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  1. After using the K-Sig gloves for 6 months, I’m recommending them to the other 16 guys in our group. This is a really good glove. Comfortable, durable, and a great price. The Kirkland poker chip marker doesn’t click with me, so I gave it away. I give the gloves 5 stars. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Jim / Lodi CA Srixon ZStar XV 95 mph Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  3. Bulldog

    Srixon ZStar

    I’ve officially moved up one level as a Star Wars nerd...
  4. That's a deal. Last week Srixon had buy 3 get one free... I could have saved some $$$ if I had waited
  5. I've played several rounds now with the Kirkland glove, and used it on the driving range. Here's the bottom line for me - I don't think about the Kirkland glove when I'm wearing it. That's just what I want in a glove. Put it on and forget about it. Even if they were more expensive, I'd still recommend them.
  6. In addition to the regulars mentioned (Clement, Shields, Crossfield, Me & My Golf, etc.), I really enjoy Danny Maude. His weekly video lessons are solid for me. His drills are simple and directed to get you to feel the swing, impact position and more. https://www.dannymaude.com/
  7. Donation, broke 80, and hole in one please...
  8. I previously used the Costco Callaway glove. I ordered a four pack of the new Kirkland gloves in medium large. They were a bit too small when I tried them on, so I returned them at the local Costco and ordered the glove in large from Costco online. They fit great. Very comfortable so far. The Kirkland poker chip ball marker is in the bottom of my bag and will likely stay there. I'll post some long term reviews, especially after the temperatures here climb above 90.
  9. Been using the air compressor for years. It has worked for Golf Pride, Larkin, and Pure grips. I use an inexpensive nozzle inflator at 60 psi. I don’t use tape unless the grip will twist on the shaft after installation. Then I use blue painters tape. If it doesn’t want to go on smoothly, I spray a little soapy water on the shaft, especially those nasty fat putter grips. I mentioned using air to a tech at a big box store and he told me, “That will never work.”
  10. I’m cross handed just in putting. I’m left handed but play right handed. Putting cross handed feels better to me. I’ve tried cross handed pitches and chips. Seems like every shot was a short flop shot. Maybe I probably should put it into my game.
  11. First name - Jim Home State/Province/Country - California ​Do you use performance tracking? - Yes, The Grint Do you use a GPS watch? Yes Which ones? Bushnell Neo Ion
  12. Jim, California Cobra King Ltd driver Wishon 4 wood Wishon 3 & 4 hybrid Taylormade Rsi1 Irons - 5 to AW Wishon HM wedges Ping Ketsch putter 13 Handicap Goals - get to a single digit handicap and play at least 12 different courses by this Fall.
  13. Played them today. This is my first time with K-Sigs. Distance was as good as any other ball I've played. Spin was good, but maybe not quite as high as the Snell MTB. The grass was wet with dew so I can't directly compare spin on the short shots. Putting - I can honestly say that I've never had a ball that felt so right off the putter. I've never paid that much attention to the ball feel when putting, but after 4 or 5 holes it was really noticeable (I still missed a couple of short puts though). I played two balls and at the end of the round they were both in good shape. During the round, I h
  14. Anyone know about this? https://morshgolf.com/Morsh-2-Wood A 190cc stainless steel 10 degree driver...deja vu?
  15. Jim - Northern California 12.9 handicap Cobra King Ltd with Aldila Rogue Black 95 mph 230 yards Phil Mickelson
  16. I've looked for years for a shred of evidence that it makes a difference.... I'm still looking (but not looking very hard).
  17. Ten years ago, even five years ago, this marketing model would have seemed like something from outer space. Golf product differentiation is really tough these days. You can categorize consumers a bunch a ways - product loyal, brand loyal, performance driven, price conscious, and more. Many consumers fit into more than one of these categories. Good luck to Strok - competition is good for all of us.
  18. 13 handicap Northern California 95 mph 230 yards F7 I play a Cobra Fly Z+ and Cobra King driver.
  19. Jim Lodi California Strengths - green-side chipping and 30+ yard pitches. Weakness - sand and high short-side pitches. Clubs - RH 52/SS, 56/SS, 60/TS, XP 95 standard length shaft, Ping Dyla-wedge white grip
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