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  1. Keep up with your homework, stretches and strengthening of the shoulder and surrounding muscles. There will be days days when you feel like you did when you were twenty, then days when you'll hurt, ache and wonder what the hell happened. Good luck and hit em straight.
  2. AH Crap, Wish I would have seen this earlier, I would have risked a week on the couch to buy that from you. Is it sold or do you still have it?
  3. I weighed myself this morning for the first time since March 28th. On March 28th I weighed in at 235.20 LBS. Today I am at 225.60 LBS down just shy of 10LBS. The single biggest reason is officiating Lacrosse games, next would be water intake, and 3rd is getting in the gym a minimum of 3 times a week.
  4. I used gaiters when I was a young person and could still ski. I haven't looked at them for golf, is there a type that go over the shoes and leg or are they like the ones we used for skiing? I'll have to look them up. yes we do need to meet up. Sometime this summer later June or July.
  5. I like forest Hills, although I haven't been there in while. I have the Sub70 3 HY and love it and currently testing the Sub70 4 wood. After a few adjustments its awesome. Can never go wrong with a good pair dry shoes in our area. Sucks playing with wet feet.
  6. What golf club have you been eyeing up and haven't pulled the trigger on? OR With the wonderful weather we have been having, new rain gear isn't a bad option. What course do you frequent?
  7. Dicks sports has an ok selection of inserts. I use them when the inserts of my shoes wear out. Trial and error to see what works best. I officiate HS sports and I can get a season maybe two from one pair. Another option is Pine Valley Orthotics. I think they are like $100 but they lasted a long time. 2 seasons of football, lacrosse and golf. I accidently threw them out with a pair of shoes while spring cleaning a few years ago and just haven't go back to them.
  8. Steady noise I am good with, trains, road noise, a cart or group on another hole is acceptable to me. What I don't like is what a few others have said. About to hit your shot and someone will make noise, whisper or move as you're pulling the trigger. I had this happen to me over the weekend. Par 3 186ish yards, my ball comes up short, just didn't hit clean so now I have a really long 2nd shot 50ish feet, I putt it past the hole about 4'. Guy I'm playing with hits a decent shot and is about 15'. he putts his ball to about 5' tough read to be honest. He misses his par put and boogies the hole and is IRRATE at the course and is venting pretty. I wait till I think he's done, in the middle of my backswing he lets out more F bomb and I miss my putt. I may have missed it regardless but he did draw my attention away from my shot. I just looked at the other guys and was like WTF. Onto the next hole and try to make up that stroke that I feel was taken away from me.
  9. I have never heard someone derail a conversation more than Joe Buck. He asked the most off beat questions when the other guys are in a good interesting conversation. Now I am biased as I turn Joe Buck off of any sport he's announcing. He adds nothing, brings nothing, and only got there on his fathers coat tails.
  10. COVID isn't letting me much of anything hence the unexpected week off from both home and work duties.
  11. I played this last weekend with a guy who kept calling the course the "stupidest course he's ever played". This started after he missed a 4' for par on a par 3. A few holes later he's asking if I like the course I said yes I do. Next question from him "Why", Answer its the challenge and you still have to hit the shots. It isn't the courses fault I missed the fairway or fatted another iron. I absolutely played like dog crap. I pared 2 holes boogied 2 or 3 and double or worse the remaining holes, just awful. I still had fun the course was fun, it was an awesome day to be outside. He continued to play bad and changed his attitude due to his dislike of the course. So yes your attitude can change your view of the game and if you let it someone else could change it for you as well. Do let your attitude ruin someone else's day or vice versa.
  12. Its not the recovery from Covid that I'm worried about. Its the recovery not working for an un-planned week off and not being able to get stuff done that has been on the back burner all spring due to other commitments.
  13. I won't be able to make it this year. Caught friggen covid over the weekend and out of work for at least this week and just as important not getting anything done around the house. Sorry fellas I was looking forward to meeting you guys in person.
  14. I still have it my bag and I do not see it leaving anytime soon. My putts per round seen to going down a stroke since last fall. kinda tough to tell with winter soggy conditions. Also with varying green speeds what seems like they are all different from hole to hole. I have mostly been concentrating on proximity to the hole, that has gotten much better. I am making more putts from further out than I have in recent years meaning I am seeing more 20 footers drop. I am extremely happy with my putter. When I played in AZ a few weeks ago I would use it when off the green and it preformed very well. A few times from 15'-20' off the green. That is more to do with the way the course was playing but still had confidence in doing so. I even made one from approx 12' off the green for a zero put.
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