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  1. Our records show that you recently purchased the Kirkland Signature 4-piece Golf Balls (Item #1250052). Feedback we received since the item went on sale shows that some of the balls do not meet the high standards that are expected for the Kirkland Signature brand. Therefore, Costco is refunding your credit card for your purchase and the shipping costs (two separate credits). There is no need to return the item. As with any Kirkland Signature item, if ever you are not completely satisfied with the product, your money will be refunded. Please accept our apologies, and thank you for your continued support. Tim Farmer VP/GMM Merchandising Costco Wholesale email I just got, good ol costco
  2. I love costco, got the same above email. Awesome.
  3. I'm taking it back, good thing about costco they will give me my refund no questions asked. Not sure if they will care enough to do a recall but there are at least 2 ef ups here, 1 is the chemical for the cover and the bonding, 2 is the quality control. Wonder who dropped the ball here.
  4. I have played the 1st and 2nd edition before, they are both fine. Just played the new ball this morning, I didn't think I'd ever see the seam rip like the other ones on MGS since my driver swing isn't that fast (97mph), and I didn't even take any wedge shots. Literally a drive, a 7 iron and when I picked it up on the green this showed up.
  5. Just played the new ball this morning, I didn't think I'd ever see the seam rip like the other ones on MGS since my driver swing isn't that fast (97mph), and I didn't even take any wedge shots. Literally a drive, a 7 iron and when I picked it up on the green this showed up https://imgur.com/G6HORcQ I will be returning the pack to costco. Very disappointing.
  6. Mine arrived yesterday, using EXTREMELY scientific methods. I compared the bounce of the new ball to the last gen 3 piece ball at eye level and it bounces about 1/4 of the ball higher than the last gen. Hardness level is about the same I couldn't feel the difference in putting and just bouncing the ball on an iron. on a 50 degree wedge bouncing on my tile floor and the spin back is slightly further than the gen 3 but again, I reiterate how scientific this simple experience is so your result may vary
  7. There are many that are in the $50 range but they are generally less weight than I like. Yea I must have had a fever dream where I saw a ad DI for ~$90, but just checked it's around $180 holy expensive. No point for me if the prototype is cheaper too
  8. Damn nice site, but it's paywalled. I'm not sure how easy the site is at filtering similar shafts, is it frowned upon to request someone who has an account to let me know what's similar to the prototype? If it's bad in public if someone can PM me please that'd be great, 355 or 370 are both fine for me as I have the 355 to 370 adapter.
  9. I play mostly west side courses. Not sure if you are going to be near but I can recommend some courses on the west side of Phoenix if you do have plans to be on the west side. AZ has an abundance of courses and many great ones. I think it'd take you a while to try them all
  10. Thanks for the responses guys. Yea I've had the proforce v2 as well in my woods before it was ok, not like game changing like this prototype for me. I have heard the tour AD DI shaft is suppose to be very close too, and I think my local shop does carry that, I'll have to test it out. The rogue I've seen as well, hzdus I've ever seen is black or yellow but not sure how easy it is for them to test it on a driving iron head for me. I wish someone has a bend profile chart already somewhere for us to compare to
  11. @RickyBobby_PR Alta, the brown transition black one stiff. I looked up the MPF for the shaft it's 4B2M I think, do I just type that in their search bar? Because a lot of shaft with the same code 4B2m shows up but not sure if weights the same or have the same bend profile.
  12. @cnosil Darn, sounds like I'd have to bite the bullet at some point huh? So I'm interested, they built the shaft profile to match the KBS tour? But which KBS tour? There's so many weight variations. Since the 85S is doing so well in my hybrid should I try out whatever KBS steel around 85 gram shaft for my other irons? Will those work better than my current 115g KBS tour V? @RickyBobby_PR I really just want something that makes the wood more consistent for me, my transition is on the quicker side and I can feel the head wobble in the back swing transition. I have had good luck with matrix shafts(mostly red tie and some white tie, had good luck with the rogue black too) in the past in the woods but the Ping 3wood is stock.
  13. Oh I didn't list, the srixon I bought was 18 degree. I currently have kbs tour 115g firm on all my irons and driving irons, depending on price I was looking to replace my 21 degree driving iron(mainly), then the 5 and 6 irons(not necessary), I'm also interested to know if there's a similar profile for my ping g400 3 wood, that club currently has the stock stiff alta shaft and it feels very unstable for me.
  14. I bought a srixon u65 driving iron on the steal ($50) a month ago and the guy had a custom shaft which is the KBS prototype hybrid 85s. I thought nothin of it at first since most OEMS gives out shaft upgrades free of charges now. That club cannot miss and is dart throwing for me at 210 range. At first I thought it was honeymoon period but 4-5 rounds go by it really is super stable and just fits my swing really well. So naturally I want to see if I can get some of that shaft into my other clubs. LO AND BEHOLD the shaft is like $130 on golfworks (wtf) and the cheapest I can find online on ebay is about $120 new. Being a cheapskate i'm resorting to beseeching the spies, do any of you fine folks play this shaft, and if so do you happen to know what cheaper alternative there is? I really don't want to shell out more than twice what I paid for the club for just a shaft. Thank you very much! here's the link to the shaft, thanks: https://www.golfworks.com/kbs-graphite-tour-hybrid-prototype/p/fs0048/
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