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  1. I've been playing Mizuno irons exclusively since 2000. Would love a chance to try one of their drivers. Might be time for an upgrade Allan, Vancouver BC Titleist 905R 9.5, Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue S 60g SS: 102/103mph, HC: 6.2 ST-180 9.5, MCA CK Blue S
  2. At least we know what clubs he would have been playing... courtesy of Jeremy Sheehan on Twitter who was at the event today at Pebble. https://twitter.com/jeremyashaheen/status/785622207900725248
  3. Looks like it would be fun, in a mini golf kinda way.
  4. I'm standard length generally speaking. I'll get them fitted for lie angle and adjust length if necessary. Even if I decide to reshaft them I'll still save money. I've hit the driver before and those are the specs that worked for me. They all have to be regripped anyways to the grips I play.
  5. Eclectic mix of clubs in there, I'm sure you know how to make each one work just fine.
  6. You were blessed with a beautiful day to play.
  7. Disappointed in how Europe played this afternoon. Westwood had no business being on the team regardless of his prior experience. You didn't see the Task Force picking Jack did you?
  8. I'm expecting a big bonus cheque. She knows what I planned on buying. I didn't want to tell her I'd received it yet as I was planning on buying her a nice surprise. Hence sneaking the golf stuff in until I have a chance to pick up and give her gift.
  9. Good idea for a thread. My fav club this year is my putter. I purchased a slightly used SC Newport 2.5, and have really enjoyed the improved roll and better feel on longer putts.
  10. I've played under the lights in Korea. They have a few night courses. Lit up like a football stadium. Harsh shadows can make it hard to track your ball and oddly enough the lighting affects your putting. Still fun and much better than using a "glo" ball.
  11. I spent some money today... Titleist 915D2 Mizuno JPX-850 Forged Cleveland RTX-3 54 and 60 Bushnell Tour v3 all new, and with the exception of the wedges, all at serious discounts. Successfully got it in the house and in the bag without my wife noticing.
  12. I pay $30 for clean (no scuff or logos or markings) Pro V1. I pay $40 for new in box Pro V1 on Craigslist, that seems to be what they go for around here. In fact, meeting a guy in a couple of hours to pick up a dozen more. I used to get my balls for free. It really sucks having to pay for balls and gloves now. Keep in mind this is CAD$.
  13. I'll take good condition recycled over refinished any day. The covers are so much more durable. The refinished balls scuff up and the paint peels so quickly it's not worth it. I've had to pull them in as little as 2 holes.
  14. I remember those but had completely forgotten about them. Obviously goes to show how far the balls have come. My balls are generally in play for 9 holes or until I lose one. After that I don't like the scuffs and they get relegated to the shag bag.
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