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  1. Good luck to all this week... hoping to get at best a split this week with some key injuries and byes. The next 3 or so weeks are going to be the biggest test for my team with key bye weeks. Thankfully looks like all games will go ahead as scheduled!
  2. This has turned into a really good thread with a lot of great information and recommendations for anyone who is relatively knew to the community as well wanting to get more involved. Much of this has already been said, but for most ppl here it is the testing opportunities that bring them here and many don't give it a second thought as to how ppl are chosen and believe its more of a prize. Having been very fortunate to be a part of a few tests over the years, they are not prizes and are a ton of work (in a good way). I love doing them and honestly was never sure I would get a opportunity to,
  3. Shhhh! Dont ruin my pick lol I forget if this was asked or clarified but can we only use a team once?
  4. Anyone else think this is a pretty tough week for the Survivor Pool? Lots of decent matchups and very few if any I would say are a true lock to win.
  5. Very cool, always enjoy BH testing opportunities. Good luck to all those who apply and enjoy a incredible opportunity!
  6. Congrats all! This is certainly one to keep a close eye on as I am for sure looking for a new driver before next season starts up!
  7. Trade offers are out there in the Bucky division. Lindsay could be a great breakout starter for those thin at RB and Ridley is available for the right price too.
  8. Certainly can't hurt! @Apolloshowl for instagram.
  9. Looks like Gordon will be facing suspension after DUI charge. Good news for myself and other Lindsay fans.
  10. Awesome group! Enjoy and looking forward to the reviews
  11. I can see my season taking a turn now. I think a lot got caught with some bad luck early and mine may be coming now mid season... Lets hope Cook is good for next week, in the mean time even though he hasn't been amazing a coaching change is bound to help Hurst and many more on the trade block! I'd like to part with AJ Green, but he needs a trade to have any more value then a broken tee on the 18th hole after walking off the tee box.
  12. With such a late cancellation how everyone gets line ups set in time.
  13. Apolloshowl Flex Spot: NYG RB D. Freeman for Titans WR AJ Brown if Titans do not play. Sorry just reading same position, part. Is flex considered same position in this case? Rb starters for me are Cook and Gibson. Wr starters are Locket and Ridley.
  14. Didn't MGS just have a podcast on this? May have to go back and check out no puts given to see... I think in the end the same goal is trying to be achieved. A fitting could help the itch of a possible new club, but it could also show the data and club face to help visualize the issue this person is having. A lesson may achieve the same thing, however for me I learn a lot more from seeing the issue rather then being told. Hopefully a good lesson would have video and such. In short yes I would still recommend getting fit first, it may also help actualize distance numbers as well. I have no
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