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  1. Great group here I'll be following your results...get to work!
  2. I'm screwed...already weak backfield gonna take a hit!
  3. You would think NFL teams would stay clear of players that are unhappy at the Steelers!!!!!!!!!! Great organization and know how to get the best out of their players. I wish my Houston Texans had a front office like the Steelers.
  4. So impressed with your reviews and success with this shaft I just had to put one in my SpeedZone driver! See what it did for me>
  5. I was ready to put my Titleist TS2 driver back in my bag after analyzing my stats on Arccoss. I had lost 20 yards off the tee since putting the SpeedZone driver in play. But to the SpeedZone’s credit my accuracy has improved. I was fit into a Tensei blue 6.5 stiff shaft but received a Tensei blue 6.5 regular flex shaft for the competition and it performed well but the loss of yardage really bothered me. I had been following the Motor X shaft review thread and really was impressed with the results or the testers. So I wanted to try a Motor X shaft on the SpeedZone driver I found what I fe
  6. B.Boston 2020 CCC4 Champion represents us well ! It was a great experience for all of us I would personally like to thank again everyone involved with # COBRACONNECT4 #MGSCOBRA2020 Everyone should feel like WINNERS
  7. David Houston, Texas Cobra SpeedZone 10.5* Driver HC 9.5 Swing Speed 98 TSi 2
  8. Guess I'll be without a kicker this week if Chiefs game gets cancelled. It is the year 2020
  9. Okay thanks Apollo I just re-read the post by the commish...has to be from my roster?????? I have to drop a player to pick up a kicker in case my only kickers game is not played?????
  10. if Harrison Butker KC PK doesn't play
  11. Just to rub it in a little more We only wear sweaters until noon down here.
  12. Just getting ready for some great golfing weather down here
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