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  1. Nice memory! I can't wait to get out there this weekend!
  2. Let us know how it goes guys! I'm playing spyglass on the 31st! And I'd love to get any info I can! You know... Without overthinking it...
  3. You might want to have the lofts checked as well. If you have had them for a while and or hit off mats often sometimes the lofts change. Sometimes they aren't correct in the first place. I had a similar yardage gap issue between PW and 50* and turns out my 50* was too weak.
  4. I grabbed the type II in blue and love it. Better fit for my stroke and feels great coming off the putter. Currently have the 3 gram weights in and have been rolling it well
  5. Sup people! Finally trying to make the transition from reader to participator! I live in Oakland, CA and have been following MGS for years now. I've been playing golf for around 8 years and have gotten as low as 75! That was a magical day.. I typically live in the low 80 range though. I'm hoping to learn a lot from you all! Like where, when this covid thing has settled, can one get a good wedge fitting in the bay?? lol Looking forward to being a bigger part of the MGS community!
  6. I'm curious about graphite iron shafts for players with tour level speeds. Obviously getting fit is the best way to find out what works for any individual, but I'm curious, what would the upsides be outside of maybe weight to stiffness?
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