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  1. The amount of times I have put out trade offers with Molinari and panicked thinking I may have accidentally selected Morikawa is just terrifying. Please someone trade for Molinari so he is off the roster and I don't have these panic situations anymore! haha
  2. Played and used one a while back. Overall a solid system. As mentioned before a little spinny at times, but distances weren't too far off. Putting was good and the graphics were pretty decent Overall too. Things to take note of, reads from a certain point and Ball must be in a specific spot to be picked up, so on public systems it can be indented or sometimes difficult to have ball stay there. Like most sims i have used it doesn't like high wedge shots. Really struggled picking them up with any consistency. Lots of cool courses and options, can even have a camera setup for replay fe
  3. The total points represent your score, which is your top 4 players scores totaled together. Meant to look up the league average and see where it stands comparatively. Even though I have used fantrax a lot I'm still figuring things out on it and how to sort through all the data that's relevant to us.
  4. looking at it to they for some reason move the decimal point one over which is weird. Adding up my totals for the season I have 1091.85 points scored so far this reason, but they move the decimal over to make it look a heck of a lot bigger. So our difference is just under 60 points so far. Also outside of CMO and Rev they the top 10 are all within a 1 week swing of each other. Seems like it will at least come close to evening out over the season and the true strongest rosters will come through. That and managing players in the top of the FedEx Cup standings could negate some of the regular
  5. So many solid players on the Waiver Wire yet I can't bring myself to drop anyone. Going to be very interesting to see how the remainder of the season plays out now that we are seeing some slightly more consistent trends with players. Wish we had a stash spot so I could add someone to the lineup. Still looking to do a 2 for 1 with any of the following guys Rickie Fowler, K. Streelman, F. Molinari. Or a 2 for 2 with a player that you is dropable. Pretty sure I have my "big 5" with Hovland, Morikawa, Spieth, Fitz and Fleetwood. Those guys will be hard to pry from my roster as I think they coul
  6. So happy Rickie made the cut. Feel like he is going through what Spieth has been going through and outside of fantasy just want to see him be successful. Hopefully with these last two events making the cut can be a stepping stone to a stronger season. Although tough to see him making the masters.
  7. Incredible! Congrats and thank you for all the work, support and content you provide this awesome community!
  8. Looking to package Molinari with Streelman together for a small bump up in a 2 for 1. May be willing to add in FAAB depending on who the player is.
  9. If it was the Golden Ticket would have certainly been debated for many many nights.
  10. Nice to see trades being made, even if BNG is involved in nearly all of them! However I will continue to look to pry some players although I think Finau is out of my budget. I'm sure I could anti up the right players to get him, but I know I wouldn't feel good about it. Love my roster and the combination of solid players along with young guns (kinda wish this was dynasty I would be set for years) and past time sleepers (does not mean old). Would love to somehow get Hatton, but not sure how likely it would be without shaking up the roster more then I would like. For the time being I like my cha
  11. yes yes and more yes. Sign me up for forged tec in copper thank you very much!
  12. Haven't, but can't say it would be any different then a normal Club in the procesd. It was something i put in my review that i would like to see in the future. A sort of custom fitting option with different grips, sizes and so on.
  13. I've mentioned it before but Superspeeds youtube is a great resource. They just posted this which was pretty good!
  14. Gotta love when there is a major champ like woodland on the waiver wire and can't bring yourself to pull the trigger because you don't want to give anyone up on your team. Really considered streelman, but he's been solid. Good chance for someone to improve their team though!
  15. That's really too bad although I've heard NLU talk about this before. Shame as many other players would love the opportunity to play.
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