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  1. Does anyone know what the actual weight of the Stealth HD head only would be? I am considering ordering an Autoflex shaft to go with my new Stealth and would like to do some swing weight calculations.
  2. In my situation, I am looking for a case to be shipped by courier such as DHL or FedEx. I snowbird between Canada and Florida. As I don't plan on taking it through the airport, I'm thinking a hard case and this one from SKB looks good to me. https://www.criticalgolf.com/reviews/golf-travel-bags/skb-deluxe-travel-case-review/ I used the ShipSticks service and a ShipSticks cardboard box this time and it has been a disaster! The box and 1 suitcase with all of our clothes was picked up in Florida, correctly labelled and packed, on April 13, 2021. The 2 items have sat in a DHL warehouse ever since until today, April 28, 15 days later, the clubs arrived. The box was badly worn but still intact. The suitcase continues to sit in Cincinnati! If it had been for a golf vacation, the vacation would be over by now. So, for my needs, I think a hard case and max protection is what I need, because bad things happen. Does anyone have experience with the SKG cases?
  3. Well, I am going to return the High Heat. It is a nice driver, I hit it pretty well but not as good as my Grenade. I am much straighter and more consistent with the High Heat than say, an Aeroburner, but the Bombtech Grenade is better for me.
  4. Hey Nifty Not sure if I understand your post, although I sure get the "aging recreational player" part, loud and clear! Are you saying that the Ben Hogans are too difficult for you to hit and are therefore being retired? Did you get the full set of them?
  5. Ok - Thank you for the responses! I pulled the trigger and placed my order. I will not receive it until I arrive in Florida on Oct 26th, so my 30 days will start then. I currently have the Bombtech Grenade/Matrix HD Radix S VI which I like a lot. I have no idea why I need another driver LOL. I just started playing about 2 years ago and am 68. I average about 210 with the Grenade although I have hit it 245 occasionally. It is usually straight but I can slice it or push it if I try too hard. I keep the face of my Grenade clean so I can see where each hit occurs, I find that helps me tune my setup to try to get more sweet spot hits. Should be easy to keep clean with the High Heat. I am still at that stage, you probably all went through it, where I think I can buy a better game. I think you can to a certain extent, I know I do better with the Grenade than I have with some of my other drivers.
  6. Please forgive me if this is the wrong area of the forum to post this, or if this topic has been addressed elsewhere, I am a noobie here. I was wondering if any of you have experience with the High Heat driver from the Pope of Slope, Dean Knuth. http://www.knuthgolf.com/ I tend to like things that are "off the beaten path" and this certainly seems like one of them.
  7. I have decided to wait a while to purchase the Hogans, until my game improves. I am only in my second year. I did a little experiment. My first set of clubs was the Adams Idea, even the 6 iron is a bit of a hybrid. Then I bought SCOR which replaced my wedges and 9 iron. Then last winter I bought Callaway Big Bertha irons and played them. I was never happy with them, huge ugly offset and I was drawing & hooking all the time. So, a couple of games ago I went back to the Adams and hit them very well, just a nice draw. The SCOR have always been in my bag since I bought them over a year ago. But, I thought well, if I am hitting the Adams well, why not put the Adams wedges and 9 iron back in the bag? Mistake! It was a reminder of just how consistent the SCOR clubs are. Today I will be playing with my Adams Idea down to the 8 iron and SCOR 60, 56, 52, 48, 44. Maybe when Hogan comes out with a Game Improvement iron, I will be a customer.
  8. I am on the Space Coast - Melbourne. I play The Majors in Palm Bay 3 times a week with about 60 other guys in this club I belong to. Its really great, you always have a game and the computer sets it up with an A, B, C, and D player in each foursome using our handicaps. I love it! Can't wait to get back!
  9. My 2 cents - I would buy these Hogan clubs. I don't care that they do not have a tour presence. I think I saw that you can try them for 30 days and if you don't like them, send them back. Unfortunately I am not in the USA at this time so that doesn't work for me. I bought the SCOR without knowing much about them and I sure have no regrets. Because I bag the SCOR, I only need maybe 5 or 6 Hogans. However, I am concerned that they might be too difficult for me to hit. I've only been playing for a couple years, I hit the driver fine ( 200 to 230 yds) and I hit my SCORs (60,56,52,48,44) not too bad but I struggle with the mid irons. A very good game for me is an 86, a bad game is 100. I had both this week LOL. I am retired and play year round. I know, lucky me! What I am doing now, while in Canada, is getting a Maltby TE Forged 5 iron with the UST Recoil 660 F3 shaft (same as Hogan) to see how I do with that. My thought is if I can handle that, I should be able to do even better with the Hogans. I hope!
  10. Green light, Green light, Green light, Light is Green look both ways and proceed LOL - Just kidding. Thanks guys
  11. I don't really understand this situation. The clubs were unboxed by the testers approximately June 11 and it is now July 13 and there has been no review posted. Am I following the wrong thread or something? I have followed other reviews on this site but I have never noticed such a delay. I'm confused.
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