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  1. No I haven't tried the scor wedges. Heard good things. Perhaps we can discuss the scor wedges in a thread for scor wedges?
  2. Ball markers of courses I've played and courses I've attended or friends have attended tour events at
  3. x2 hot 3deep or 2 deep would be your best bet. Rogue Green was the stock shaft and was a really good shaft.
  4. Leading edge or the toe/face? If you are talking about the toe/face, then you'd be correct. Titleist moved some of the weight out of the hosel and moved it out towards the toe (by slightly rounding/extending the toe). They also slightly vary in size as you move from low loft (smaller) to high loft (slightly larger) Here is a great writeup on the SM6s and how they've changed since the SM5s http://www.golfalot.com/equipment-reviews/titleist-vokey-sm6-wedge-review-3465.aspx
  5. Well after today's first round with the SM6s I am in love. I knew I would love the 60* M grind and it did not disappoint. Only had to use it twice and both times it left me with tap-ins for par. What really surprised me was the 54 F grind with 14 degrees of bounce. I thought it might be too much bounce, especially from full shots from tight fairway lies, but man it was incredible. I hit a number of shots from 50 to 100 yards with it today and they were just so crisp I was shocked. Spin was perfect and my distance control was on point.
  6. I believe a good forum review shouldn't be about how well a club fits the reviewer. I can review a driver that spins too much to be my gamer, but still provide a review that meets the needs of the community by explaining who the driver would be a better fit for and what the driver's strengths and weaknesses are. Just because a driver like the Bio Cell or X2 Hot didn't jive with me doesn't mean they were bad clubs. It's so easy for a reviewer to focus on how well the club fits him rather than focusing on the club itself
  7. 77 +6 today with 2 doubles and one birdie. Just couldn't get a putt to drop.
  8. This was released last summer. And I enjoyed their wedges quite a bit
  9. Thanks man. I'm really excited to put them in play. I like the weighting better than the Glides I've been gaming for the past year and I'm really interested to see what the turf interaction is like from different lies. What grinds are you using?
  10. I had a similar experience with the TaylorMade Spider Limited. Always used a blade or #9 putter until I rolled the Spider Limited.
  11. Had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet so o decided to get my first Vokeys. I'll be posting my initial thoughts after my first round with them on Tuesday
  12. Do you guys have these in hand yet along with the rest of the Srixon stuff? Curious to hear how you're liking them. I know I would go 2-dot on my 54*, but I can't decide if I'd go 1 dot or 2 dot on my 60
  13. Putter right now. I just feel so confident about every putt under 12 feet.
  14. 77 +6 today. One over on the front with a double on 9 and 5 over on the back (with a double on 11)
  15. I thought you were talking about Edmundcruz's welcome post spree
  16. Ball markers (traditional and poker chip style) would be nice
  17. Absolutely - but it certainly needs to include one. And when I say go to a fitter I do not mean just go to a golf store that has a launch monitor that offers fitting for a fee. I mean seek out a true club fitter. Depending on your location there are a lot of good choices where you can find award winning fitters.
  18. That sounds great - but how exactly do you plan on getting that inventory? If I was a seller I do not really have any incentive to list on your site because there demand is so low. I want to put my inventory where the action is, which, right now, is ebay. Heck, there is more action on the Buy/Sell areas of sites like MGS and WRX. And there are no fees at all on those sites. Maybe if you became the official store site of a site like MGS or WRX you could make a dent, but I just don't see it. The real question is - is there really a need for this type of site? Are their sellers of golf clubs that wish there was an outlet like this for their clubs?
  19. Good idea, but how is this better than ebay? Ebay already has a huge user base including several companies like rock-bottom golf and 2nd swing. If I want to buy something I know ebay will have a ton of options and as a seller I know that I'd get the most eyes on my clubs by throwing them on ebay.
  20. Definitely recommend a good iron shaft fitting if you have someone near you that does one. I had one back in June and it was extremely eyeopening. The fitter I went to used Trackman and it was great to see how consistency/dispersion changed between shafts.
  21. Yeah, the 2014 apex pros looked great but I never liked the look of the standard Apex
  22. Yeah the Srixon 545s were only in a few Golfsmiths and pga superstores. If you lived anywhere near Philly or NYC we could meet up and you could hit mine. It's a shame they weren't more available at retail locations and I hope the 2016 line makes it into more stores. Callaway pre-owned might have some good deals on the 2014 apex line. For the 545s they are marked down a good amount on srixon's site but the s300 is the only shaft option available. I actually just used a fitter that had the 545 head and shafts and got fitted and had them reshaft mine
  23. Yeah the ap2s sound/feel a little better but they perform really similarly. The Srixon 545s are marked down now with the 565s coming out and they perform very similar to the rsi2 with the feel of the ap2s. Callaway apex is another good option.
  24. Nice, those are some solid sets. Have you hit either yet?
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