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  1. Can you share the name/brand of the projector that you are using? I know you said it's off brand.
  2. Purchase Mevo+ today for Black Friday. Anyone have any good recommendations for project that they would use for the simulator?
  3. I received a Grey Evenflow Riptide CB shaft with my Cobra Radspeed 7W and a Blue Evenflow Riptide CB shaft with my Sub70 949x 7W. Anyone know the difference between the two? They both have the same writing on the shaft, just different colors. Seems odd....
  4. Anyone using this shaft and have any feedback? I’m thinking of replacing my current shaft with this one. Medium driver swing speed.
  5. You feel like it’s good on full swing shots 100 yards in? I use 588 56/60 blade wedges closer to green for more precise shots. Just need a good/forgiving gap-approach wedge to fit my new iron set.
  6. Trying to figure out if I should get the D Wedge to tie into my UHX set (4i-PW) or get the CBX2 in a 50* as a Gap/Approach Wedge. Any thoughts/advice/sarcastic remarks???
  7. I kept the regular shaft set - really enjoying them so far!
  8. Selling brand new (still in plastic) Cleveland UHX (Stiff) Irons set for $500 OBO. Set contains 4i to PW.
  9. I definitely want more of a mid/high ball flight trajectory with my hybrid, hence the reason I'm not considering the HZRDUS line. I have a note out to Jason to get his feedback - keep me posted on what you hear from him and I'll do the same.
  10. Placing my 939x 4H order this week but need to decide on which Stiff shaft to get. Debating b/w Project X Hybrid 6.0 Graphite (stock shaft) vs. Project X Evenflow Riptide Hybrid 85 6.0 - anyone have any thoughts/feedback/advice that would help decide b/w the two???
  11. Looking to replace Regular shaft in Cobra King F7 Hybrid with Stiff Shaft. Has be to MyFly Technology to be compatible.
  12. Hey guys, looking to convert my Cobra King F7 - Fujikura Pro 75H Shaft Reg-Flex (75g) with a stiff shaft. I've got the option to purchase any of the below: Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei AV Blue Shaft (67g) Fujikura PRO XLR8 61 Shaft (66g) Matrix OZIK MFS 65Q4 Red Tie Shaft (65g) I know all swings are different and different shafts fit different people, just wanted to see if anyone has played the above shafts or has any feedback. Thanks in advance!
  13. I'm in the process of choosing my new irons and have to pick between Dynamic Gold 105 Stiff vs. KBS Tour 105 Stiff. I know the DG has a mid-launch trajectory while the KBS has a higher-launching trajectory but wanted to see if anyone had any suggestions and/or recommendations on either shaft. Any and all feedback is much appreciated!
  14. WR3

    Sub70 golf

    Put them in as attachments this time, let me know if that works.
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