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  1. Paul - Niles, MI 105 Titleist NXT, TaylorMade Project (a). basically any mid level ball I can afford at the time No experience with Snell golf balls
  2. Stage 3 is up. Wasn't sure when we were supposed to do it, but it's done now!
  3. Paul Michigan 12 Handicap Driver: Z 545 Driver I'm assuming 9.5* and Stiff Flex b/c that's what I play now Fairway Wood: Z F65 15* Stiff Flex Hybrid: Z H45 22* Stiff Flex Irons: Z 945 5-PW Stiff Flex Wedges: Cleveland RTX-3 in Black Satin 52*-56*-60* all V-MG Putter: Cleveland TFI 2135 - 6.5 35" Balls: Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White
  4. Stage Three - The Follow Up & Value Question. Will this product go in your bag? Why or why not? Absolutely! Last fall I was more than likely just going to keep one of them in my bag, but I have fallen in love with these clubs. The more I play with them, the more I like them. Such a pure, crisp feel and sound on contact and the accuracy is amazing. I actually hit the ball where I plan now. To whom, if anyone, would you recommend this product? Why? I don't normally play with guys that are spending $250 for a club that may not come out of the bag very often, but I rave about
  5. Ben Hogan VKTR Hybrid – Official MGS Forum Review by Paul DePoy Player Biography Before this awesome opportunity, the only hybrid I had in my bag was a Taylormade RBZ Stage 1 - 5 Hybrid. I bought that hybrid about 4 years ago and absolutely love it. I originally bought the 3 hybrid, but after going over a green on a slightly downhill 270 yd par 4, I knew that was a little much. I returned it for the 5 hybrid and the rest is history. I was absolutely thrilled when I learned about the opportunity to review a product, and something from the Ben Hogan Golf Company made it even more spe
  6. First I would like to thank both MyGolfSpy and the Ben Hogan Golf Equipment Company for this amazing chance to test and review the new VKTR Hybrids. These babies are sweet looking! I was calling my roommate everyday asking him if my clubs had came in yet. It felt like an eternity, even though it was less than 2 weeks, but they finally arrived! The quality of these clubs is amazing. I'm not saying my RBZ hybrid is not high quality, but these VKTR's are just on another level. They are sleek and look like a club a gentleman would play, not a beer drinking man like me. Since I have only
  7. I'm in if there's a spot! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  8. Michigan Indiana Illinois Arizona Florida Got a long way to go!
  9. I look at the target 3 times before I swing the club. That goes along with 3 waggles. I don't know if that's superstition or OCD
  10. As long as a ball isn't scuffed or has any cracks, I will play it. Now if I'm playing in a tournament or an outing, I'll have fresh ProV1's or Tour Preferred's to use for wedge shots and putting. I have 2 pockets for balls on my bag. 1 pocket is the balls that are in nice enough shape to use, and higher quality balls and the 2nd pocket is balls that are scuffed or top flights etc. that I find while playing. I usually buy a few dozen Project (a)'s when the season starts.
  11. I'm able to get Project (a) for $18/dozen and TP for $24/dozen thru a sponsorship (No, I am not sponsored, but where I work is).
  12. Work as an Academic Coach at the high school. I also coach boy's basketball, football and track. I also run a weight lifting club at the HS. It's a surprise I find time to golf as much as I do.
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