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  1. In general, I've had a lower-than-average ball flight through much of my golfing life. Some of this goes back to 25-year-old instruction. But as I've learned the game, I've learned the value of having the ability to hit it high. I understand how to hit it lower, that's no problem, but for me its a positive to be able to hit it a bit higher when I need to. The most important thing is that my ___-iron will clear the same tree than my old ___-iron did, and that works with the T200s. I don't have the numbers right in front of me, but I believe the T200s are 2 or 3 degrees stronger than the AP2 714. There's lots of talk about "loft-jacking", and I understand that some of it is marketing. What this all means to me is that my 150-yard club (8-iron) will now launch higher than my previous 150-yard club (7-iron), when I need it to do that. I'm not fooled into comparing 8-iron distance, what matters is how high my ____-yard club launches, can I get it over that tree?
  2. I got hooked on Iomic grips maybe 12 years ago, or more. At that time, they had a choice of a dozen or more grip colors, and a similar selection of end cap colors. My Mizunos are red with pink end caps. Color balance varies, but these are pretty much dead red. So today we played a little event, 9 holes foursome stroke play, (alternate shot), and 9 holes scramble. I'd say the T200s are a full club longer than my previous clubs, but launch higher. Forgiveness on off-center strikes seems pretty good, so far I have nothing but good feelings about these clubs. More to come.
  3. Memorial Day weekend is basically the start of summer, so I'm having gin and tonic, which to me means Tanquerray and Schweppes, with a good squeeze of lime.
  4. I've been lucky enough to be selected to review golf balls and a putter, and now for the Titleist irons. I think my wife is a little jealous, she asked if MGS ever does testing for women's equipment. I don't know if there are enough women reading this, or active in the forum, to make it a reasonable thing to try, but I'm a little curious. I can't remember seeing it, but I might not have paid attention.
  5. Nicely done! I agree about time going slow. My truck was loaded no more than 10 minutes drive from my home, I couldn't believe he was delivering stuff to OTHER PEOPLE instead of me! About the logos, you can see from my photos that the grip logo is up, the shaft label is under. I didn't care, didn't specify, so its all good. I did compare these briefly against my AP2s, the size looked pretty similar, the look was pretty similar. Then the clouds cleared, and I stopped comparing anything and trundled off to the local driving range. First impressions, I can definitely play with these clubs. The look is solid, the feel is solid. Trajectory was every bit as high as my 714's, even though I know the lofts are stronger. I know its hard to tell distance using range balls and hitting to a pretty level landing area, but I'm estimating that these will be at least a half-club longer than the same number iron in my current set. Lots of straight shots, a little less draw than my normal pattern, but I was fading the driver a bit too, maybe its something in my swing today. That's enough for the first day, tomorrow is real golf with the new clubs. That is indeed a 4, and the topline is fairly thin. But you can actually see the back side of the flange at address, it reminds me a bit of the Hogan Radial irons I got sometime in the 80s. Its a pretty comforting look to me, its not like I'm trying to hit it with a true butterknife. As for more pics, you'll have to be patient, we've gotta keep y'all interested. Now that the T200s have arrived, I'm really hoping that @chisag and @THEZIPR23 get their clubs really soon.
  6. @THEZIPR23 is absolutely correct, anyone who gives you advice without actually seeing you swing should be ignored completely. The ones who watch your video and give advice, 90% of them should also be ignored. Find someone who can help you to diagnose your issue(s), and who can help you to make the most important single change. Then work diligently to make that change before you move on to the next most important change. Having said that, I'll give you some advice, but its not really swing advice. Your grip changes all the time for no apparent reason? Just stop it! You're the one gripping the club, make a decision to do it the same way every single time. The grip is one of the easiest things to get right, there are no moving parts when you take your grip, so do it right, and do it the same all the time. Part of the instruction I hope you get should be drills to help you learn and ingrain the changes you'll need to make. You can't go from your current full swing to a different full swing all at once, you need to learn. If you have those drills, you can go back to those drills when things start to go off the rails a bit. Having that kind of basic tool to get you back to doing the right stuff can be really helpful.
  7. I generally get new irons every 5 to 7 years. The last few sets were MacGregor JNP, Mizuno MP30, Titleist AP2 714, and the new Titleist T200s I just posted a couple of pictures of. I'm a big believer in the "archer not the arrow" philosophy.
  8. Saturday looks good enough. We're playing a semi-competition Saturday and Sunday here at Stoneleigh, I hope my partner doesn't mind me showing up with never-hit-before clubs. At least I have the Trackman stuff from my fitting to help me pick (guess) clubs.
  9. No need for words. Pretty cool to have these, now all I need is for the rain to stop.
  10. I have this one: https://www.amazon.com/Flexible-Tripod-UBeesize-Smartphone-Compatible/dp/B077PNS1L1/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&fst=as%3Aoff&qid=1590160062&refinements=p_89%3AUBeesize&rnid=2528832011&s=electronics&sr=1-4 Its really sturdy, and the flexible legs make it possible to mount on almost anything. My only advice is to pay attention to camera angles. Instructors suggest specific angles and heights from the ground to give the best possible information for their analysis. Oh, one more piece of advice, YOU almost certainly do not know enough to analyze your own swing, I know I don't. Self-diagnosis is likely to send you down the YouTube instructional rabbit-hole from which you may never emerge. Edit, now I look, you're a Plus handicap, maybe you do know enough. Maybe not, though.
  11. My wife just asked me if I wanted to go to the grocery store with her. But she's a golfer, she withdrew the question almost before the finished it.
  12. DaveP043

    New here

    search for my golf spy in your appropriate app store, you'll find it
  13. I keep refreshing the tracking page, now mine are on a truck for delivery. They've got such a solid system, its hard to break in and have them hold for pickup, but it might be worth a try. It seems possible that yours will go to the closer facility in Mason City, and then get sorted onto individual trucks, so maybe you can have it held there. Good luck!
  14. Getting closer, my clubs at last check had arrived at the Dulles sorting facility, not 10 miles away, waiting to be put on a truck for delivery. So near and yet so far!
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