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  1. Congratulations to the testers. Having just done this with the Titleists, I understand the excitement you all must feel, I'm sure you'll do a great job.
  2. I believe technically it classifies as "magic".
  3. Thanks, I wasn't aiming that at you. Rather, I'm hoping that @Golf Success Strategist will understand my particular issues with the way he introduced himself within the My Golf Spy community, and what I hope he might do moving forward.
  4. Oy, more data on Dean, results from his efforts on the West Florida Golf Tour. Shot a solid 94 in December 2010. http://www.westfloridagolftour.com/PlayerProfile.aspx?PlayerID=7273
  5. Many of us have an ax to grind of some kind, all I expect is transparency. If @Golf Success Strategist had introduced himself as an employee, had provided a link to the website, and said some nice things about the program, I wouldn't get my back up. If he comes back and engages in meaningful dialogue, I'll happily engage from my end. I admittedly know nothing of Mr. Chitren beyond what I can find online, and so far that hasn't enticed me to go any further than discussions here.
  6. I think when dealing with the Pelz stuff that its important to understand that he specifically markets himself as a short-game and putting guru, so he's always going to contend that short game and putting are the most important. Otherwise, he'd be pushing people away from his own business. Not to say he doesn't have many good ideas, he certainly does, but he exaggerates the importance of short game. Back to the topic, I do get to hit a fair number of short shots, so I specifically accept a large-ish gap between 180 and 200, but have pretty consistent 10-yard full-swing gaps down to about 90 yards. I've considered getting something to go 190 or so, and reworking my wedges to be able to drop a club, but that doesn't fit the course I play as well. I've also practiced a bit (not tons, not doing the "clock" system) for shorter wedge shots. Its not hard to learn to hit a 60 yard shot, or a 40 yard, or whatever, with only a small amount of practice. And you WILL get it closer, on average, than if you choose to lay back to a full-swing yardage. Shot selection is really another topic, so I won't hammer that idea here.
  7. Oy, I just looked at on of those 2010 videos, Dean practicing wearing a tee shirt and sweatpants. Not a great swing at that time, but he was working hard.
  8. I think most of us are here to discuss, rather than to argue. Posting testimonials from promotional literature isn't much of a discussion, as we can't ask questions of the guys who wrote those testimonials. If you look in another thread about instruction, you'll find mentions of Monte Scheinbloom and Erik Barzeski. I know Monte is active in discussions on GofWRX, you can read some of his instruction and evaluations, and get a sense of his personality. Similarly, Erik runs TheSandTrap, and provides a lot of instructional content there, as well as participating in a couple of other forums. From Mr. Chitren we have only his self-promotional stuff, no back and forth, no discussion. We CAN find that he quit smoking once, and became a "quit-smoking guru" for a time. We can find that in 2009 he wanted to become a PGA Tour player, and was trying to raise money to do that. He ran a golf "concierge" business for a while, setting up golf trips in the Tampa area. There are some YouTube videos from 10 years ago, and a few more from 2017, and now a recent bunch. But no dialogue. And there's no mention of him outside of his own webpages. Feel free to discuss, that's always more interesting than simply posting stuff off of the promotional website.
  9. Just looked up Fred Adler, playing out of Ventana Canyon in Arizona. In his last 20 scores, he's had exactly 2 in the 70s, 9.6 index. Now it IS his low index of the year, he's making progress, but the claims are a bit overstated. Willie Abston in Mississippi hasn't posted a score since September 2019. I hope he's making progress too, but its pretty hard to tell.
  10. Let's be fair here, oopen and honest, you joined here to advertise for the company that employs you. You chose not to disclose your association with Mr. Chitren initially. And you've posted testimonials specifically selected to appear on Mr. Chitren's promotional webpage. None of that says anything about Mr. Chitren's instruction, it may be really solid, but it says something about you. By association, it says something about Mr. Chitrren's advertising tactics.
  11. So if this guy takes a more common 30 or 32 putts he shoots 82 or 84. Obviously we can't tell where he started from, but 25 putts isn't sustainable over any amount of time. So you're here for 20 minutes, and posted 2 captures from Dean's website. Are you a shill for him, or a real person?
  12. The only way that I'm aware of is to use a good quality launch monitor. But be careful about what you shoot for, 2000 RPM isn't ideal for most of us normal people. My swing speed is around 100 mph or slightly lower, and my ideal spin rate with a driver is closer to 3000 RPM. You can find a chart published by Trackment here: https://trackman.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/115006035208-Driver-Optimization
  13. One option is at https://evolvr.com/ Full disclosure, one of the lead instructors there runs another golf forum website, but I've found him to be really knowledgeable and helpful. Another poster mentioned Monte Scheinbloom, he's at: https://rebelliongolf.com/online-lessons/
  14. I don't know your friend, and don't want to say anything bad about him, but chances are that he doesn't have the skills to properly diagnose your faults. Chances are that, like most of us, he sees "symptoms" without having the training and experience to discern an underlying cause. I agree with @dlow206, a good instructor, including some who will do lessons based solely on your videos, will be much more likely to see the root problems, and be able to provide drills to address them.
  15. It might be informative to read the recent Member Reviews of the Titleist T100S and T200 irons. Yes, the lofts are stronger than what was "standard". But at least in my case, where I once carried 4-9+PW, now I carry 5--9+PW(43*)+ W(48*). The 5 replaced the old 4, the 48* replaced the old PW. Nothing has really changed except the "label" of the club. I've chosen to use that set-up, rather than add the new 4-iron and re-work my specialty wedges (currently 52, 56, and 60) to use only 2 clubs.
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