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  1. I was just randomly in a shop's putting green and they had a gold and black edition two ball to test. I never liked the look of Odyssey but I was testing putters out so I tried it. Did not miss a single thing, I couldn't believe my eyes lol, I was making everything short long(10ft green). I thought it was a fluke and tried some other putters for a bit thrn went back to it, still really good. Honestly only missed like two putts out of 30. I was really temped to buy it right then and there, but it was like $400 at the time. No budget for that.
  2. First Name/City, State Sen/Goodyear/arizona Handicap/SS 15.6//driver=97 Current hybrid model Played adams red What loft you think you would choose and why 19-22 I have more downward attack angle. Also I have the whole summer off to test. Thanks
  3. 1. Sen, Arizona. 2. 16handicap, 96mph swing 3. Your current driver srixon z565 10.5 R shaft 4. Epic Flash Sub Zero because I bought the most wanted driver from two years ago. I have a more negative aoa so I'd wish to review and compare how the two performs. I'm also in summer break soon I will have lots of time to use it and.compare. thank you.
  4. Hmmmm, so it was up today in "paks" and I ordered the 2 and the 3. It was not on the "heads" page. I was just about to post the link to the paks to those interested... I cannot find it anymore. I hope the item is actually here and they will start to build mine...
  5. so this is the old HDI link, only 5iron is available now: https://www.golfworks.com/maltby-ke4-tour-hdi-hybrids/p/ma0238/ I read somewhere on their website by their employee that said the new version(can't find it anymore, it was on the official site) unfortunately is exactly the same as the old one, only change being the metal is now 8620carbon vs the old 1020carbon, also the color is now satin/chrome vs the old DBM. Still great head, can't wait to test it.
  6. So for those of you that don't know, Maltby used to make a HDI iron that was a head of its trend. Right before all the big OEMs started pushing out driving irons/hybrids. It was not popular after its release and once they sold their first stock they stopped continuing them, but that's when the golf world caught the driving iron bug. They had tons of requests on their page but most of them are sold out and was told won't be making any more. Today their January catalog came to my house and i saw this beauty IMAGE LINK Look at the price for the assembled pak too! So I rushed to their website and ready to order one to try, their site does not have it anywhere. Hopefully it will be updated soon and we can test out this updated club. Maltby makes very quality clubs for the cheap, not paid by them but I have built and used their clubs with high satisfaction. I genuinely hope MGS would do some mostwanted tests with them included.
  7. Sen

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    eesh, thanks for letting us know CHISAG. I already have tons of cut and kirklands I won't need balls for like at least 2 years. That does not bode well for the company though, always better QC and hold than to rush out and ruin your rep forever.
  8. Sen

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    Is that suppose to be better in the wind? For which covers? Urethane?
  9. I can already see PXG coming out with their driver with screws all around the "sweet spot" circle on the driver face. CIRCULAR CAGE BREAK TECHNOLOGY
  10. https://www.golfchannel.com/video/meet-don-byers-61-year-old-college-golfer
  11. Sen

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    Nice, thanks for the info. What would you say is better in wind and check up around greens? Cut blue or Snell Black, or vice pro+? I've been trying out all of those balls and they all seem pretty similar to me, vice pro+ being a little harder for putting, but I don't have many experiences with them in the wind. Had the first experience today with kirkland in the wind, it was an eye opener.
  12. Sen

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    Played the K-Sig P+ today and you might be on to something, in the wind today 10-15mph it was losing good 30 yards from head winds. But I'm not seeing the zip back on wedges it still takes a hop and rolls out a little bit on chips for me (50 degree) I have no issues with this ball normally since there are rarely weather in AZ. But today I was seeing some huge performance drops and left and right turns with windy condition. Do you recommend snell 3 piece for a 97mph driver swing? 2300 spin on driver normally
  13. Sen

    Redesigned Cut Golf Ball

    New ones out yet? Looking the new Kirkland but wants to do a direct comparison Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
  14. Totally skipped what you mentioned earlier, this makes a lot of sense. Like you mentioned earlier though, AZ has many hard bunkers with the consistency of what I would say..."mud" on them. The ones that makes your club skids and spews out mud splatters instead of sand shots, do you think the design is a little more important? I too carry a relatively low bounce (6) for sand in AZ, anything bigger just make me think it'd kick up and blade the thing across the green or worse, ride the lip back and hit me in the face
  15. Interesting convos, those with a bigger sole and "cavity back" like smart sole. Do you think you had more issues controlling the distance out of the bunker? How about spin? I'd think the design makes it spin a lot less?
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