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  1. Just to add to the two Pure users here. Everything they said plus I can install, adjust and remove them easily myself with air pressure. I have some Pure grips that are 5 years old and no wear as far as I can tell. I use the Pure Jumbo wraps and they work great with my arthritic hands. Only issue some may have with the Jumbos is they are a bit heavy, but that's not a big deal me.
  2. The place I stay in Florida has a little diving range. I hit a red Callaway ball about 210 yards (about my limit). I could see the ball. I hit about 20 more balls and then went to pick them up. The red ball was gone. So someone in a golf cart or an alligator took it.
  3. Funny you mention the bell. This was my first time playing there and my teammate mentioned the bell hole. I thought he was referring to the shape of the fairway??? When we get to the bell the post and frame was there but the bell was gone. A nearby homeowner probably stole it as it would get old fast hearing it rung throughout the day. I didn’t realize until now what it was there for (duh).
  4. Most courses I play are flat enough that we can see the group in front so we don’t hit into them. I just played a tournament on a very hilly course with several holes that the group behind could not see us (no one was in front of us). Afterwards they said it was frustrating as they waited longer than they would like to tee off so they wouldn’t hit us. Afterwards I thought, why didn’t we get set for one of us text one of them when it was safe to hit? Seems simple.
  5. I am getting fit for a new set of single length irons (Wishon). My plan was to get 2 of the iron I use most (7 iron). I was going to use one for practice so I wouldn’t wear out my playing club. My fitter wanted me to start with one club and play it several rounds to make sure the shaft was right. It turned out the shaft didn’t work quite right for me. So he put a different shaft in the second head. That one is working better. Not sure yet if we will try a 3rd shaft for fine tuning or just put a matching shaft in the first head. Obviously I am not in a hurry as this process is taking some time. My fitter is great and is working with me to get the best fit.
  6. For cleaning clubs this works great. https://www.amazon.com/Groove-Cleaner-Squeeze-Bottle-Brush/dp/B002IJ5VSW/ref=pd_yo_rr_rp_4/139-8170821-2947446?pd_rd_w=cte59&pf_rd_p=86d2f687-d077-4d7a-9732-4a11d357877b&pf_rd_r=DBRYJ4AV0VAY6NYHAW37&pd_rd_r=993b381d-2ad2-419f-969a-ebd6131f5af9&pd_rd_wg=Gg2wM&pd_rd_i=B002IJ5VSW&psc=1
  7. In process of first fitting. Looking for golf instructor. Started golfing 5 years ago. Doing all I can to improve. Monitor would help a lot.
  8. Looking for a good site that explains how handicaps are determined, and how the different courses ratings affect the handicap. I have been playing for a few years but haven't tried to determine my handicap. I just joined the Grint and see a handicap index for me and also each course has a handicap. Also see the term slope here and there. Was in a tournament last week and they were talking about the hole handicaps. Would like to understand.
  9. Top Flite Hammers for me. Buy a stock of them when on sale, less than $1 a ball. Maybe someday when I get to the mid teens (I hope) I will upgrade to something better. But they work great for me at this point.
  10. Good reason to keep alignment rods in my bag, which I should be doing anyway.
  11. I just lost another headcover while walking using a golf caddy. I take the cover off and place it on the caddy, then put the club back in after a shot and forget to put the cover on. Walking down the course the cover falls off where I perched it and I lose it. Yes, I get distracted and am absent minded. What have you found to work to keep from losing a headcover?
  12. Pete Hampton, VA Bagboy Lite Rider pull cart I like to walk for the exercise. At 65 I am good on flat courses but anything hilly can wear on me some. Have considered going to a Clicgear or other more modern push cart, with the possibility of adding an Alphard unit someday. Or even a full electric carrier but they are still a bit pricy for the better ones.
  13. I picked up a Doug Sanders 35-degree chipper a while ago in a set of clubs I bought just to get the bag. Decided to play around with it in February and the darn thing was way more consistent for me from 100 yards and in. So unless I have a greenside trap to go over I play the chipper. Also works pretty good out of the traps now as they don't get raked by the grounds crew during Covid.
  14. Always struggle with putting so though I would try an arm-lock putter. I have been experimenting with arm-lock putting since June, 2020. Got two converter grips from arm-lockgolf.com: AL2 and CVTR. Tried these on an old mallet putter and an Odyssey White Hot blade putter. Putting seemed to improve, but had concerns about the lie angles being restricted to just a small range. Then got on the high MOI kick and came across the Cure adjustable putters. Got a Cure RX4 in July. Lengthened the offset shaft to 43-inches. Found that too long so now at 42-inches. I have lie set very upright like Bryson. I may reduce the lie a little and the height to 41-inches. With the Cure putter lie is easily adjustable. A have a middle weight set on it, which feels about right on the weight for me. The high MOI has given me much more consistency on my strikes, though distance control is still a work in progress. If Cure made these to have adjustable loft that would be perfect. I have a friend with a machine shop and may try to come up with a mod to allow loft adjustment. Or have 2 or 3 shafts with different lofts. It would be nice if Cure would have this as an option. Overall I really like the Cure putter and its adjustability has been great for me. Hopefully I will settle on the settings that work best for me and then focus solely on practicing.
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