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  1. First Name/State: Juro/California Handicap: 6 Current irons in Play: Ping G Irons Stiff shafts (Black) The carry distance of the your 7 iron: 170+ (170 to 172) yard
  2. First Name/State: Juro/California Handicap: 6.8 Index Current Brand Wedges Played: Cleveland RTX (original) 52* & 56*, Titleist Vokey TVD 60* Your favorite type of wedge shot: All, especially from 30 to 50 yard shots with various heights and spins
  3. Juro/California 6.8 Index Yes, but I got tired using this gadget after it broke in short time.
  4. First Name/City, State: Juro/Los Osos, CA Handicap/SS: 6.8 Index/105 mph Current hybrid model Played: Adams Idea Pro What loft you think you would choose and why: I'd love to try a 20* Stiff hybrid (19* & 22* if possible to try two). I have been using my hybrids for over 10 years and replaced 3 and 4 irons to gain long irons with more ease to hit in the air, hit from rough and bunkers without losing distance. I have read and heard this newest Tour Edge Exotics CBX 119s have developed in more workability and low spin technologies when I am looking to improve my game (I am still using 10 yr old hybrids and can't find better clubs to replace them). That's why I would love to try the newest hybrids from Tour Edge. Thanks for this opportunity.
  5. Juro/Los Osos, CA 105 mph Titleist Pro V1X No previous Snell ball experience. But I'd love to test one.
  6. Winning Score: -8 Tier 5: Satoshi Kodaira
  7. First Name/State: Juro/California Handicap/Swing Speed: 6.8 Index/104-105 mph Current Ball Played: Titleist Pro V1X Have you previously played the Z Star or XV: Yes, both of them.
  8. - Your first name: Juro - City/State: Los Osos, CA - Your swing speed and handicap: 103-105 mph, 6.8 Index - Your current setup of FW/Hybrid/Utility: 15* Taylormade M2 3 Wood with Stiff Shaft 17* Taylormade R11S 4 Wood with Stiff Shaft 20* Adams Idea Pro Hybrid with Stiff Shaft 23* Adams Idea Pro Hybrid with Stiff Shaft
  9. -Juro -California -Rife IBF Blade putter -Strength, but I am always looking to improve consistency and would love to compare my Rife putter (in my bag for 5 yrs) versus Stroke Lab putters.
  10. Juro/ California Callaway XR 10* with Tour AD DI-6 Stiff shaft 6.8 Index, 102-105 mpg Swing Speed (I go to a local Roger Dunn and check every 6 months) I've never tried Tour Edge/Exotics Drivers, but I own a 3 wood.
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