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  1. Keep up the good work. I am not trainer but play one one golf forums. The most important thing to keep in mind with training as you are is to focus on FORM. Wrong form to much weight equals injury and not being able to even lift your your new baby. I see many people in the gym "when they were open" with horrid form then watch them walk away with a limp or a shake of the arm or worse grab their back. I am not a picture of health but I work on form due to injuries over my 51 years. The weight will go up with correct form. Good luck this year and enjoy that new baby, they are never as you
  2. Try the Sub 70's as well. Heard nothing but good things with those. My neighbor just got fit for the Mizuno hot metal. He's about an 18 HDCP. His other option were the Callaway Maverick. Mizuno's felt better to him, and he said he gained 30 yards on his 7 iron according to the shot tracker they use at Golf Tec.
  3. Yes, Golfsmith 2014 fit me into Callaway X Hot stiff shaft standard loft an lie and grips. Still playing them today minus a snapped 7 iron and a lost 3 iron. I replaced the 7 and haven't been able to find a 3 iron.
  4. I use a single line when putting. Its the line I want to start the ball then all I need to worry about is speed. I am an avg putter usually 32-36 putts per round. I believe this higher number has more to do with proximity to the hole on approach shots. Someone mentioned using the line on tee shots/drives. I haven't tried that but will try it out. I am someone that struggles with the driver and alignment.
  5. We have worked out a deal with a new coach, I am still extremely hesitant to go back but They know more than I do so here we go. the "deal" new coach and a free one hr lesson. When I go to the range or on the course my miss is always a draw or hook. Rarely will I miss right with a fade or slice. On the sim at golf tec everything is right and I mean everything. I really have to over exaggerate to get the ball to draw and impossible to hook the ball, not that I want that, but just saying. I have told this to both coaches, I am wondering if the issue is the simulator is right side biased i
  6. Jeremy : Sherwood, Oregon Can You Play Golf in Dec and January: YES I do and yes I can Current Fitness Tracker Used if any: Fitbit Ionic.
  7. I'm right there with you. in talking with the wife she said it would be nice to wait till our youngest is out of college (3 more years). I'm thinking I can slowly replace clubs as they (disappear/break). I currently have a missing 3 iron. Huge bummer as it was my go to off the tee when I'm having driver problems. The demo is a great way to go. Knowing myself it would cost me the price of a complete new set of clubs by the time I decide on what to get. That's the only reason I haven't done the demo program yet. OH and not to mention I am a horrible lier so I wouldn't be able to no
  8. First Name/City: Jeremy, Sherwood What IOS Device Will You be Using: I PH XR Will You Be Testing Primarily Outdoors or Indoors: Outside Will You be Using a Net Yes or No: No
  9. I should mention that I have had lessons from Golftec in the past. My first 2 coaches were great. First one was a young kid mid 20's and he helped a ton. He moved to Colorado, total bummer for me. The second guy was pretty good as well. He actually fitted me for a driver at zero cost. I bought the driver at different retailer for less with the exact specs and still play that driver today. I have tried new drivers in the past year and none of them were any better than what I have. Demo day for Callaway and he told me to stay with what I have. That all said, I had no problem going back to
  10. I am in the exact same boat. Bought a 10 pack last spring (2020 Febuaryish) hoping to figure out my driver. Driver used to be my best club in the bag. May 2018 I developed a bit of a draw (fine) which turned into WTF just happened. I used my 4 iron off the tee for 2019. Initial lesson was hit 2 drivers and then lets see a 7 iron. I had it to where I could work my 7 iron left, right straight. First thing instructor says, We need to fix this and this the proper way. At the time my HDC was 14.6 and trending down according to "The Grint". He pulls out this pool noodle and said we need you t
  11. "That ball is far right/left the dog won't find it". Short putt "weight room". Ball in water "Scuba Steve on the course". Ball in bunker " I don't think Pamela Anderson is on that beach".
  12. This is always fun. I have a group of 16 that take a golf and drinking weekend. Handicaps range from 2 to 32 with the majority in the mid to high teens. We use handicaps and if you don't have one your a 0. I tell guys to get out and get 5 scores. use last years scores if you can't get 5 in before a month before the trip. We have a guy that will do the math and what he says you are is what you are. Gamboling: We put $100 into a kitty for KP LP. We don't do LD as there are only about 5 of us who can go over 280 and keep it in play. We also payout top 3 net scores. Rules modifications
  13. Has anyone tried/gone through the "Top Speed Golf" online program? I've watched a few of the video's and seems to be good. Just wondering if its worth the $63 per year deal that is going on now. Thoughts and opinions if you have done this. Thanks Jeremy
  14. Have you used it inside? My wife gave the thumbs up, but now I see the shot racer won't work inside, have you tested that? TIA
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