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  1. No I didn't think that at all. I was just making a statement as I have seen others fudge the numbers. I don't any cookies for hitting a fairway, I'm fat enough as it is.
  2. Tempo is the #1 thing for me to remember and usually my last thought before pulling the trigger on my swing. It also the hardest part to accomplish. When done correctly it is a thing of beauty, that's why we keep playing I suppose. I actually say to myself "half swing" breathe and let it rip.
  3. I agree with cnosil, You are hitting the shot from the rough. To me and just my opinion the fairway ends before the green and then its approach from there. anything over or to the side is a miss. Same goes for a green hit or miss, if its on the fringe thats a miss. It also doesn't count as a putt IMO. That's just how I keep track have no need to inflate stats.
  4. What are the best off the beaten path courses you have found? Low cost, great shape, great people. Growing up in northern Wisconsin I have seen a couple really nice 9 hole courses. Botten's Green Acres, Norwood GC and in McGregor MN Minnesota National GC just to name a few. Now living in Oregon I have found decent off the beaten path , Sunset Grove GC, Elkhorn Valley GC.
  5. What a cool thread to read through. Good luck to you all on thew changes, I hope everything works out for everyone. Changes to my bag this year would be Dust. Haven’t been able to play since early March due to shoulder surgery. That said, changes coming will be a new 7 iron Callaway XHOT, 4 iron Callaway XHOT, 1 iron Titleist U15 due to an unfortunate bad fall and these 3 plus my driver shafts breaking. Once I get back I’ll have to asses if I want to spend the money on re-shafting the irons or bite the bullet on a complete new set later this summer or early fall and be read
  6. I had an original epic 3 wood, the face caved in. Total bummer cause I loved that club. Callaway was awesome and sent me a new Epic Flash 3 wood. It was inconsistent IMO compared to the my other 3 wood. I Sold it to a buddy of mine and he likes it.
  7. I am the same boat here. Stretch, lost some weight. At 51 and abusing my body aches and pains are part of life. I bought some VooDoo pain relief that Hank Haney peddles. It works for me and I like it. CBD has an odd smell to me but it works as well, I prefer the VooDoo.
  8. I voted yes, I am told I have a good swing, feels natural to me. Now if you would have if contact with the club and the ball was intuitive, that would be a resounding NO.
  9. IMHO, your buddies got screwed out of a hole and an enjoyable round of golf. If you start a hole and half behind the group in front and finish 2 holes behind, I am not sure how that quantifies as slow play. Sorry you guys had bad experience. I'm not a fan of 5 hour rounds but 4 1/2 is 15 minutes a hole and expectable IMO.
  10. Juniper is nice, but always windy. I'll Meadow Lakes, less expensive and in my opinion a better course. Although that is the course where my 7 iron went flying into the river on 18.
  11. Never heard of Golf Moose, Guess I'll be checking it out.
  12. Normally I have 5, D, 3W, 1 iron, 4 Iron, 5 Iron. Currently only one the 2 Iron. Driver & 5 iron. I let a friend use the 3W and my 1 & 4 irons are broke in half. That all said I should answer 0 as I am not yet released to play golf. Great question and makes a person think about their game and how one plays the game. Maybe we I should only have two clubs that cover 200+ and focus more on 200 and in clubs which should be the scoring clubs correct? maybe my plan for when I can return to golf.
  13. If there were ever a better review written I am not sure I have read it yet. Once I get back to being able to swing a club, This is where I am going. I just wish there was a fitting cart close by. I know how I am with trying clubs and it would cost me what a new set would using the Demo version. Do you have a sub 70 driver? After irons and hybrid, I'll be looking at those as well. Thanks for the info.
  14. Thanks for checking Ben I think I'll pass for now and see if I can find an exact match. Jeremy
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