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  1. Spent some time in Maui and got onto Kapalua. Talk about the one course where I didn't care what my final score was!
  2. I pre-ordered the p790 with C-Taper Lites. Hoping mine don't end up being March....
  3. Looking for a good deal on a XR16 Pro Driver head. Right hand 9*. Would also consider a XR16 9*. Looking to experiment and tinker so let me know what you have!
  4. Haha. Little more than $9 lol. I had bought a driver from them and returned it under their $90 day guarantee. So it worked out!
  5. Had some credit at Rockbottomgolf. Just pre-ordered a set of p790 irons.... Very much an impulse purchase
  6. So any spies in the Maui area? Potentially heading down there in October with my wife and could have some time to golf. Any thoughts on some places to golf/things to do? Anyone want to golf?
  7. Thanks for the offer but ended up finding one locally! And thanks to all for the advice!
  8. I think it ends up being one of the old myFly wrenches
  9. That’s what I had thought too but it definitely is not the same wrench.
  10. Have a friend who has a ladies fly-z hybrid but no wrench. Anyone have one they’d let go for cheap? I have a bunch of extra wrenches but realized today cobras different. Thanks!
  11. Anyone have any MGS Alignment Sticks or fairway/hybrid headcovers in need of a new home? Figured it was worth an ask!
  12. Love the Tour Lined 2-ball. Even ended up switching after getting the original Ten haha. Such a great putter, and like you said, so easy to start on line.
  13. I actually joined Iron Valley in Lebanon County, only $2975 for a no restrictions membership, can play anytime 7 days a week, multiple times a day.  I play 4 days during the week at 0630 (often it's just me) and can play evenings.  One of the perks of working from home in Manheim.  I can get at least 3 people on for only $30, weekends included.  Almost any time you want to play, I can play.  Let  me know if interested.

    1. PAgolfer2017


      Appreciate that! Will take you up on that! Haven't played the course in awhile. My summer hours are a little more flexible. Friday's and some vacation days sprinkled in. End of next week I'll reach out and see if we can figure out a time and day.

    2. Hitides04


      Sounds good

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