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  1. Really enjoying reading this testing group,can't wait for all of your future thought!
  2. Actually only approved by two commissioners since You are one of the three. Bogus. It's okay this is supposed to be just for fun...I figure fair play would be the object, make your own bed Bro.
  3. If there was any money involved in this league and this trade was approved by the commissioner I would protest any results on going. So you two are saying Goaliewales14 is a duffus so it is okay. BS And Deandre Hopkins is by far the best player in that deal and Mark Ingram has out scored Conners all year plus two players from Undershooter are injured, Come on MAN !
  4. That last trade between Undershooter30 6-4 and Goaliewales14 3-7 is BOGUS. I know there is no money on the line but that trade is ridiculous
  5. Am I missing something here? I don't see "Me Myself and Dye" I only see 6 of 7 finalists.
  6. Yes, I got these a few years ago from a guy that couldn't hit them so I was considering changing shafts and lie but I came across a set of Titleist AP1 with my specs and graphite shafts that were practically brand new that I really liked. Then I found MGS and got chosen to test Lynx Black Cat irons and my approach handicap has fallen 3 points so I gotta keep gaming them. So I thought how many sets of irons am I gonna keep? Check out my review
  7. Mizuno JPX 900 Forged Tour Irons 4 thru PW N.S.PRO MODUS3 TOUR105 Stiff Flex Golf Pride New Decade Multi Compound Grips Excellent Used Condition. Only played a few rounds. $525.00 includes shipping. Offers welcome !
  8. Congrats testers be watching for your thoughts and reviews.
  9. Congrats guys I'll be looking forward to your thoughts.
  10. Damn closest shop to me is in Dallas 4 and half hours away
  11. Won both of my games this week I've got to hope that this trend will continue, but sure is slim pickins on waiver wire to improve with Guess my guys need a pep talk
  12. My team has sucked so far even though I rated very good after our draft, but a 1-5 start is gonna be hard to overcome
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