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  1. Ben/Arizona 14.1 Maltby KE4 Tour+ 135 Yards
  2. Apologies for the auto correct spelling errors in the above post. I obviously meant to say they are described as a player’s iron
  3. The KEs are really fantastic. I have to start by saying they described him as a player is iron. They are not, they are a game improvement iron and they look the part. However, you can work them. They really perform admirably and are incredibly forgiving. I loved my Yonex Ezone MBs but if I hit the center of the club face they would go 20 yards further than normal. As a 13 handicap I just didn’t hit the dead center of the club face enough. I purchased these as a transitional set As I plan to go get fitted at club champion at some point. My distances are much more predictable with this set and the KBS tour 110s are the best iron shaft I’ve ever played. Overall, really good irons. Just be prepared to adjust to looking at a super fat top line. But they do not just want to go high and left like my Callaway Big Bertha game improvements did. They can hit any shot you want and feel fantastic.
  4. Ben/ Arizona  13 Ping Mid Range Pitch
  5. I don’t know how the recoils compare. But I love the ones I have. The first graphite non driver shaft I’ve ever loved.
  6. Ben/ Arizona 13 Yes, I use the Bee line and the Pelz Tutor and the Eyeline.
  7. Walter, I love these heads so much I’m getting the KE4 S iron set 6- Gap with the KBS tour shafts. I love my Yonex blades but...
  8. Update. Even with Mis hits these Maltby heads are the perfect replacement for your standard hybrids and fairways. I broke 80 for the first time yesterday with a 78 at Arizona National. When your long irons stay on line it makes a huge difference. 180 yard par 3s become very do able and short par for tee shots become cake.
  9. Ben Berry / Tucson, Arizona 13 HC Yonex Ezone MB Prowler VT
  10. Ok all, my first round with the old 5 / New 4(FC ONE 950i steel R) New 2&3(Recoil 660 R) A smashing success. I sold my fairways and am never looking back. The 2 is 220 pipe straight off the tee. 3 200 4 185 5 170 All dead straight. Maltby deserves a Nobel Prize :)
  11. Please let us know how those shafts work with these magnificent heads.
  12. Ben Tucson 92 MTB X I previously used the black and the red, but they both would balloon on my short irons. I switched to MTBX and will never look back.
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