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  1. That's what golf is ALL about...YOU and the golf course and the challenge that lays ahead! Congratulations on the day and your accomplishment.
  2. HC 12.8 Houston, TX Twitter @kleckdvm, IG: Texanist, Facebook. 12 to 16 rounds and I play for keeps #COBRACONNECT Challenge 4...#MGSCOBRA2020 , , , , If chosen I can get a full bag fitting at one of my frequently played clubs in Friendwoods Texas, Timber Creek Golf Club which is an authorized fitter and dealer of Cobra and Puma. And they are open for Business. Played there this Thursday! So my choices might change after fitting. Cobra SZ Extreme Driver Cobra SZ 3 wood Cobra SZ One 3 Hybrid , 5 Hybrid Cobra SZ One Irons Cobra King Black One Wedges I would love to test the One length clubs to reduce the variables in this difficult game I love. Lets do this!
  3. Enjoy the views they are epic!!!!!!!!!!! Enjoy golf heaven !!!!!!
  4. Impressive write up Bro But be careful who you hang out with LOL
  5. Congrats on 1000 B.Boston Is that better?
  6. Drove the ball as good as I have last couple years! But my approach game was awful and my putting was one lip out after another and average first putt was from 32 feet! May be time to put the Black Cats back in the bag and try to shake something up even though Jack Nicklaus never blamed his clubs...but I'm no Jack Nicklaus!
  7. With the prices on clubs dropping so low I could not resist updating my hybrids to the 2019 most wanted hybrids 818H1 19*, 23*, and 27*. Played with them yesterday and they are sweet! But I drove the ball so well I only used my hybrids for 5 shots and never used the 19*. I'll take some pics and post this weekend.
  8. I'll be following your observations guys, congrats on getting your sticks.
  9. I was looking for a spot for this topic and figured it's pretty random so this should be the spot. I'm really proud of my daughter as any father would be and yesterday was the day that her junior high was to announce the Cheerleaders for the coming school year ( if there is anything to cheer for). Since schools are currently online only in Texas she had to try out with a video of her cheering to a script and send that to the squad leader. My daughter had only tried out for one other thing before and that is the tennis team last year that she did make but, has been privately coach for at 6 months prior to try outs, but they only got two matches before the covid 19 shut everything down. Seeing how she hadn't been a cheerleader since second grade my wife and I were very nervous about the result ( only 8 girls out of 30 make the squad and she would have to beat someone from last years team. The announcement was to take place been 6 and 8 o'clock yesterday. About 6:30 we heard a police siren out in front of our house and we all ran outside to see a police car escorting the squad leader to the new cheerleaders homes to break the news and Gabbi made the team ! I thought that was a pretty cool way to reward those girls that made the team, but today I have to feel a little sad for those kids and parents that didn't make the team. I'm really proud of my daughter!
  10. I've watched a few of their videos before but this time I subscribed !
  11. Did you play with the Black Cats in the cold this winter? Obviously our winters down here are not that cold, but I felt like in cooler weather the Black Cat clubs lost some of the spring off the club face that I felt all summer, ( maybe something to do with the "goo" they put inside? ). When I put the AP1s back in the bag they felt more solid and my approach numbers improve immediately.
  12. Really enjoyed and learned from this video, Thanks
  13. I'm good with what ever, I know you guys do all the work for us to have fun. Thanks!
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