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  1. I might have one for you - I actually have a few that I played in my Rogue Sub Zero. I got rid of the Rogue but kept the shafts. Not sure what you're looking to spend but let me know if you're interested. Oban Kyoshi HB 65 grams 04 flex 43 7/8" GD Tour AD TP-6 S flex 43 1/4" GD Tour AD DJ-6 S flex 43 5/8" FYI . . . the TP is the shortest of the three and it measures 45 3/4" installed in my Callaway 816 driver.
  2. Good luck with those grips. It had been my experience that you won't get a full season out of them.
  3. Name: Eugene Home State: Texas, USA Current Handicap: 6.6 Current Irons: Ping S55
  4. Scores were: EthanSterlingPrice - 78 txstroker - 81 Texas2cap - 83 PlaidJacket - 85 WadeDgolfer - 89 In everyone's defense, it was a very windy day and the course was very tight and tree-lined (probably the tightest I have ever played). I hate to make generalizations from just a single round but here is what I observed: EthanSterlingPrice - Good all around game but outstanding short game (impressive for such a young fellow). His scrambling was the difference. Texas2cap - Big hitter and good ball striker (love this guy's effortless swing). A superb putter. PlaidJa
  5. Not that it makes much difference in the end but that hole out was for birdie.
  6. What a great weekend of golf! Good golf courses and great company. Hope this turns out to be the first of many MGS Texas tournaments. Great job Plaid - thanks for doing the work to set this up for us.
  7. Yes, myself and D. Wade are in for Friday. Just put a new set of irons in the bag and looking forward to hitting them.
  8. Both courses look great; I'm good with either one. Looking forward to it (wherever we play).
  9. I was really looking forward to playing White Bluff. With that said, it doesn't matter much where we play so long as it isn't a goat track. If we have information that it's a nice course, that works for me. Need to firm up pretty quickly however so we can all finalize our plans.
  10. What is the latest update Plaid? Do we have a headcount?
  11. DWade and I will be there for the Friday round. Too far to drive for just one round.
  12. Welcome to the site. I've played three courses in Canada (Kananaskis Country, Stewart Creek and Silvertip) and thoroughly enjoyed all of them. Not sure how they compare to Vancouver courses but I have a feeling Vancouver has some great courses as well.
  13. Outstanding! I have 8:30 booked on the 21st and 8:00 booked on the 22nd. If that is too early for you we are happy to book later. I went with the early tee times because it is only $90 before 9 am. Hope you can make it.
  14. We arrive on the Friday the 17th, playing at Verrado that afternoon (1 pm tee time). Couldn't agree more with you on Wickenburg Ranch - played it last year and loved it. Booked a round for both Tuesday the 21st and Wednesday the 22nd at Wickenburg Ranch. Would love to play Quintero one day butt the tee times are going for $200 plus. That is all I have booked so far, haven't booked anything yet for the weekend (18th and 19th). If any of those days work for you, you are more than welcome to join us - each round was booked as a twosome so should be able to make arrangements with the cours
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