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  1. I've had ringing in my ears for few years now. I've been diagnosed with mild-moderate hearing loss, depending on which ear. Don't know if from a few concerts I've been to. Not many and usually have ear plugs. Front row at Sabaton/HammerFall was great. I also developed spinal fluid leaks and brain sag in 2020, which many people with similar then experience tinnitus. Occasionally, my left ear with also give me a vibration sound. Usually goes away in a day. Most days I do not notice much. I listen to low-volume music at work and my wife picked up a white noise machine so that helps. Not unbearable at this time.
  2. I can walk 9 if on a level course. Beyond that, I need to ride - health issues at 52. Sucks getting old. But if I can still play at 87, like my dad, I'm all for it.
  3. I use iron covers and to be honest, I don't lose any sleep over the naysayers. As pointed out earlier, those that put down others that use iron covers are also covering their Scotty and $500 driver. Similar to a conversation I had with one of my sons. He likes to thrift shop for clothes and he certainly does not need to. One of his friends gave him a hard time. I told him, ask your friend if they have ever slept in a hotel bed and after you do, the conversation will be over.
  4. Need to move to graphite regular irons due to a back issue. I could reshaft my Apex Edge Pros which I love and are certainly playable. But what fun would that be to only buy new shafts? Narrowed it down to The Maltby Forged TE or the Takomo 101T. The Macgregor MT-86 OS are somewhat in the picture but not like the others. Likely Recoil shafts. I have a set of irons I built for my father with the UST Profoce XT regular shaft. I hit them well and the reduction in shaft weight from steel is negligible to me.
  5. Corporate gift. Worth not quite a dollar.
  6. Interested in the 201 irons and looking for feedback. I can purchase just the heads as I don't care for their graphite iron shaft offering of the Red Atmos shaft. Takomo translates to "forge" from Finnish.
  7. When I play, I hit my shot when ready. I don't wait for my playing partners to be quiet as a church mouse. If they are talking in the background, I don't care. Does not bother me. I believe the whole you-must-be-quiet-before-I-hit is garbage. MJ, Bird, and Kobe, can hit a clutch free throw and ignore the fans why can't my playing partner do the same? Get to your ball, ignore the surroundings, play your shot. Being quiet is overrated. #16 at the Phoenix Open is proof.
  8. I can get used to whatever I am hitting...maybe with the exception of the original Big Bertha irons. Logo up or down, does not matter.
  9. Similar experience as I had. I think it was a Titleist 905 driver that was in the LGS used section. There was also another 905 and comparing the two, identification of the counterfeit was very clear. Transition from the head to the hosel was not even close. I'm talking not even close as in I'll never get to date, marry, have kids, and live out the rest of my life with Charley Hull not close. Brought both clubs up to the counter and said that you have a counterfeit club. His only response was guess that is why it has not sold yet.
  10. Word on the street is the Steel Fibers play stiffer than expected/stated. I am looking at a set of Maltby DBM Forged heads with the Recoil shaft.
  11. I had the R1 that ended up with a dent on the face by the toe (a friend did it...honest) and I contacted TM, said no dice as it was two years past warranty but they did send me a 25% off code to redeem on a new club.
  12. Exactly what I do without even thinking about it.
  13. I always carry a wet towel to clean between shots. Any remaining dirt when I get home gets a toothbrush and water. Simple.
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