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  1. For all of you out there who have had shoulder problems and have had corrective surgery. I have been fighting right shoulder pain now for over 5 years, not real bad, just annoying at times. While I'm playing / Swinging it doesn't seem to bother me. I used to have a decent swing and hit the ball pretty straight. The last few years I am fighting an "over the top" swing. Can the shoulder problems cause this? Anyone notice this problem with a bad shoulder? If so, I would go get my shoulder fixed in a heartbeat just to fix my swing. I know I may just be grasping at straws here but, worth askin
  2. Very nice, especially since I just bought a Yes Groove Tube Putter without a cover. I may be using your tutorial to make one for mine.
  3. That would work but, I would prefer an original cover. I ordered another but, I'm not sure if it is gonna work yet.
  4. Hey guys/gals, as the title says, looking for a headcover for a Yes Groove Tube Putter. I just picked up a brand new Groove Tube for $22.99 but it doesn't have a cover with it. I can't find one online anywhere!!! It is an odd looking putter but it has pretty good reviews. I thought for the price, Why Not????.
  5. Matt, I found these in 50*, 54* & 58* RH in CNC carbon steel, $15.99 per head. http://www.pacificgolfclubs.com/golf-club-head-components/golf-wedge-heads/inazone-cnc-spin-wedge-head And these in 52*,56* & 60* RH in CNC Shadow, $16.99 per head http://www.pacificgolfclubs.com/golf-club-head-components/golf-wedge-heads/inazone-shadow-cnc-spin-wedge-head
  6. Sounds like the rules I go by already........unless I'm playing a tournament anyway....lol
  7. I have no problem getting pics into my threads but, how do I put the "mini" pics in the signature? Never mind, I figured out they were emoji's. Thread can be closed or deleted. Sorry.
  8. I have a 60 deg Cleveland Lob and I have a tendency to get too far under it. I am hoping the 58 Smart Sole will help me out much more.
  9. Thanks, if it weren't for the prices I would have left well enough alone...lol. I just had to do it. My old irons are almost 10 years old and my hybrids about 16 years old. It was definitely time.
  10. Been rebuilding my club selections this month. The only thing I haven't replaced lately are the Driver and the Putter. Everything else is new and bought at great prices. Cleveland 588 Altitude Hybrid Irons 6-GW New $164.99 Cleveland Smart Sole SW New $79.99 Cobra Amp 4 Wood 16.5 Draw setting New $44.99 shipped Cobra Bio Cell Red 3-4 Hybrid set at 16.5 Draw New $49.99 shipped Cobra Bio Cell Blue 4-5 Hybrid set at 22.5 Draw New $49.99 shipped Titleist Velocity AAAA Near Mint 50 ball bucket $24.99 shipped Lamkin X10 Oversize grips 13 of them @ $0.94 each, total of $12.22 shipped for
  11. Lambkin has the X10 Oversized grips on sale for $0.94 each right now with free ground shipping. http://www.golfworks.com/product.asp?pn=LK0086&eid=LAMX1080BT&lm=golf
  12. Just picked up a new set of Cleveland 588 Altitude irons, 6-GW graphite A-flex. Only played 1 round so far but, I really like em. Hitting at least 1 less club than my old Cleveland CG4's and very straight.
  13. Hello, always looking for someone to play golf with in the Hampton Roads area, especially Williamsburg or Newport News. I play mostly weekends, I am off every other Friday though. I am about an18 HC average golfer. I am always looking for good deals on golfnow.com or teeoff.com. If your in the area and looking for players let me know.
  14. Hi everyone, I am new here, I live in Williamsburg, Va. I love to play, been playing for around 30 years but, still only average player. Always looking for new people to get a round in with.
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