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    I am an Ice Technician for Curling clubs so I make ice in the winter and golf all summer.
    That and my dog Apollo who is a Alaskan Klee Kai
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  1. It does have to be on your wrist. The official review goes over it more in detail but it has to be within a certain distance of the sensor on the top of the grip
  2. Apolloshowl

    Would you be interested in MGS Virtual Golf League

    That sounds amazing and I love the thought! Definitely count me in and if there is anything I can do to assist let me know!
  3. Apolloshowl

    Wish me luck

    Good luck!
  4. Apolloshowl

    Happy thread

    First order of business is getting my father in-law set up with a new set of irons...and talk him into a hybrid.
  5. I was going to put the epic Sub zero in the bag for my upcoming golfing trip, but with this I think I may throw the ping g400 back in. Considering how many consumers don't get fit and buy off the rack I don't see how that argument holds true.
  6. Apolloshowl

    Happy thread

    Have a lot going on and some good and fun news to share. With work still bring busy but more with larger trips away and when I'm home less time working I went to try and look for some enjoyable part time work to keep me busy and help pay the this golfing obsession. Ended up working out that the local golf shop was looking for someone at the same time and I start when I get back from NZ in a few weeks! Can't wait to get started and learn more about the equipment side of the industry as well as fittings and everything else. It's a great shop locally owned and operated for a number of years now and is still very successful despite having golf town and sport check stores offering golf products. They have incredible customer service and the only draw back I can see is wanting to buy absolutely everything there all the time! Haha
  7. I think it will definitely be something I give a go when the new products are introduced into the system!
  8. Apolloshowl

    100 push ups a day

    Slow start as time kinda caught up with me with work and a few other commitments, however been at 60+ for 3 days running. Elbow joint keeps creaking which isn't great, but no pain. Definitely feels good doing a set amount so far and will look to ramp up this weekend into next week.
  9. Thats great to hear. The last time I used arccos on Android it was awful. Missed more the half the shots, course was outdated compared to Apple and so on. Would be nice to not have to carry around a second phone just for arccos if necessary!
  10. I am likely wrong and I would love for someone who uses and knows more about the systems to chime in, but I remember a txg video where they talked about smash factor and how on trackman 1.5 is the golden number where as with gc quad it was 1.45(?) Or a lower number then the 1.5 we are use to looking for. I agree Rick was all over the face and a lot in the heal of the club. I wonder if he'll do another one similar to last year showing twist face.
  11. Sometimes adventurous golf is more fun and more challenging I know for me it's definitely accuracy. I've always struggled to get my driving stats on arccos down and then my approach suffers from being out of position. Out of curiosity how are the other parts of your game? Do you find they are easier to see results (arccos hdcp) or find out where you are loosing shots?
  12. I like the look of them a lot more then previous years, but hard to justify that much for something that will likely be just as good as the original m2... The numbers Rick showed just go further to the point that any gains will be marginal and we (handicap golfers) are likely to get more out of a proper fitting then simply the newest kit. That all being said won't stop most of us from kicking the tires and grabbing one. For me it's onto the ping g410 watch!
  13. It's a old set but my old Cobra s3 max irons definitely fit here. Big heads, offset galore, even had what was almost like baffler rails on the sole. These were my first set of real irons ... Oh and the big cicle groove face to show you where to hit the ball!
  14. Apolloshowl

    100 push ups a day

    I think this could be a worth while challenge. Count me in on this... Need something a little extra since it's -17 or colder here poor dog doesn't even want to go outside
  15. It will be nice to see a new (new may not be the right word... New to us?) brand that isn't as pronounced being displayed on tour. Especially where a top player is showcasing them.