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  1. Great choices for this test, Congrats you guys!
  2. Maybe I'm missing something but I could not find the poll to fill out.
  3. I noticed that my transaction picking up the Rams defense and dropping the Colts defense went through last night. But Rams don't appear on my roster. I'm assuming that is because they played last night. I'm also assuming they will appear on my roster next Tuesday? I see that the players Cam swapped on waivers last night have not moved to his roster either.
  4. Thanks for the feedback and guidance, this league can be somewhat confusing.
  5. Are you thinking that after all four copies of the player are taken his name will come off the big board?
  6. I had real trouble last year in the draft understanding what players were off the board with multiple copies. Any tips?
  7. Where can I see the entire draft order? All I see is the first 15 teams.
  8. I have only played around with wedge on mat to chip in the hole. No full swings as I have mine under my porch roof, but I will try some shots off the mat going forward.
  9. Without my man Louis Oo who kept me in this all season I'm Out...but good luck to the top twenty!
  10. The availability of the sub base pad may eliminate this raised area at the hole by allowing for a deeper hole.
  11. I'll play no matter the format! I enjoy the competition and conversation about sports, and I appreciate all the work that is put in behind the scene. Good luck to everyone in the playoffs.
  12. Mine is under a porch roof, but does get leaves and some debris my dogs drag across. I just use my blower and it cleans up nicely. When I first unrolled the mat and putted on it it had some crazy waves in it that caused the ball to wiggle off line. I think that was from being rolled up for shipment. After sitting on my porch in the south Texas heat for a few days the wiggles and waves were gone. It rolls really true now. If I want break in my put there is a donut piece of foam to put under the mat.
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