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  1. If you need some help in testing, I am open to give it a rip.
  2. Nice work on the lag putting. Troon North is a course I didn't play while living there. I will double what TCUFrog said about the lag putting. I was able to get out on a leaf filled and extremely wet practice green this afternoon. No specific testing since the green was soaked and covered but I did hit a few 20' puts just to be able hot something longer than 8' in my living room. The insert felt good and even a couple heel shots the ball rolled pretty good considering the conditions.
  3. On this day 10/24 in 2021 I woke up. I'm Extremely grateful and blessed I did. Enjoy your rounds today.
  4. I went to the range to get some distance work in on the #1. I made the mistake of hitting about 50-60 range shots. then the rain came and no outside putting was done. I have my 8' mat in my living room I am working with. I'll say this putter is impressing me on the indoor work.
  5. have fun in AZ, good time to be there as the 100 degree days should be done. What course you playing?
  6. Received my 3 hybrid Pro today. Looks pretty snazzy and can’t wait to give it a test ride. Actually it was a great day as I received my OG White Hot putter today as well.
  7. Received my #1 OG White Hot this afternoon. Busy afternoon for me, I got a few pictures I’ll post later tomorrow evening. I hit a few putts on the mat I was gifted last Christmas. I can’t wait to get out to do some testing. Un-fortunately the weather here looks like crap the next few days. Hopefully I can catch a break in the action to get to my neighbors as he has a putting green. I really like how balanced it is and seems to be very smooth off the face.
  8. OK I got out the range yesterday. Made sure the face was square at address, long back swing keeping the left arm straight only going to parallel or just past, and really really concentrated on a smooth transition and only what felt like 3/4 speed swing. Also try to hit fade. Seemed to be the correct direction as I felt like the ball was going where it should. A couple of pull shots but they were straight, so not worried about those shots. BUT I had 2 balls left. I was doing pretty good so I decided to put a little extra speed on. Ball one Duck hook , Ball 2, not as bad with a slower speed but still a big hook. Thank you guys for the suggestions. I am back on the right path
  9. If possible, where can I find the weight that is in the bottom of the club that adjusts fade/draw weight setting? Hope that makes sense. With that is it even possible to remove the stock weight and replace with a different weight? I didn't that was a thing until recently, just figured what's there is there. Where can I find these weights? Just to explain a little. My miss is on the toe which we know makes for a draw and sometimes a big ol' hook. Most likely a bad swing on my part but still on the toe doesn't help. thanks for any info.
  10. OK, This is probably a noob question, but I am a person who doesn't tinker much weights and changing things around. Are you talking about the weight in the club head itself? Hope that makes sense and yes I feel the eye rolls through the wires. Not trying to highjack this thread, I just didn't realize I could take the weight out and use a heavier/lighter weight.
  11. Good luck I hope it all works for the best. Back pain blows, my L4-L5 are bulging but as long as I stay on up with stretches and work out as well as keep weight ( haha major struggle) down I’m ok.
  12. I kinda feel this is where I am at. I hit one ball the other day at the range choked down on the club and it was the best shot of the day with the driver. Only went about 230 with a low ball flight but it was straight. I'd take with every drive right now but the fear of a fish hook keeps me using the driver on the course. I've got a few things to try. I know something will work its just a matter of not chucking the thing in the woods first.
  13. Thanks fella, all makes sense. One thing at a time. I've has the same driver for about 5 years. Callaway Epic GBB. I have changed shafts once (well twice now as the one shaft broke) as my swing speed picked up. Hmmm hadn't thought about swing speed being an issue but that came well after the problems started.
  14. Yep I’ve done that. If I don’t have a fairway on both sides of the one I’m supposed to be on and nobody in danger of getting hit I don’t pull it out of the bag. Range sessions only for now.
  15. I have a hybrid in the mail as we speak. I’m hoping it will give me another option.
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