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  1. Good morning Folks I'm off today and actually have time to read thru the last couple of days of the thread. Have a great day and better weekend. Keep the ball findable.
  2. I'll give jocko a try. very good article, new ideas for summer golf drinks.
  3. Apache Wells does the 8am & 1 PM shotgun start as well. It's tailgating for golf and it's pretty cool and funny to see.
  4. I use LMNT almost daily. I stay somewhat active with my job and I find myself not keeping up with my water intake. I get the chocolate flavor and put it in my coffee, Don’t knock it till try it. I then have water container and will use the lemon flavor or when I am feeling somewhat like gambling I’ll blindly grab packet from the multi flavor box. You the jalopeno for a little kick, that’s a good one for the course.
  5. WOW, Thats a setup thanks for sharing. Wish something this would have been around when my kids were littles. My kids are for the most part out of the house. I now have my sons old room as my "cave". Won't call it man as my wife still gives me input as to what should go in here. :).
  6. How do like the Tonal? Is it worth the cost? space wise, how much room do you actually need? I could start a small gym just with the stuff I have in my garage.
  7. I am pretty sure we will see a brewery or 3. friends that I am going with have a plan, so I just rolling with the plan. I have been there for a day at a time. This is my first multi day trip to Newport. We tend to go to Seaside as my neighbor has house there 2 blocks from main drag. Mo's is good, but we have found a few smaller localist joints that are better.
  8. Home made dinners are tough as well. Tonight we had Beef roast with Bok choy, onions, cup of cooked rice (easy to load in the app) and just a green salad with carrots, mushrooms and french dressing. Order taken on the Seafood, I'll see if I remember to take a few pics as share. I do miss me some good Midwest corn on the cob in the summer. It just isn't the same out here in the Oregon.
  9. I have a fit bit and it also has a tracker, I've used in the past. The issue I have is when I need to make adjustments to food I’m trying to enter. Like removing mayo of a sandwich (Jimmy John’s) it’s a PITA to add what I actually eat. It takes longer than it’s worth to me. I guess I could just enter it as is, but then I feel like I get hosed out of precious calories I so desperately try to savor. I’ll give it a whirl and see how I do. Should be fun as I have the seafood festival this weekend. I already know that’s going to be an entry issue.
  10. I WAAAYYYY to scared to keep track of my calories. My wife keeps saying I need too, but I am not ready just yet. Sad thing is that is one thing that would help the most.
  11. Hey All, Got an Orange Theory in today. It was a good workout. back still tightened up while on the treadmill, but not as bad as last week. PT tomorrow, Wed is with personal trainer Thur & Fri will be Orange Theory. Friday we leave for a short Glamping trip to the coast for a wine and seafood festival with some some friends. Really looking forward to this. Have great workouts.
  12. Good Morning Fellas & Ladies I'm ultra optimistic this morning. I had the chance to go to a local Sim house and see if I could make a golf swing pain free. This is the first time in months (going back to Aug 2023) I have been able to do this. Then waking up this morning and not having major nerve issues, Ultra tightness in the low back or sciatic pains. As for golf on the sim, it went pretty well. Played Bay harbor, shot an 85 which is awesome for me. having not done anything like this for 7 months I wasn't sure how the clubs would react. I could not get a ball to left and had a big OL' slice with the driver. My guess is it was due to swing speed being down and just plain out of shape. I don't really care as I can make a swing and hopefully be able to get things straightened out. Happy Sunday Folks My money is on Xander today. Patrick might be the most steady Eddy we have seen in long time tho.
  13. Up Glove is great and they are a very well made glove. I was lucky enough to do the RR test last year and I would say RR is #1 and Upglove #2 maybe 1B due to price. I did order 4 of the RR gloves on this round, but I always have an Upglove with me as well, or I should say I plan to once I can actually start hitting golf balls again.
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