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  1. Just got back from Galveston from a hard fought round on the Island. My daughter has a tennis lesson in 10 minutes so I just want to say first time I've ever played Moody Gardens with the same ball through all 18. More on this later...
  2. I'm heading out to Galveston to play my Bash it Like Bryson round. Including 3 sweat towels. 10:30 tee time
  3. That looks to be a sinister course
  4. Godspeed Grand Stranded I'll be watching for your next posts.
  5. C'mon Man you play 3 rounds a day ! You need to be in the challenge every week. Take on Hammertime this week
  6. As we have come to expect another quality review, love the videos Bro!
  7. That's a consideration! But I'm not thinking that is the best for the course I'm playing.
  8. My setup for week 4 Bomb [emoji378] Like Bryson The course I will play Thursday, always a tough course for me but the sea breeze will help in the heat. Not sure which tees I'm going to play. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  9. Congrats on winning Puma gear and living in SoCal!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Wow I didn't catch that. Classy move by Rory.
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