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  1. Ran into Mark O'Meara 7 or 8 years ago here in Utah. Went into Del Taco for lunch and there he was. At the time, don't know if current, he had a design firm up in a nearby golf community/course (Tuhaye?).
  2. I picked up a Bag Boy Quad XL a few years ago and used on older Sun Mountain C-130 bag. I was fortunate to be chosen this last year to test the Bag Boy Chiller bag. Works well with the cart, as it should, and locks in to place with a Bag Boy specific system. I think you main objective is to get bag and cart that work well together. As is mentioned above, some bags require a few in-round adjustments.
  3. 2021 is a work in progress for me. I had some back issues flare up in 2020 and will be curious to see how this year unfolds. I have not played or swung a golf club since October 2 and have only played a few times since June when the troubles arrived. I am contemplating switching to R graphite shafts and ease up on my swing to reduce the stress on my back.
  4. How was the transition to a lighter (assumed) graphite shaft?
  5. The PTx Pro is on my radar if I need to make the switch to graphite shafts due to health reasons. I currently play the Apex Edge Pro and love the irons. I could even reshaft the Edge Pros if need be. I figure the transition to the PTx would be seamless; the shaft transition is up in the air.
  6. Age (50 in a few days) and potential back issues flaring up may dictate that I switch to regular shafts as I reduce my swing speed and torque on my back. With the tech behind graphite shafts for irons now make them on par with steel as far as consistency, I may make the switch come spring. Currently winter here and not doing anything to aggravate my back precludes any indoor testing and fitting. If you have made the switch from steel to graphite and dropped a flex, what did you learn from the process? Did you try to match ball flight? How was the transition to get to a point of being comfortab
  7. I visit both and have been more active this last year on MGS over WRX. Each has their own place. A few places I frequented many years ago was Golfrewound and there was some kind of parting ways and Golfrewound Too (?) was formed. Don't believe either are active anymore.
  8. I have quite a few Greg Norman polos (too many if you ask my wife) and 1/4 zip pullovers and have been very pleased. I've picked these up over the years and Costco or Sam's and the quality is there. Most were less than $20.
  9. Tried the K-Sig last year and it was unremarkable to me. If you like it, great. Not knocking anybody who uses it. Just did not like the feel and that is how I usually judge a ball.
  10. Good luck to you and wish you success. Your body will thank you.
  11. $230 shipped CONUS each set. Would consider trade for a Scotty Cameron Studio Design 2.5 for one set. Apex II 2-E -Vector 3 shaft -E was reshafted with pulled Director E Vector 3 shaft -Newer Golf Pride CP2 standard grips -Headcovers historically used Redline 2-E - SOLD! -Apex 4 shaft
  12. Well then I have to ask about Willow Creek. That was our high school course. I am contemplating driving out to Iowa (and Minnesota) next year to play golf at my old stomping grounds. Will have to play Jester and Willow Creek.
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