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  1. With the Mitsubishi graphite shaft, there is not an upcharge. The have a steel shaft or the Misubishi Graphite shaft as part of the normal price.
  2. The thin top line is really a beveled edge. It is a visual thing that helps make the club look thinner from the top. Nice clubs and a good price. If it was me, I would have PXG re-shaft the two clubs (at their cost) so that your set matches up.
  3. Nice clubs for the money. The grips are not $30 up charge, should be $10-15/club depending on the grips you choose. There is a fee around $30+ for a shaft upgrade. If you choose the Mitsubishi Graphite they offer (a nice shaft) I had that put in my 0211, be aware the diameter is smaller that the steel shaft. I could tell by feel and they sent them back and put an extra layer of tape, to make the grip feel right. I had the Golfpride CP2 Wrap grips put on my clubs, paid $10 per grip. Good luck in your search/buying.
  4. When you originally went to GolfTec for your fitting, and looked at the Mizuno 921 Pro, did they have you use the Mizuno Shaft Optimizer? This gives the fitter suggestions for shafts, that would be recommended for you (brand, weight, flex, etc)? Had you taken time off from golfing, prior to your fitting? I was fitted for Mizuno clubs a few years back, and did a lot of trial and error with shafts. My decision KBS Tour 90R, was not in the top five recommendations from the Swing Optimizer, but I spent a lot of time in a bay prior to my fitting, trying shafts and looking at the data. Good luck in finding the right club/shafts for golf. Remember it takes time to get used to new clubs. I usually expect 1/2 a season to really get used to the changes (I golf 50-60 rounds a year, with lots of range ball time).
  5. What clubs/irons were you looking at? If you're going to be fitted, it is good to have a baseline. I was fitted a few years back for Mizuno 900 HotMetal irons, but had spent a lot of time finding a shaft that I liked, prior to my fitting. Mizuno does have a swing analyzer that gives a good baseline, as to a shaft and flex, to start with. I chose a shaft that wasn't in the top 5 (swing analyzer choices) but one I liked, and had had previously worked on. I'm a 5 handicap, 61 years old, and have a KBS Tour 90, Regular Flex shaft in my clubs. Don't get too heavy or stiff of shaft, try to avoid the ego getting in the way, or trying to swing what the Pro's use. You have to like, and feel comfortable, with what your choosing for a shaft. Also don't get fitted in the off season, when your swing is completely different.
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