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  1. Other than being jealous I like him too... But seriously he has really struggled with the putter like so many do. But there is no doubt he is one of the most talented golfers on the planet.
  2. The Premier League is no doubt Arab oil money driven. IMO I'm taking DJ in Mexico
  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY guys and grandmother !
  4. All eight of my players in the Genesis and only three make the cut? Unbelievable ! I may have to re-evaluate my team after this week blackngold_blood I know you're listening...lol This is my pep talk to my players who missed the cut this week.
  5. You must be lethal on straight puts inside 12 feet ! Great video.
  6. Happy birthday GolfSpy Dave! I love your articles and tweets, keep up the good work!
  7. WHAT ! BnGb involved in a trade? Breaking news flash!
  8. I would love to be a fly on the wall
  9. I wonder if anyone from the Tire side of Bridgestone actually works on the golf side of Bridgestone ?
  10. I had the opportunity yesterday to do some much needed short game work with the Tour B RXS prototype and in comparison to my regular ball 2019 ProV1x. Started out pitching and chipping 10 balls of each Brand from the same distance and hit with same club SW to compare flight and spin and feel. Feel ProV1x is softer and more muted coming off wedge with a slightly higher trajectory while the Tour B RXS is a little more clicky and slightly lower launching. But both balls seem to check up similarly on shots from 20 to 40 yards. The Tour B RXS seemed to run out a little further on shots inside 20 yards. Then on the putting green I used the same ten balls of each Brand and tried to hit each putt the same distance by using the same stroke. I was not aiming at a hole I measured the distance from the fringe and tried to leave the ball right on the fringe each time using the same stroke each time. I alternated balls with each putt to try and deliver the same stroke to each ball. I used 3 different distances 30', 15', and 5'. The feel of the two balls is distinctive. The ProV1x sounds more muted and feels like it is on the face of the putter longer. The Tour B RXS has a little click to it and seems to jump off the face. My results did show the Tour B RXS to be a little hotter with 8 or 9 balls ending up on the fringe or rough from each distance and the ProV1x only 4 or 5 ending up on fringe or rough from each distance. As far as dispersion I could tell no difference, I can roll both balls straight at target.
  11. I'm testing the B RXS and I've been having weather issues myself rain, rain, and more rain in H-town. But we have a nice day tomorrow and I'm going to do some short game shots and putting at my club. The VFit is fun I hope you get a break in your weather soon.
  12. When does a trade like Go into effect? During this tourney or after?
  13. Schwartzel would have been a hell of a pick up for this week blackngold_blood! On another note I like the format of the Tourney at Pebble this week with the cut made after three rounds not two, pretty unique.
  14. I totally get where you're coming from. I play in a weekly foursome where we play local courses with green fees that range from $25 to $65. But on a destination family trip once every ten years or so I will splurge and never regret spending a wad of money on a memorable moment on a unbelievably spectacular place like the Monterey Peninsula and all of its magnificence. Just look at the expressions on my families faces!
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