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  1. I can count 23 - 18 hole rounds so far this year. 7 of those were done in 4 days in Myrtle Beach last month.
  2. These are all Brand New, not recycled.
  3. ALL SOLD!!!.........I just picked up 9 dozen Pro V1's up for a good deal. Problem is, I don't use them, too much driver spin for me. Turns my fade into a slice. Not looking to make money here, just trying to help out some fellow golfers. Price: $35 per dozen shipped or $30 per dozen local pickup. Prices are firm, I won't lose money. Pics were taken with them all still in the bag, I can pull them out and take more if needed. I was in a hurry and on my way out the door this morning.
  4. Funny, we were just talking about this on the course yesterday. My dream 4-some: (in order of choice) 1. Matt Kuchar - Down to earth and funny. 2. John Daly - Play golf, drink beer and have good time. 3. Freddy Couples - Another easy going down to earth kinda guy. 4th option - Peter Jacobson- dudes just funny all the time.
  5. Great job man, trust me I know the feeling. I have always been big myself. In Jan 2010 I was weighing in at 420. I decided it was time for drastic measures and had weight loss surgery. I am down around 300 still but, I am able to play golf. Not, like I used to but, I am still playing. Good Luck and keep it off!!
  6. Always been a JD fan, glad to see him win again. I only wish I had been watching.
  7. 1st - My Camp Zama Japan ball marker. Been with me for many years. 2nd - My Bushnell Neo Ghost. Just got it about a month ago and love this thing.
  8. Yes, that's what the article says too but, it states that it is really good for us older guys.
  9. I found this article in "age defying golf website" for great training aids for everyone but, especially for the over 50's like myself!! It covers the Orange Whip & the Gold Flex and the many different things they can help us with. I bought the Orange Whip last year and shortly after I got it my game started improving, part of it was a grip change but, I think the whip has helped a lot too. Anyway, if you are looking for a good article to read, check this out. http://www.agedefyinggolf.com/orange-whip-gold-flex-fit-golfers-50/ Link broke it looks like, once you get to t
  10. I recently picked up 2 dozen Srixon Soft Feel balls from Walmart for $14.95 each. I really like this ball, very nice feel, decent distance (for me anyway). I normally like the Titleist Velocity but, at this cost I may be changing balls.
  11. I had stomach surgery back in 2010 so I don't really drink a whole lot of alcohol anymore, but, I sure can put away some Arizona Green Tea. I will occasionally have a beer on the course, especially if I am playing bad and need to relax.
  12. Way to go man, props on giving back. I played 1 time in high school as a P.E. assignment. Never played again for about 10 years. A Navy co-worker (friend) was looking for someone to play with on a regular basis but, we worked these weird rotating schedules making it hard for him to find a regular group. So, since we worked the same shift together, he ended up dragging me out there after back to back 12 hour mid night shifts. After a few rounds and starting to hit the ball pretty good, I was hooked. That was about 30 years ago and still can't get enough. Except last week in Myrtle Beach,
  13. WOW, never seen that before......I think I'll pass on the sand please.
  14. My only hole in one never counted unfortunately. #10 at Camp Zama Japan years ago. Hit a low duff and it rolled all the way up on the green and dropped in the hole. Too bad the pin was on the other green....lol Winter & summer greens on each hole back then. Almost had a hole in 1 on a par 4 at Zama a few years later after I became a better golfer. 285 yd par 4, ball landed in the front fringe and rolled right up to 12" from the pin. dead on line, it was just short. I did make the putt for my Eagle too. I have had a few close ones on par 3's though, just never lucky enough to ha
  15. Welcome from an ex mid-westerner.
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