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  1. Bob - Houston, TX Current Handicap - 12.6 Currently playing Mizuno MP59 with DG SL R flex shafts.
  2. I remember when Rookie first posted this.....kinda cool to see it's still gong strong......but.....where the hell have 8 years gone???
  3. Pretty sure these balls are not meant to be played :-))
  4. BIG congrats on shooting an even 9 hole round. Hell of an accomplishment. You didn't play 18 though, so don't even worry about 18 hole accomplishments.
  5. Name and Location - BK in TEXAS, HOUSTON, TEXAS Have you ever used a GPS device or watch? Which one(s)? YES, SHOTSCOPE Current method of determining yardage? SHOTSCOPE AND RANGEFINDER
  6. Awesome!!!! We've been on here a while now. Pretty much since the beginning! Good luck!
  7. Name/State: Bob K, Galveston, TEXAS Current Putter: NIKE Method Core Handicap: 9
  8. I've got MICHIGAN going all the way again!!!!! They never win, but I just can't bet against them! GO BLUE!!!!!!
  9. Remind me where you are located again? I'm a Coach at The First Tee of Greater Houston as well.
  10. Perfect timing. I'd love to give these irons a workout and review.... - Your first name BOB K - State/Province/Country HOUSTON TEXAS - Your current iron/shaft/flex makeup MIZUNO JPX 850 FORGED REGULAR FLEX KBS TOUR - Your 7-iron distance 145 CARRY 150 TOTAL THANKS!!!!
  11. Bob BK in TEXAS near Houston/Galveston Mizuno 850 Forged w/ KBS Tour Reg flex shafts 9.6 C300 Forged
  12. Ouch. That was brutal. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  13. I always pick Michigan to win.... even years they aren't in the tourney :-)) Gotta play with your heart! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
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