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    I am an Ice Technician for Curling clubs so I make ice in the winter and golf all summer.
    That and my dog Apollo who is a Alaskan Klee Kai
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  1. Well what a season... Came to a pretty poor finish however was a lot of fun. Near heartbreaking loss in the playoffs, but I am away traveling so couldn't watch any anyway. Congrats to all the teams moving on and good luck!!
  2. Figured I'd like to try and pick myself to win it all... Just need to get through this week and hope some injuries clear up.
  3. Coming from someone who did very poorly last season with 14 teams I thought much of the same. It would depend on pools I think, but i actually have loved the 14 teams and how fresh it is with so many teams. Plus it does open up more teams to trade with. In shooter Scott33 is loaded with RB and WR. Stupidly talented team.
  4. I'd love to see 4 leagues next year. Definitely a ton of fun and good improvements from last season. Ps continue on with trade offers. Now's a good time a year to shake things up and make playoff pushes!
  5. Several offers have been sent out in shooter, but nothing has come about that really works for both sides. It could be we just drafter better in shooter!
  6. By far not complaining! When I posted that things weren't looking so hot. Somehow a nice little turn around happened and got a amazing break with a good defence performance and Murray going off. Last year I had a solid team that got beat out by good week after good week and so far this season I've been pretty fortunate. So no way I will complain at all!
  7. First week that things have looked pretty dicey. At the point if I can pull a split out I'd be very happy. Some good games and some big numbers being put up by some different players.
  8. As much as I love getting W it seems hollow when there isn't a full roster. Always good to have close matches each week.
  9. @TSauer I've seen injuries before but nothing like this! Yes I know the final roster hasn't been set but still! That's a lot of red flags.
  10. I've been fortunate enough to test irons and a putter. I can't say I know of anyone directly who purchased the i210s but I also believe those wouldn't necessarily for everyone. For a brief time working at a golf shop I did sell a few sets based off the fact I owned them and loved them. Putter was a different story, I know I half a dozen ppl who have bought strokelabs after trying or looking at the one which I tested for MGS.
  11. I like your thinking. I will add though in the two years I've been part of fantasy here this is the first set of I'll just call it messy messages I've seen. It seems to police itself fairly well for the most part. Differing opinions are bound to happen, but in the end we are all doing this for the enjoyment of it (especially is circus guys) and with a hope of a golden ticket!
  12. I have (what I consider) to be some depth at WR. Anyone looking for some depth for a topish receiver let me know. Send over some offers and at worst we can counter and see what we can find.
  13. Took the first loss in regular. Well done @Undershooter and in a weak week had to hope for one win. However first win in Circus!!
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