gold regular flex 5i (or longer) shaft with Sensicore. Not a widely used shaft or available for long. I have a bent shaft in a set and need to replace. Must be .370 as well.
  10. I don't see Sensicore available on TT's site. Probably been a few years but I just noticed recently. Used to be able to buy the inserts I believe through Golfworks and the long-gone Golfsmith. Golfworks does sell ProSoft inserts.
  11. A family member lives in Orlando in the same development as Hideki and frequently sees him across the street at the range. He also speaks Japanese and has spoken to Hideki's manager. Perhaps he will get to meet him now.
  12. Same in Utah County. I get that they want the most revenue an that is the best business move for them to make. As to your name, MN = Minnesota?
  13. After a second back procedure (10 days ago) I need to switch to regular flex graphite shafts. Looking at the Maltby Forged TE irons with UST Recoil shafts. Still a few months out from swinging a club, however,
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