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    I am an Ice Technician for Curling clubs so I make ice in the winter and golf all summer.
    That and my dog Apollo who is a Alaskan Klee Kai
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  1. Great start guys! I'll be closely watching this as a bit of a comparison to the stroke lab review. Keep it up!
  2. I've played all sorts of putters both with and without inserts and I had to admit I like the stroke lab feel. It's not that buttery soft blade like feel, but it has for a very responsive feel and I know where I've hit and what I've done when I make contact. Large part of that is I tried in practice hitting all over the have and figuring out what the feel is all over. It isn't the same feel as a milled putter, but it's also not meant to be. It does feel way better then the older micro hinge as well. That being said I hated my ping Tyne with it's harder loud sound, but came to love it after time. I'm really more interested in how the shaft makes a difference in my game.
  3. So based off looks alone it looks like the ap3 version is now the t200 and ap1 is t300? Don't mind the looks and if the above is correct it would definitely make more sense for consumers looking at it. I'm sure they will look great from address and play well, but something there that just isn't quite screaming buy me with them. That being said I've never owned Titleist irons so maybe now is the time?
  4. Haven't played in really windy conditions, but I can say I don't feel it would be effected any more or less then my standard putter.
  5. June 14th Update This Sunday I'm off to China to make some curling ice and sadly the stroke lab will not be making the trip. So although I have some material to keep everyone entertained during the lull of play I do have a bit of info after my first 3 rounds. So far I'm impressed. I have had all of 2 three putts so far and last rounds was completely my own stupidity and not the stroke labs. As for round breakdowns those I will save for future, but here is a good showcase of them so far. Feel free to compare to the stage one graph shows the same numbers but from the previous 60 some of rounds.
  6. Congrats all! Really looking forward to seeing for these all work for you.
  7. I'm in the process of posting 4 more videos on the channel. 9 putts with stroke lab, ping, Nike and another Nike I had which is not face balanced. Different camera view as well which may give a bit more insight as I did at times feel the stroke lab sway, but it seemed to get results.
  8. As requested by @goaliewales14 here is a 9 total putt, 3 with each putter tee video. After about 30 minutes of practice doing this drill it was a very close tie between my gamer (Ping) and stroke lab. Really can't say one was better then the other, but they both did best the Nike. I did feel very confident with both ping and Odyssey even though they are balanced very differently as I've mentioned previously.
  9. And putting well with it! May be a bit older but certainly is very trusty for you.
  10. Tomorrow will be round 4 with the stroke lab and I'm hopefully going to at least get another 9 in before going to China for a bit to work. I have to admit the transition has been pretty easy so far. I noticed when practicing in the basement that it is much smoother. Compared to both the Ping and Nike which both have opposite feels the Stroke Lab is on between both. I'm not talking off the face either, simply swing feel. I always felt I liked the feel of a heavy putter as though it would guide itself and be harder to take off track. With a lighter feeling putter it would sway on me. The stroke lab finds a really nice balance between both and so far results have been good. The last two rounds have been very solid with only one 3 putt and it was going to be almost no matter what. Had 5 one putts my first real round out with it as the greens were incredible. Second round was solid as well, no 3 putts but just really really bad off the tee so a lot of scrambling around.
  11. Looking forward to photos. Welcome to the forum from halifax!
  12. I have a coin toss between Taylor and List. Both I believe have similar potential although List certainly has more major experience which I think could help. Likely a game time decision early Thursday morning.
  13. Since it's been a rare sight recently of a good tee shot I have plenty. But this was by far the best from the most recent couple rounds. Toed the tee shot. Striped the second, but hit it left then a good chip and solid putt.
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