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  1. Hit balls for the 2nd time since spinal fusion back surgery in April -- last week was the first. Back and core are stronger due to 1 hour stretching and strengthening workouts every day. However, I'm still not fully back...by a long shot. Working with a ½ to ¾ swing length, swinging in rhythm and not forcing anything. Gap wedge was about 10 yards shorter than before, but I anticipated that. Just glad to hit and not feel pain...any suggestions out there as to how I should progress, let me hear it!! I've rehabbed both shoulders before, but not a spine!!
  2. Thanks...I had to laugh as I've had MRI's and CT scans lately -- dealing with a plasmacytoma on my L4 vertebrae. I have another coming up in October so I may try and stick a sleeve in my pocket...who knows what that would do to those who read these things...
  3. Padreruf

    ESPN Story.

    Story is 18 months old...
  4. What is the quality of this club vis a vis Titleist, Taylormade, etc.? How hard was it to get the right fit?
  5. While we are kicking around irons and shafts, has anyone here had any experience with Taylormade P790 or Sub70 699? They seem to be similar -- foam injected, etc.
  6. Hey ChuckZ -- I am on the other side of Charleston -- West Ashley...am 70 and play to a 10. I am recovering from back surgery -- spinal fusion due to a tumor on my L4. Anyway, I'll be back playing in August -- Stono Ferry -- and would love to talk with you regarding swing and club changes coming back from this surgery. I have already gone to game improvement irons (Taylormade M4 -- 6-GW -- with hybrids for 3-5. (All R shafts.) I have also installed more flexible shafts -- between R and S in my woods. My swing speed was 87 with driver...not sure what it will be now. It will be shorter and smoother, that is for sure. The more flexible shafts were so I could swing smooth and minimize the back pain I thought was coming from the discs. Anyway, what was your experience in coming back from this surgery? Have you changed your shafts? BTW, do you get fitted by David Ayres?
  7. I am 70 and similar speed...back issues...went to a Sr. shaft but SHORTENED the shaft to 44 ½ -- started hitting it past all my younger buds and in the fairway. Now, since back surgery I will not play until September...get properly fitted.
  8. First Name/City State: Bob, Charleston, SC Desired to test: 460cc Swing Speed: 90 -- on a good day when all the muscles and joints are working...
  9. First Name/State or Country of residence -- Bob, South Carolina Handicap -- 10 Current irons in Play -- Taylormade M-4 The carry distance of the your 7 iron -- 150 I would be the perfect senior candidate to see if these irons can restore a once good iron game that has gone miserable with age!!!
  10. Slow play usually happens when people who do not know how to play golf go on the course and try to do so. Public/semi-private courses should have some kind of policy to require non-golfers to pick up after double par.
  11. Bob Ferguson Charleston, SC 9 90 -95 mph Swing speed Current driver -- Taylormade M2 or Burner Draw, depending on how I feel!!! Would like to see if the G410 Plus is a good driver for Seniors -- I'm 68.
  12. Bob South Carolina, USA 12.1 Taylormade M4 KBS regular shaft i210
  13. Another question for you club afficienados -- Is the AP1 712 clubhead better than an older clubhead -- specifically Titleist 775 CB. The former is cast and the latter is forged. The former is on the whole 2 degrees lower per club than the latter. I played with the former for the last 6 years. What I am asking is whether my game will improve by reshafting these irons to shafts I like that that "fit" me? Does the head make that much difference?
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