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  1. I am a big fan of Bridgestone golf balls and have tried them all. Started with e6 about 5 years ago and am now playing the XS. My driver swing speed is about 105 and my angle of attack is pretty neutral. For me, RX & RXS launch higher and shorter than X & XS. I prefer the feel of XS over X due to softer feel and better impact sound. All of them are pretty durable (unlike Pro V1 & V1x, they do not scuff too easily from solid wedge hits) and consistent. Since everyone else already gave you the "best" advice (try them yourself), I thought that I would share my experience and preference.
  2. A couple of months ago, Bridgestone sent me a 2-ball sample of e12 Contact to try it. I too found it to be 10-15 yards shorter with my driver. However, it went straight. So straight that it was very difficult for me to shape it around trouble. My low hook with 5 iron barely drew 10 degrees and my high slice with 7 iron barely faded 10 degrees. I had much better results with e12 Soft (and e6 Soft).
  3. Jae / Plano, TX 8.2 Titleist Vokey SM7 & Miura K grind I want to test my hypotheses that raw finish will perform better when the grass (and the golf ball) is wet from morning dew.
  4. Jae / Plano, TX USA Currently use Scotty Cameron Newport 2 (33") I would like to test Tomcat 14, Ketsch, or Tyne 3 (need a bit more help in alignment)
  5. Jae / Plano, TX Titleist Vokey S7 50* F grind and 8* bounce; Miura K 56* 50* or 52* w/ 8* or 10* bounce
  6. Jae Chung - Plano, TX No experience with a GPS device Range finder
  7. Jae Texas 8.5 index Callaway Apex CF16 / UST Mamiya Recoil F3 i500
  8. Jae Texas Callaway Apex CF16/Mamiya Recoil 780 ES/Stiff(F4) 155 carry
  9. Jae (Plano, TX) 11.9 (index) TaylorMade R15; Fujikura Speeder 57 S 95-99 Driver SS; 220-230 carry Phil Mickelson
  10. Jae, Texas, 16 PW: Callaway Steelhead x14 47.5* GW: Titleist SM5 Vokey 52*/8* SW: Titleist Vokey 56*/12* LW: Titleist Vokey 60*/4*
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