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  1. I've owned a BatCaddy electric for almost three years, and it does what I want it to. It has no remote, and cost $440 with a heavy duty lead-acid battery, which is rated to easily cover 36 holes (I only did that once without a re-charge, although there are times, after 18 holes, where the recharge transformer shows full charge immediately upon plug-in.). I did not want a remote control, because I have seen a lot of accidents with them due to operator inattention involving bunkers, hillsides, other players, etc. I'll never go back to a non-powered pushcart.
  2. 1. PING Ketch 2. No, but it has added information to my decision-making. 3. Yes...I think I make more putts and have fewer 3 putts. 4.I like making more putts and fewer 3 putts.
  3. No scorecard, I'm afraid, because it was more than 20 years ago...Spyglass...long, narrow, unforgiving and the greens were like glass...impossible to stop the ball near the hole...way tougher than Winged Foot West, Bethpage Black, Pinehurst #2, Troon North (Monument), Sebonac, etc. Pebble the next day was a walk in the park, even the 2nd shot over the chasm on 8...
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