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  1. Ben Tucson, AZ SRIXON Z745 14.9 84 TS2
  2. Ben/Tucson AZ 14.9 ping forged glide Higher MOI
  3. Ben/Tucson AZ/USA HEAVY PUTTER B1 Piper C. I love a center shafted 0 offset putter, because I’m left eye dominant, right handed, this makes it much easier for me to set up on a consistent eye line.
  4. Hey guys, I’m parting ways with my Maltby k4 irons and 2-3-4-5 hybrids email me at benlberryv AT geeee mail if you want them
  5. Hello, My name is Ben and golf saved my life. I used to drink a lot And I lived in New York City. I was down by the World Trade Center on 9/11. As I slowly got sicker and sicker from 9/11 I knew I couldn’t drink anymore. To make a long story short on a spring day in 2010 I missed a golf lesson I had scheduled the previous fall as part of a package because I was hung over. I asked myself if I wanted to be a drunken watched golf on TV or if I wanted to play golf. I made my decision that day and I’ve never touched a drink cents. A year and a half ago I sold all my belongings to move to Tucson bec
  6. Ben/Arizona 14.1 Maltby KE4 Tour+ 135 Yards
  7. Apologies for the auto correct spelling errors in the above post. I obviously meant to say they are described as a player’s iron
  8. The KEs are really fantastic. I have to start by saying they described him as a player is iron. They are not, they are a game improvement iron and they look the part. However, you can work them. They really perform admirably and are incredibly forgiving. I loved my Yonex Ezone MBs but if I hit the center of the club face they would go 20 yards further than normal. As a 13 handicap I just didn’t hit the dead center of the club face enough. I purchased these as a transitional set As I plan to go get fitted at club champion at some point. My distances are much more predictable with this set and t
  9. I don’t know how the recoils compare. But I love the ones I have. The first graphite non driver shaft I’ve ever loved.
  10. Ben/ Arizona 13 Yes, I use the Bee line and the Pelz Tutor and the Eyeline.
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