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  1. Whenever Phil plays again he's going to be the primary focus of the media, and he's going to get grilled endlessly, and he going to be a distraction to the event. In my view, it might just be best for him to "rip the bandage off" and get that part over with. I really thought that the PGA might be the most logical place to do that, based on his win last year, and the fact that the PGA Championship isn't run by the entity (PGA Tour) that he slammed so hard in his conversation with Shipnuck. He's just extending the slow drip of torture by withdrawing this week.
  2. Have a great time! So which courses are on the list this year?
  3. One of the things I learned reading Every Shot Counts is that, depending on the location of trouble, and the type of trouble (trees, water, OB, wilderness?), sometimes the best place to aim is in the rough. Not start line, but the spot to try to have the ball end up. Try to eliminate the Stroke and Distance side, in favor of the woods or water side.
  4. I'm laughing, and I'm sure you know better. I just don't think you can eliminate anything. Yes, you absolutely need to plan your start line to accommodate your normal shot shape, that's the way to hit the most fairways. Yes, for most players, planning for a straight shot is foolhardy, you have to understand your tendencies and plan accordingly. But for all that planning, you'll still miss on both sides, you won't eliminate anything. And again, DJ is one of the best drivers of the ball on the planet, and he chooses to play a fade to increase consistency, and he still misses about the same percentage left as he does right. If HE can't eliminate one side, I sure as hell can't.
  5. I've learned to hit a lower shot at times, but that's the extent of my manipulation on the course. I think that the faded driver and the draws with everything else is reasonable. That's based primarily on ball position, typically a driver is played well forward, so a normal swing path is more likely to produce a fade. Irons are generally played a little further back, so a draw is more likely. The same swing, with different ball positions, is likely to produce different curvatures without any manipulation at all.
  6. I wrote the initial post quickly, and figured a little more explanation was appropriate. It can get a little argumentative when the first thing said is "You're not good enough." I mean, the OP really isn't good enough, at a 14 handicap, but I'm off 8 and I'm not good enough either. It looks like great advice in a Golf Digest article every 2 or 3 years, but its not going to work very well for most of us real-world golfers.
  7. The way I read this, you never miss your target right (you may select a bad target, but never miss right of it), and only miss left with a "bad swing." So really, your anti-left equipment could still produce a left miss, because everyone who has ever played the game makes "bad swings". What your anti-left equipment has almost certainly done is to eliminate big hooks, decreasing big misses. I remember reading stats for Dustin Johnson, one of the best drivers in the world. He generally plays a cut, and announcers will say doing so has eliminated the left miss for him. Stats show that he misses the fairway about equally to the left and to the right. He hasn't eliminated anything, he's merely chosen a ball flight to decrease his dispersion and minimize big misses to either side.
  8. I'm quoting myself, I know this is a bit harsh, but its accurate. Very very few players are good enough to reliably hit fades and draws with similar accuracy. Heck, very very few players are good enough that they should ever consider aiming at a tucked pin outside of 100 yards. Almost every one of us would be best served by trying to hit the center of every single green, center from side to side, center from front to back. Most of us are best served by playing whatever shot shape results in the tightest shot pattern. This doesn't sound like very exciting golf, it might mean fewer birdies, but it would mean a LOT fewer bogeys and doubles.
  9. We agree. I just don't like the old phrase "eliminate one side of the course", because we just can't accomplish that, at least not without hitting way too many balls in the bad stuff on the other side.
  10. Personally, I'm aiming at a location that will have my ball ending up in the middle after my normal shot shape. Most people have a tighter dispersion when they allow the ball to curve whichever way is natural for them, as compared to trying to hit it dead straight. If you look at any of the strokes-gained informed advice (Decade is one of those "systems") you'll see that their targeting doesn't rely at all on shot shape, only on where they want the ball to finish. You figure out your intended destination, then plot the best route to get the ball there.
  11. I think this is an old myth. If I hit a draw 100% of the time, I'll certainly aim near the right edge and swing, with my goal to end up near the middle of the fairway. But I'll still miss right of my target, and I'll still miss left of my target. If I hit it nearly straight, I'll aim for the middle, and miss it right sometimes, and left sometimes. A consistent shot shape doesn't give you any more space to hit to, but tighter dispersion definitely means more balls in your preferred landing area.
  12. Some of the best tour pros weren't good enough to change shot shapes. Bruce Leitzke hit fades, every time. You're not good enough, hit the shot that gives you the tightest dispersion, every chance you can.
  13. If he played from the same tees as you, you might be giving him 6 or 7 strokes!
  14. Congratulations, that's a great score, and I know it was a great experience.
  15. Gotcha. I'm at Stoneleigh, we do a Championship flight at scratch from the back tees. I'm generally in the first Handicap flight.
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