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  1. I'm in the process of choosing my new irons and have to pick between Dynamic Gold 105 Stiff vs. KBS Tour 105 Stiff. I know the DG has a mid-launch trajectory while the KBS has a higher-launching trajectory but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions and/or recommendations on either shaft. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
  2. WR3

    Sub70 golf

    Put them in as attachments this time, let me know if that works.
  3. I played the new Bridgestone e12 Contact yesterday for the first time. Yes, the dimples look very odd at first glance but I gotta say, the ball definitely flies consistently straight and doesn't seem to get a lot of wear/tear on the ball. A few holes had some 'user error' but still shot one of the better winter golf rounds for the year.
  4. WR3

    Sub70 golf

    I was able to head over to the PGA Superstore this past weekend and swing some different clubs & shafts. I wasn't able to look at a lot of options but I tried to stay within the recommendations that Jason brought up (TM 790 & Cobra Forged Tech - which are both similar to the 699, both with stiff shafts to test). Here are the titles within each chart listed below: Ball Speed / Launch Angle / Side Angle / Backspin / Sidespin / Descent Angle / Offline / Peak / Carry / Total Belo
  5. I've been playing the MTB Black for about a year now, love the ball but at a 18 handicap, I'm wondering if I should try the Get Sum ball.
  6. WR3

    Sub70 golf

    Had good first initial convo with Jason, wants me to swing 6/7 iron at PGA Superstore to get my swing speed as I don’t have the number handy. He said that he would probably recommend 699 over 739 as I’ll (hopefully) continue to improve and the 699’s would be good ‘improvement’ club and would play to a potential lower handicap as well. More importantly, still trying to figure out lie angles/offset for me as we both agree that I want to be able to get the ball in the air as easily as I can. Same thing with shaft, he thinks I would be a stiff flex based off few things we discussed and would recom
  7. WR3

    Sub70 golf

    Been reading a lot about Sub70 after several recommendations. Interested to see/hear if anyone has any feedback of the 739 vs 699. I’m an 18 handicap, which I have lowered dramatically this last year during the pandemic. I’m currently playing GI Irons (Old Callaway X2 Hot) and don’t mind playing another set of GI Irons but I’m wondering if there is a huge or drastic difference b/w 739 & 699. I’m actually talking to Jason at Sub70 tomorrow, so I’ll ask a ton of questions and sure I’ll get some great feedback but wanted to ask on this thread as well. Thanks in advance!
  8. I have never heard of this company but will absolutely check it out. I don’t care who’s logo is stamped on the club, as long as it has forgiveness, suits my game, and helps me produce lower scores helping me with ‘game improvement’.
  9. Junk in the trunk...ha!!
  10. @pouetvl - this is A LOT of info and man, it is fantastic! I love all of it!
  11. @cnosil- Absolutely! I definitely go into a research binge when looking at golf equipment. My wife yesterday said, "Jesus, how much longer are you going to research new irons??"...hahaha! Definitely going to do as much research before the fitting to make sure aligned with the recommendation.
  12. @RickyBobby_PR - again, great info - appreciate your feedback! I definitely plan on doing a fitting very soon but always good to search the interwebs for research and get my mind thinking in the right direction. Thanks again!
  13. @RickyBobby_PR - definitely understand where you are coming from and actually agree with a lot of what you are saying. EVERYONE has different golf games so one club(s) does not fit one person, totally get it. I'm obviously not playing Blades because I need that 'forgiveness' with my Irons, I'm just not sure which Irons (that produce 'forgiveness') I should be looking into. There are categories throughout the internet that you can look at and see which Irons pop up consistently within these categories, but I wanted to reach out on this forum because I'd had to believe there are others who ar
  14. I’m looking to buy a new iron set this year. Told myself if I could shoot low 90s and have handicap under 20 (currently at 18.5), I would invest in some ‘game improvement’ irons. I’m currently playing Callaway X2 Hots from 2014. There are a TON of options out there but I definitely trust this group to give me some good advise! Thanks in advance.
  15. I’m currently playing Callaway X2 Hot irons from 2015. I’ve played a lot of golf during the pandemic and told myself that if I played in the 80’s and lowered my HC by 2 points (at 18 now and want to be at 15 by end of year) I would get new irons by the end of the year. I know there are a TON of different irons I can look at purchasing and I actually enjoy the research. I had a friend, who I played with last week, tell me that his family works at the Bridgestone Golf plant outside of Atlanta and that he can get big friends/family discounts. He just ordered the Tour B JBR HF2 and said I should l
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