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  1. Hopefully a good crowd for the circus league... That was a lot of fun and a good change up to normal formats
  2. I have found others progress interesting compared to mine. Whether it was a big jump to start or a quicker plateau and so on. I found mine more gradual, in part it's because I am also learning techniques on simply swinging faster which may be in part why I see small gains here and there. I didn't notice a big sustainable jump to start off, but instead saw it close to week 4 I believe. I have also worked hard on getting small but personal bests with green in particular. My hope is that at some point I see 140. I've done 137 so it's not that far away!
  3. If you are having them bent 1* degree flatter from 5* upright to 4* upright you will see a slightly more fade bias ball flight. Hopefully this is what you are aiming for. Again as stated above no fitter or club builder would recommend bending more then 2 degrees from your standard which is 5* upright. This gives you a range of 3-7 degrees upright to play with. Ping customer service is top notch and they recommend sending them in to be adjusted, once that is done then will change the color dot for you and mark it in the system for your clubs serial number so they know what has been done with them.
  4. The ping chart is a great starting point. I think the question you should be asking is what is your ball flight looking like? I am guessing you are RH so having a large upright club will help fight a a slice or ball flight to the right and promote a more left ball flight. When talking lie angle think ball flight and what you are wanting rather then straight lie angle. 5 degree upright is pretty extreme so it is likely that going a bit flatter may suite you more with your swing changes, but that's not to say your current setup isn't still good for you. For example, I am 6 foot and use to always fight a bit of a fade or (I am a lefty) flight to the left so I had mine as 2 degrees up, over time with work on my swing that all changed and I now have a tendency to over draw the ball so my new irons are 2 flat and with a bigger grip. Hope that helps and again think of where your misses are and that will lead you further down to what lie angle you should be looking for.
  5. Kneeling swings are rough! Just a fyi do recommend the rain gloves for them. Swung good and hard and slipped a bit both grip and knee placement which did not feel good, but all is okay!
  6. This is a quick sample of some lefty and righty swings from this evening's session. It was incredibly hot out today and waiting for it to cool off before I got to them. I did this video after I completed the protocol and used the blue stick. Don't exactly remember the numbers, but left handed swings were 115 range and second right handed swing was 113. I have both the swing radar and PRGR set up, although I only base my numbers off the swing radar as that's what I started my protocols with. I got the PRGR after and use it as a back up and see how similar they are. Generally they are within 1 mph sometimes a little more, but it is reassuring to see them so close. Hope you all enjoy and I'll try to do more videos in the coming days with other views.
  7. Okay with the big move done and a lot more settled I have still managed to complete a week full of protocol with kneeling swings. Part way through week 2 now and will do what I can to make up that 2 sessions that were lost in the move. That being said I have a great area for doing them with the only downside being it's way too hot after the mornings so they need to be done early. Videos and pictures will be dropping by end of day tomorrow as well.
  8. Will have updates shortly. Made the move across the pond to mountain land and of course gold clubs and Superspeed sticks were priority and would have come carry on if they could have! These sticks have done some travel in their short time and don't a lot of good for my swing speed too! Promise I will also get some of those videos too.
  9. Apolloshowl

    JPX 921's

    that very well may be low.
  10. Other side note when I was playing last weekend I had go at a right handed drive. The quote from my playing partners was the following B- 8/10 swing and setup, 1/10 result A- I didn't even realize you were swinging the wrong way...till I saw where the ball went. So apparently the swing looks okay and it did feel good, however the hole making contact with the ball was a little troublesome. Ball went about 30 to 40 yards of the heel up the left and into the woods. So I think with some practice it could be a lot better, but my left handed game needs work too so I'll wait and work on that before I go full into working on RH swings.
  11. Congrats all! looking forward to the reviews and hopefully one day some lefty clubs from them!
  12. I have a few, but top 2 would be Arrowtown Golf Club in Arrowtown NZ. It is a quirky fun course that offers a ton of variety, stunning views and some very unique holes. There are no bunkers on the course at all and the whole course is (well at least feels) extremely natural. Holes have odd slopes and weird run off areas and greens that make you think and have fun with different lines to use. There are some elevation changes that make double check your club and of course some blind shots. I played alone and had a early morning tee time, the staff were amazing and offered local rate, they were very friendly and just had a great experience. Check out some of the pictures on instagram, I know someone did a 18 holes in 18 days previewing all the holes which was really cool. They also have plaques and stories behind each hole which is also a nice touch. Not a course for everyone as it is truly unique and without a doubt there are some odd bounces, but for those who love a challenge and golf for all of its diversity and highs and lows will love it. Second is The Rise in Vernon BC It is a Fred Couple Design in the hillsides of the Okanagan with views of the lake on both sides of the course. Plenty of blind shots, elevation changes and different hazards. Not a course for those with a obsession with finding balls that may go a stray, tall whispy grass will eat offline tee shots to never be found again. There is also a decent amount of forced carries which is tough for some. There is also a lot of variety in the holes and offer great challenges overall, but with the right tee box it can be enjoyed by all. I have played it twice and with two very different set ups. Hole 2 first time around was a incredibly tough (mean and cruel) par 4, which has been changed to a par 5 to make back to back par 5s to start (good call) 11 has been changed from a tough, but fair and long par 3 to a short par 4, not a decision I liked as much, it was a hybrid in and felt weird, much better as a par 3 and 18 where the new club house is being built was a fantastic par 5 where risk and reward were just a great balance, cut the corner over the hazard and catch the slope the right way and you could be a 7 or 8 iron in with the elevation change, or lay up to the top and play down, harder to reach in 2, but a mid iron would still carry and roll a long ways down. This has been made into a par 3 from mid way... I liked it a lot more the first time around, but thats just the golf. The views are unreal and regardless of how good the round is the view will make your day and make you appreciate being outside period.
  13. Week 6 Wrap up: Now that the MGS article is out I can now complete my wrap up on my personal 6 week journey. Get ready for lots of charts, pictures and more! I want to say without question I am a believer in this system, I have been out for a few rounds the last week and only managed one round with Arccos data. I can't say that I am longer then before because my strike pattern is all over the place, however my gapping between my shortest and longest has improved greatly. Many of you have seen that I went for a driver fitting and did see some big gains in swings speed as I was hoping, but didn't manage to find a club shaft that would be suitable for me that was readily available so I went onto another option! Being as I am Canadian I have really enjoyed and taken a lot of stock in TXG and what they offer and provide not only as a free platform, but there other membership options. So I took the Gold Membership and tossed all my data and numbers at them to see what they thought was best. Arccos, Swing Speed sticks and the likes, their recommendation was the G410 with the stock tour stiff shaft. Which will definitely be a item I keep on my short list. Other options included the TM SIM Max with a HZRDOUS Green 65. Basically based off my data the items they would recommend the most are a heavier head with a counter balance shaft to help me control the club face. The one big take away they noted from my data was there was a big two way miss. Now this isn't something I see a lot on the course and the last couple rounds I have consistently had a pretty significant draw. Nothing uncontrollable, but the big left miss is definitely there as well. What does all this have to do with Superspeed though, well as I have stated in a earlier post I found that because the swings do not involve hitting a ball it has helped with my angle of attack. I have always been a bit on the steep side and that has effected my driver distance. After these last number of weeks and sessions and seeing the club data I am consistently about 3 degrees up which for me is a big win. My spin rates have come down overall because of that to. I really like that I am swinging fast and even my slower swings are very quick. With all of this I am not loosing control on my irons or having issues there, but rather feeling I can attack the higher range of my distances per Arccos and for the first time in well I don't know how long I am not having those same consistent issues of coming up short on approaches. Yes I have flown a few greens, but its a change I can get use to. No the data! Once again I am not including step change in these graphs, however if wanted just ask and I'll make them up. As you can see the baseline (Pinky color) for my swing speed is seeing considerable gains and although my after (orange) driver swings have seen some ups and downs they are now at a level the last couple weeks which is much more consistent and I really do feel a lot faster. Green we have 3. Light Green is the absolute Max after protocols, Mid Green is LH swings, darker green is RH Swings. Similar the previous chart ups and downs, however the base line is definitely increasing and the last week and a bit swing speed has without question picked up and my RH swings are picking up as well! Blue has been a weird one for me. There are days where it feels as fast as the greens and others as slow as red. I have noticed a few other testers mention the same thing so not entirely sure what it is, but even with that I am still confident with where I see the trends going think I have reached a point where the speed is a lot more permanent. Light blue LH Darker Blue RH. Reds! same LH swings are higher and RH swings are lower. I have to admit the reds are work, they feel heavy and they are tiring, the RH swings with the Red sticks are difficult and sometimes I am honestly gassed and give it my all to get those speeds, but sometimes they just are not there. I have a good routine to make sure that I have enough time to feel fresh, but the protocol is a good amount of work and the heavy sticks well are heavy! Still the base line has jumped up and there is undoubtedly there is a trend upwards. I am hopeful to get another 2 rounds in this weekend/week and give some better Arccos data to show everyone. Thats a wrap for now... and so begins the second set of protocols and kneeling swings...
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