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  1. Congrats all testers and great job on the intros and initial posts about test and selection process. All very interesting stuff. I've only had a very brief roll with a DF2.1 at Golf Galaxy and it's definitely different and would need a good amount of comparison testing. I look forward to reading how the testing goes!
  2. Glad you found something you like. If you like the stock or midsize MCC+4, have you tried the Tour Velvet Midsize +4? That's what I've had on my irons and wedges for most of the past couple of years. The compound is softer than the MCC and comfortable. The only reason I'm trying the Jumbomax STR8 grips is to find a slightly bigger diameter grip with minimal taper. I may end up sticking with Tour Velvet +4 but throw on 2-3 extra wraps of tape to expand grip diameter if the JMX STR8 X-small grips aren't right for my irons and wedges. The XS feels good on my hybrid and I'm trying it on the driver, as the medium I ordered for the driver didn't arrive and was cancelled by the store.lol
  3. I keep going back to look at those. I'm interested in trying 5W and 7W. I have a 7W that I could do with changing. The price point makes it very appealing!
  4. Yeah, I've had similar.Ha ha. For many years (college to my mid 30s) I used clippers to cut my own hair. During Covid lockdown I had my daughter cut my hair with clippers for the fun of it. Haven't grown it since then and keep using the excuse of that saving $30-40 per month that I can use on golf. lol
  5. Congrats on the HiO! 5!? Wow. I'm yet to have one. I've had an albatross once, in the 90s. That was very cool, but on a solo practice round.
  6. The more I practice with the putter the more I love it. Great feel and roll off the face and yeah, it looks behind the ball! Good luck getting the assignments done.
  7. Definitely works as an anti-theft device in the US. Less so across the pond. In the UK, if you pass your driving test in an auto, you have an auto-only license! At least that used to be the case. Across Europe most rental cars are still manual transmission. I have a manual transmission car and the family wagon is auto, so the kids will learn both (but do their test in an auto).
  8. Good evening spies! Well plans to get a long practice session in at the range and chipping and putting greens this afternoon were shelved, as I've managed to pick up a muscle strain in my back and shoulder. Swinging the club isn't comfortable so it's enforced R&R from golf for at least a couple of days. It did mean I got to spend plenty of time becoming familiar with the new Odyssey putter. Really happy with it so far. Putted on the indoor contoured green at the sim place I'm a member at and at home on my garage putting mat. Feel off the face is very nice. The deeper head shape and added weight is nice and the alignment aid as helpful and effective as when I tested similar models. I was going to switch the Toulon Design grip out to keep it pristine, but I quite like the feel of it so far. Ha ha. It's thicker than the Jumbomax JMX Pistol Pro grip I've been enjoying on my Sik putter and I do have a spare ready to fit. Decisions decisions... lol. I'll stick with the Toulon grip for the first couple of rounds and some more outdoor putting green practice before making any decisions. On the plus side, the new Sqairz Velo shoes are in so I can crack on with the test after an unplanned delay. They look and feel class. Initial fit is great. Good toe box width and very comfortable walking around the back yard in them. If I'm recovered enough by Sunday morning, I'll be trying them out on the course walking 9-holes. If I don't play, I have the next 9 booked for Thursday after work, so hopefully I'll be fine by then. Anyway, I'll save the rest for the test thread. @rkj427- congratulations and best wishes for your upcoming retirement! @Josh Parker- nice work on the deck! Looks great. @Wheelieb- I hope the scan results are as good as can be expected. I have regular scans and scopes to check diverticula I have and to check for 'stuff' not coming back. Here's to good news! Have a great weekend all. Swing true and hit well.
  9. I have bunker-envy! That practice bunker is better than most of the course bunkers I've played around here. Too many rock hard, or full of stones. That looks great.
  10. Easy decision for me- Peter Finch and the Rough Cut Podcast crew. Playing a 4-ball round with Pete plus two from Kieran, Jacob and Mick would be amazing. No need for them to show any of my many inevitable dodgy shots on the public vid... ha ha.
  11. Thanks! The record player was a bonus for me. Music is always on around the house- my wife used to be a professional singer (and I was her roadie on weekends pre-kids) .
  12. Same. I tried and loved a couple in this shape and was really happy when I saw the condition this is in when it arrived. Very clean and seemingly little used (grip is like new, but could be a recent version added for sale I guess). The milled face has a couple of minor dents around the edge but otherwise immaculate. Thanks. Yeah, me too ref the green. It's a really nice color combo.
  13. Oops, how did that happen... Odyssey Toulon Design Memphis putter. A few years old but in great condition and feels nice rolling the ball on the indoor putting mat. I've tried a few mallet putters in this shape and really liked the alignment and strike feel when I tried this and the more recent version of the Memphis. Got it for a great price, so if it doesn't work out after some initial testing I shouldn't lose much $$ on resale.
  14. Get well soon! But don’t push the recovery too quickly. I’ve had ‘viral pneumonia’ a few times and it’s nasty (I have chronic asthma and since I went through a few years of chemo a while back my lungs are very prone to infection).
  15. Ok, so I stuck with the above 27-hole old ball for today’s round and it lasted the distance! So the following ball is now at 45 holes. The Tour BX performed pretty flawlessly on a breezy, sunny day - the wind didn’t really affect flight much, which is great, and it seemed low enough spin with driver that there were no big ballooning slices. It I played 18 at Purgatory GC, Indiana. It’s a links-style course with tons of bunkers and fun, challenging difficulty level on a normal day. After the round I asked the pro if I’d booked just after greenkeepers’ revenge weekend, or whether they were just angry at members for some reason. Some of the pin placements were just evil! Tucked in corners, top of slopes, on ridges etc. Below is an example. The greens were cut so short and well rolled that an uphill putt to the below hole that stopped short proceeded to roll back to my feet. Two of my playing group had exactly the same happen to them. My putter was ice cold today, and I just struggled for a feel on the greens. They were much faster than the other courses I’ve played this year so it’s all a me problem. Feel off the face with tee shots, irons and wedges was great. I hit some really nice chips and pitches and the Tour BX held the green well and rolled out nicely when chip and run shots were played. I hit some really nice tee shots with driver and 3 hybrid off the tee I alongside be playing again later this week and hitting the sim, so I’ll collect some data alongside other balls. More to come…
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