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  1. Fantastic opportunity to test some primo equipment. Thanks for the chance to sign up!
  2. I currently play Srixon Z-Star a lot, but, also play the 2019 version of the Maxfli Tour a good bit when it's dry out. (MGS showed matte finish balls can be erratic when wet. There is a lot of dew in the mornings where I live). I'd love to test the new version against the Z-Star and the last version of the Maxfli.
  3. Signed up for this. At 79, i definitely struggle to generate enough speed. Still carry a 13 index, but it wasn't long ago that I was in single digits. I hit my drives straight, but only about 200 yards and it puts a lot of pressure on my short game. If this Honma GS can give me a little more swing speed, maybe I can start hitting irons to par 4's again. LOL
  4. I've been wanting to try the EPIC Speed Driver since I first read that MGS had named it the Most Wanted Driver for SLOW SWING SPEEDS! Being a senior golfer, I certainly am in the slow swing speed category. LOL I'm retired, live in Florida and play 3 or 4 times a week. I would definitely give that baby a thorough test.
  5. Man! This sounds like so much fun. How could I not sign up. Checked out the RadSpeed irons and they sound awesome.
  6. Ken Pace, Florida Current: Cleveland Huntington Beach #10 I'd love to test the Impact #3. I'm a mid-mallet guy.
  7. My test came back negative, thankfully. Of course, the very next sentence after they say "negative" was to say "that doesn't mean you're not infected. It just means that no evidence of the virus was present in the sample at the time you took your test". They then point out that if the the test was done very early after being exposed, it may not show up yet on the test, and a few other situations that could result in a false negative test result. Doesn't instill a great deal of confidence. However, I still have no symptoms and feel pretty certain that I'm not infected. I'm still being very careful, though, for my sake and those with whom I come in contact. Florida's governor, by the way just closed all the bars again, and replaced some of the restrictions that were previously relaxed, due to the soaring number of cases here. Not sure if it's state-wide, but in Pensacola you now cannot enter grocery stores, restaurants, etc., without a mask on. That's even stricter than before.
  8. My course in Florida has been open throughout the pandemic, and I haven't missed playing much except for weather or to rest my sore back. For the most part, the members and especially my regular group of about 20 or so have been great about being careful to give each other space, and the course had some excellent on-course rules in place to keep us safe--no rakes, pin left in , one to a cart, etc. Of course, the grill/restaurant was closed until just recently when the state began relaxing the social distancing requirements. Upon reopening, they did an excellent job of keeping us reasonably separated and were fanatical about hygiene and sanitation. But, alas, it was probably a little too soon to begin to feel comfortable. One of our wait staff in the grill took a travel vacation a couple of weeks ago. Don't know where she went, but, she got sick, and upon return came into work for a few days. Yesterday we got word she tested positive for COVID! She's only 19 and probably didn't take this thing too seriously. I know when I was that age, I felt bullet-proof. LOL AT any rate, the clubhouse is again closed pending every employee being tested. She had served me in the grille a few times over the past couple weeks, so I've been exposed. I got tested yesterday and will get the results in 48-72 hours. In the meantime, I'll be confined to self-imposed quarantine, and if positive that will extend for awhile. Obviously, I'm pretty bummed out about it, because I've been pretty good about practicing safe "covid practices" and never go into a store without a mast, for example. At 78, I'm in the high risk category, but am in pretty good shape for an old. I worry more about my wife, who is much more fragile at this point. I post this only to remind everyone that this thing is far from over. Florida, for instance, has seen a significant increase in cases in some cities, as has some other states. I've personally noticed that the number of people I see in grocery stores and other retailers who are wearing masks has dramatically decreased.' Just be careful; be vigilant in avoiding the tendency to become complacent.
  9. The feedback so far on the wear issue on the black finish is huge for me. I had high hopes that the 710's would hold up better, especially since Ping got so much negative feedback on the 700's wear and they weren't even black. I'll probably have a hard time rationalizing the price point on these as a result. Still will probably demo/test/get fit for them. If they were significantly better performing than any of my other sets, I might be able to put up with the cosmetic issue. LOL
  10. I don't think I've ever had a Bag Boy Bag before. My last few have been Sun Mountain's, which are good bags as well. But, based on how your old one has held up, Randy, and the features the new one has, I'm sure I'll take a look at these next time i have the need. Nice reviews. Thanks to all.
  11. You're on point on getting fitted for these, and it is my plan. I compared the regular lofts of the 710 with my current Cleveland gamers and my previous TaylorMade M2's. The 710's are very close to the Clevelands (exact same on all but the 6-7-8 which are .5 stronger in the Pings). The M2's are stronger than the regular 710 lofts, and the Power Spec lofts are about .5 stronger than the M2's across the set.
  12. Thanks for the feedback. Great write-up today, man. Loved the pics. Happy to hear the early results you're seeing on finish durability. We'll keep an eye on that.
  13. Other than the dirt build up in the numbers, it looks like you guys are seeing decent wear with the black finish on these after the first few rounds. I was all set last year to grab a set of G700's, but saw a lot negative feedback on wear issues even after just a couple of rounds. I love the look of these G710's, but frankly have not seen many irons with a black finish hold up well. I'm hoping Ping has found the answer with these. You guys are doing a great job on the reviews here. I really appreciate the insight. These are high on my radar this year. A question for y'all. I'm sure in might have been covered somewhere earlier, but did any of you get fitted for the Power Spec lofts on these. I'm an old coot and need extra help with distance, but have no trouble getting the ball in the air--in fact hit my irons very high. I find that with senior flex shafts it accentuates that, and am thinking the stronger lofts might mitigate it a bit. I couldn't test out that theory when I was demoing the G700 last year because no store I could find had a Power Spec head for me to demo.
  14. I've been playing the Maxfli Tour ball for awhile now...well, since last year's MSG Ball Testing. I have a bit of nostalgia for the brand since I played the Maxfli Blue Max back when I started playing golf. Tells you about how old I am (76) haha. I have to say this is one of the most underrated balls on the market, especially when you consider you can pick them up for as low as $17.50/doz. if you're patient and wait for Dick's BOGO sales. I mean where can you find a urethane golf ball for that price, and the ball's performance is as good as any I've played
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