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  1. My Ridgid jobsite fan does put out some serious CFM and I love it for use at home. It is just too big to mount on the cart. I could use the Ridgid battery with the Ridgid USB converter adapter I have to power a USB fan that does not have the battery built in.
  2. The one I got from Amazon was similar. Mine had a big battery pack on the back that seemed to block a lot of the airflow. It just didn't put out as much airflow as I wanted.
  3. I do all the things mentioned: wet towel, reflective umbrella, plenty of water. Still, when there is no breeze I think the fan would help greatly.
  4. I have the Ridgid equivalent. I think it would be too big for the Clicgear.
  5. Surprised no one has weighed in here. Does anybody have a fan on their pushcart when it is hot out???
  6. When it gets hot and humid I struggle when pushing my clicgear 3-wheel cart around the course. I bought a fan with rechargeable battery but I could barely feel the breeze from the fan. The fan had 3 flexible legs that I wrapped around the handlebar. I think the problems was the battery was mounted behind the fan and blocked too much air as the fan tried to pull it past the battery case. Has anyone found a good fan for their pushcart?
  7. Looking for both. I will check out the GPS next time I play. Thanks.
  8. Grint has Hole flyover which is ok. 18Birdies has much better hole overview. Need to signup for subscription, but then you can cancel.
  9. I am retired NASA and play in the NASA league, about every 3-4 weeks. We hit some high end courses like Kingsmill, Ford Colony and others like Riverfront, Stumpy Lake. I use the Grint (free version) for keeping track of my scores so I will check it out, but isn’t the added functionality a subscription? Thanks.
  10. Looking for a basic iPhone app that shows the hole layout and distances to hazards. Our work golf league plays a variety of courses new to me. I have hit shots into hazards I didn’t know were there. Doesn’t need to be fancy. I am ok paying for the app, but don’t want a subscription.
  11. I use Pure jumbo wrap grips on all my clubs. I have an old Doug Saunders chipper, which I use from 100 yards in unless I have a hazard next to the green. Much more consistent than with high loft clubs. This has been a consistent club for me, though I am fighting an over-the-top tendency lately.
  12. Hope this is the correct forum to ask. Has anyone sold clubs to Golfetail, and did the transaction go ok? I ask because they have some shaky reviews, but these were from people buying something. I did buy a couple pairs of shoes from them and it went ok.
  13. Just to add to the two Pure users here. Everything they said plus I can install, adjust and remove them easily myself with air pressure. I have some Pure grips that are 5 years old and no wear as far as I can tell. I use the Pure Jumbo wraps and they work great with my arthritic hands. Only issue some may have with the Jumbos is they are a bit heavy, but that's not a big deal me.
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