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    I am an Ice Technician for Curling clubs so I make ice in the winter and golf all summer.
    That and my dog Apollo who is a Alaskan Klee Kai
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  1. Not so much a WITB update which will likely coming in the next month or so, but a little story and I didn't want to make a new thread so here goes. The last month and a bit I've been traveling for work in Europe and was fortunate to end up in Scotland for 11 days. What was originally going to be golf for ice maintenance (curling ice) work didn't pan out with the timing of the trips so as much as I wanted to I didn't figure I'd get a chance to. However by chance we had a full day off in the middle and the forecast looked good for February. The local crew I was working with went above and beyond and managed to scavenge up a left handed set (a LOT harder there then home) and booked me a tee time at the Gallway Golf course in Dumfries with another curling club member who had been a member there for 30 plus years and two of their of former captains. One who had been a member for nearly 50 years. The set was a Strata something... Basically big chunky cavity backs with small grips but stiff shafts so with no expectations, especially considering I hadn't golfed since September sometime. Part of the course was closed off due to wet conditions so we went around 9 holes twice and played off winter tees but the actual greens were in use and even with all the odds stacked against me I ended up with a great birdie on the first hole. Can't say long but pin straight drive with the noisiest drive I've ever used, solid wedge to 6 feet and a putt. Didn't keep complete track of the score as I was having way too much fun, the stories they had about some of the trees they planted in areas and the work that had been done along with a former captains being The Open championship winner way way back. Even after the round going in for drinks and hearing more stories was just incredible. The history, laughs and sheer enjoyment of being back on the golf course made for a incredible highlight on what was an amazing trip. In the end I love my clubs I have and the bag I've built, but put me on a course with a set of whatever and I'll be one of the happiest guys out there. Yes it was nice to play well and it's nice to have my own sticks, but when the company and course all combine and make for a day like that it's hard to beat.
  2. The layout isn't great but I have found it easy enough to navigate around see how the teams are doing. Overall it's been a lot of fun and it's nice to know how much one good week can mean in the big picture. Pretty sure I moved up 17spots and have new life.
  3. Nearly there after a stellar week by my team. Fingers crossed it continues on. It's incredible how much it helps having a full squad or several of your players in the field. Just increases chances so much more.
  4. Good draft night for sure... Late on for me with working in Europe but only managed to sleep through my first pick and still got rahm who I wanted anyway. Thanks for all those who participated and organized went very smooth and only missed out on 2 of the guys I was hopeful for. More then willing to wheel and deal and see what we can come up with! Good luck everyone and looking forward to another fun season.
  5. Big congrats! We'll done and to everyone thank you for an incredible seasons. Lots of up's and downs but an amazing year regardless!!
  6. Sign me up! Hoping for a better year then last year
  7. Well what a season... Came to a pretty poor finish however was a lot of fun. Near heartbreaking loss in the playoffs, but I am away traveling so couldn't watch any anyway. Congrats to all the teams moving on and good luck!!
  8. Figured I'd like to try and pick myself to win it all... Just need to get through this week and hope some injuries clear up.
  9. Coming from someone who did very poorly last season with 14 teams I thought much of the same. It would depend on pools I think, but i actually have loved the 14 teams and how fresh it is with so many teams. Plus it does open up more teams to trade with. In shooter Scott33 is loaded with RB and WR. Stupidly talented team.
  10. I'd love to see 4 leagues next year. Definitely a ton of fun and good improvements from last season. Ps continue on with trade offers. Now's a good time a year to shake things up and make playoff pushes!
  11. Several offers have been sent out in shooter, but nothing has come about that really works for both sides. It could be we just drafter better in shooter!
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