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  1. The PCC is based only on the scores posted that day, it's not really based on someone's assessment of the weather. I'm your case, the PM rains may have raised the scoring enough to trigger the adjustment.
  2. The "par thing" won't have any effect on your index, other than to change the maximum hole score on a few holes. And it the (CR-Par) term adjusts your Course Handicap (which it does if par is different from the Course Rating), it will adjust all players who go off the same tee identically. For 9 hole rounds, the recommendation is a little different under the new system. As most courses have each 9 rated, the USGA recommends using the Slope for that particular 9 to calculate your index. Most times this won't have any effect, but if the two nines have a significant difference in the Slope, it just might. Its even possible that someone who is a 14 handicap for the 18 would get 6 strokes on the front and 8 strokes on the back if he played 9 holes. This is 6.1b for anyone who cares to read the actual Rule. https://www.usga.org/handicapping/roh/2020-rules-of-handicapping.html
  3. Competition scores should be posted just like any other score, including adjustment (for handicap posting only) to a maximum of Net Double Bogey on each hole. The should be entered as a "Competition" score. C scores won't be analyzed separately, like Tournament scores were previously, but a Handicap Committee will be able to compare your Competition record with the other scores you post.
  4. It took a few days for GHIN to get up and running properly, and for most of the State Associations to get all of the course data input. My guess is that the Grint couldn't really start their integration process until the main USGA services were running properly. I have to believe that they get all of their course info from the USGA database, they don't do that independently. If they didn't really get started until yesterday, or maybe today, the 15th seems pretty reasonable.
  5. Based on what I'm seeing and reading, they're getting close to eradicating the initial bugs in the systems. Apparently a number of Associations were late in getting all of the par and handicap numbering info input. California still doesn't have Hole by Hole stuff ready yet, Virginia and North Carolina seem to be good. Apparently the system tried to re-establish par for many courses, based just on individual hole yardages from each tee. That seems to have been corrected. Apparently there a few minor issues still being worked on, but from what I've seen, GHIN will be substantially improved.
  6. A complete bait-and-switch situation!
  7. That's correct, your entire scoring history was retained within GHIN, and was used to calculate your new HI, with a slightly different formula. The old system averaged the best 10 differentials (out of your most recent 20), and multiplied the result by 0.96. The new WHS averages the best 8 differentials of your last 20, with no "multiplier".
  8. @GSwag and @TR1PTIK have correctly pointed you to the national course rating database. If the course has not been rated, you can't post scores. Have you asked the course management about it?
  9. I thought that one looked more like Hogan than the Hogan swing.
  10. Why try a number of different swing variations instead of working on one swing to play your best golf with?
  11. Again, if the FSGA subsidizes the cost of your golf at these events, and subsidizes the prize money, I can understand them limiting participation to people who pay the FSGA for handicap services or membership, something more than just an entry fee. I'm not defending them, just saying that its one reasonable way to run things, taking care of their own constituents.
  12. I know that the Virginia State Golf Association one-day tournaments are often at very nice courses, and at VERY reasonable costs, so I have to believe that they're subsidized to a large degree by VSGA members. I could understand a higher entry fee for an out of state golfer, but I can't understand prohibiting them completely. Perhaps they have experienced issues with (percieved?) sandbagging by players with out-of-state Handicaps, and have chosen to eliminate that possibility. If everyone in the event keeps a Florida handicap, the Florida GA can unilaterally modify any player's USGA handicap if appropriate, they wouldn't have that authority for someone from an out-of-state home club.
  13. Last year we paid $40 each for my wife and I. If the same schedule holds, I'll see it on my Feb 1 bill from the club, and try to remember to update this thread.
  14. I'm surprised that the additional price tag is so high, although I did know that the charges from the USGA were going up slightly. I don't know if there is a "per club" cost in addition to the "per golfer" cost. But other than that, I think the new system is good, a few things will take some getting used to. The new GHIN app looks like it will be an improvement as well, although its off to a bit of a rocky start.
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