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  1. Assuming that the landing angle is very similar, then Brand Y is my choice; more ball speed, spin and carry.
  2. I have been playing the 50 gram version of this shaft going on three years. Love it. Backstory is I was fitted into a Mavrik 10.5 with the regular Riptide 50 (not counter balanced). My gamer at the fitting was an Epic with the Fujikura Pro 63. I went back and forth between the 60 and 50 gram non counter balanced versions of the Riptide several times. The 50 gram was the clear winner even though I thought it was too light for me. The Pro 63 contrary to its name is 67 grams. When I purchased from Callaway Preowned, I saved enough to get the Riptide CB 50. I compared it to the 60 gram non counter balanced Riptide that came in the driver. Again the 50 gram won out over the 60 gram. This time it was the 50 CB vs non-counter balanced 60. Always wondered how the 60 gram CB would be.
  3. My Titleist T200 irons have a 43 PW and 48 GW, so 5 degrees there. I also play a 54 and 60 SM8. I do not notice any issues, but approach shots are not my strength. The 54 was the result of only being able to find that wedge grind and bounce in the 54. I think we are all faced with partial approach shots, some more than others. Learning your wedge set distances may be more important than the specific degree gaps.
  4. How do you change the Member Title?

  5. Why can't I post to the Hogan Testers topic?

    1. GolfSpy Barbajo

      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Not sure - try it again and let me know. You do have to be logged in. Check the top of the screen to make sure


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      Having the same problem. Says you cannot reply to this topic

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      GolfSpy Barbajo

      Can you reply to other topics?


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