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  1. That's true, and it's a penalty in stroke play as well, but you ARE allowed to replace it in any orientation you choose. You can align a mark, or you can rotate it so a glob of mud is no longer in the side of the ball you'll be hitting.
  2. Just to add to that, there are many times when you are allowed to align the ball using the line. If you are allowed to lift the ball, you are allowed to replace it in any orientation you choose, per Interpretation 14.2c/1: This applies on the putting green, but may also apply if you have lifted the ball to identify it, to check to see if it is damaged, or if you are placing the ball after having dropped it twice, or are placing it for any reason. This does NOT apply when you are required to DROP the ball.
  3. I feel like I've been absent from this thread for a couple of months, but I finally got one more over the weekend, with a chip-in birdie 3 on the long downhill 8th at Stoneleigh. Two more to go, #9 (short sharp dogleg left par 4) and #14 (420-yard downhill par 4).
  4. I used a gorilla pod for a while. I found that with time, the plastic lost its "tightness", so after a while it wouldn't hold the weight of my cell phone. It was primarily the top swivel that had a problem, and I see that the current models seem to have changed that, it looks like a metal joint now. I replaced that one with a tripod very similar to this one: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078BQ2MKY/ref=dp_prsubs_1 It seems much sturdier, with a metal "head" that seems like it will not wear out. I like the flexible legs, I usually attach it to the top of my golf bag to get the rig
  5. Yeah, I'm being something of a stickler in this, because lots of people don't understand the limitations placed on a Committee. Those folks think that its possible to cut and paste random local rules in wherever they don't like the "real" rule, and that's just not an option most times. Even the most powerful of Committees don't get a free pass to do whatever they'd like to do. I wasn't surprised to hear that some folks in Augusta were considering what they could do about the flagstick rule. I also wasn't surprised when they realized that they'd have to go outside the RoG to do it, and chos
  6. Its been a while since I did it in winter, but I don't remember the Turnpike being particularly bad. It just winds through mountains, as you know. I don't know that the alternates are much better, and would certainly be more miles. One option I'll mention is heading south on I-79 from Pittsburgh to near Morgantown, WV, and then east on I-68. I-68 is a new(ish) highway, so flatter grades and wider curves, wider shoulders too.
  7. They can do whatever they choose, they don't have to follow any of the rules. They can use 6 inch cups, and allow non-compliant drivers and golf balls if they choose. They can make it a three stroke penalty if a ball goes into a hazard. They can even use the word "hazard" again. But they won't, they choose to play within the USGA/R&A Rules of Golf. They aren't going to do a single thing that's not in compliance with the Rules. Nobody wants the responsibility of making up their own Rules.
  8. Welcome, from a semi-neighbor. I'm in Reston, and have been a member out at Stoneleigh GC since the course opened.
  9. Do you really think hat the USGA allows the Committee at the Masters more leeway than it allows the PGA Tour, or any other Committee in charge of a competition? Here's what the Rules of Golf say about the Committee and Local Rules. The bit in the RoG that covers green-reading materials is in Interpretation 4.3a/1. If you look at Rule 4.3 you'll see a number of provisions which the USGA allows to be overruled using a Local Rule, and the Model Local Rule is referenced. There is no such Model Local Rule regarding green-reading books, the USGA doesn't allow that rule to be overridden.
  10. As far as I know, Augusta doesn't do anything to over-ride the Rules of Golf, and the Rules allow the use of green-reading materials within certain limitations. A Committee has only limited power to make local rules, but they CANNOT institute a penalty for something that is specifically permitted under the Rules. What Augusta National HAS done, as far as I can tell, is to deny permission to anyone who wants to compile such a book. It takes on-site access to get the data to produce these books, you can't do it with remote topo mapping. So green-reading books aren't disallowed, they're simp
  11. If I wanted to become a better player, I'd spend time with the coach. Players aren't necessarily knowledgeable about swing mechanics other than their own, they're not necessarily able to diagnose faults, and they may not have the experience to relate to individual players. Coaches NEED all of those talents, the players don't. On the other hand, I'd love a chance to sit and have a pint with many of the players.
  12. A good friend from my home club is with Delta, I think the term is "check airman". Without giving out the full name, first name is Paul, good fella, pretty intense.
  13. My home club is overrun with airline pilots (mostly retired) and air traffic controllers. Based on what I hear from the pilots, you must have tons of lay-over time, you might as well fill some of it by getting more involved here! And yeah, I know, you probably have less idle time than we all would guess, so I'm mostly just yanking your chain. Would you care to tell us who you fly for?
  14. Nick, I appreciate that you took the time to understand the selection criteria, and haven't posted here to complain. I hope this thread attracts attention for the next group of folks who look at these as a give-away, as a contest, and not as a serious responsibility both for the MGS moderators (to choose the right testers) and on the testers (to spend the time and effort to write a good review). I know you read this, but I'll post the link for anyone who reads this far down the thread, information to answer the question posed in the topic: Thanks for coming around, I hope we se
  15. Congratulations to the lucky reviewers, I know you'll all do a great job.
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