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  1. First Name/City State: Bob, Charleston, SC Desired to test: 460cc Swing Speed: 90 -- on a good day when all the muscles and joints are working...
  2. First Name/State or Country of residence -- Bob, South Carolina Handicap -- 10 Current irons in Play -- Taylormade M-4 The carry distance of the your 7 iron -- 150 I would be the perfect senior candidate to see if these irons can restore a once good iron game that has gone miserable with age!!!
  3. Slow play usually happens when people who do not know how to play golf go on the course and try to do so. Public/semi-private courses should have some kind of policy to require non-golfers to pick up after double par.
  4. Bob Ferguson Charleston, SC 9 90 -95 mph Swing speed Current driver -- Taylormade M2 or Burner Draw, depending on how I feel!!! Would like to see if the G410 Plus is a good driver for Seniors -- I'm 68.
  5. Bob South Carolina, USA 12.1 Taylormade M4 KBS regular shaft i210
  6. Another question for you club afficienados -- Is the AP1 712 clubhead better than an older clubhead -- specifically Titleist 775 CB. The former is cast and the latter is forged. The former is on the whole 2 degrees lower per club than the latter. I played with the former for the last 6 years. What I am asking is whether my game will improve by reshafting these irons to shafts I like that that "fit" me? Does the head make that much difference?
  7. After 4 months I can say that walking with a push cart is the way to go...even @ 67. Much more relaxing and enjoyable -- even had a 3 some in carts ahead of us tell us that we kept up with them the whole day...which we did.
  8. After a few months the verdict is clear -- the Kuro Kage shafts are too light and weak for me. I am hitting the Titleist 775 CB with Nippon Pro Regular shafts very solid...can move the ball left and right much easier. I am tempted to put these shafts into the AP1 712's -- but not really sure that would make a big difference in scoring. I just know that hitting a 7 iron 145 at sea level is far enough... My bigger problem is that my putting has gone to hell -- have the beginnings of cataracts but cannot have surgery now. Father time is undefeated...but I'm still playing 3x most w
  9. Bob, South Carolina Titleist 775 cb (returned to old set of forged irons due to reshafting mistake.) Handicap -- 12 -- up due to poor irons!!! (My excuse.) Launcher CBX
  10. I added lead tape as they were way too light...still not heavy enough. Have gone back to Titleist 735's with Nippon shaft -- forged and much heavier. Lost a club in distance but have regained feel. I cannot handle light...obviously.
  11. Ironically the shafts I replaced were graphite, but they were 120 grams...they were stiff and I needed more flexible. Missing the distance from the 712 AP1's, but not the stiffness....
  12. I changed shafts in my irons -- more flexible (due to injury/age) and lighter -- 70 grams. I have hated them...feel like I am hitting with a noodle. I retrieved an older set of Titleist 735 forged irons with steel "r" shafts (Nippon) -- and love them Height and distance have returned along with feel and control. Any thoughts? Is there a tradeoff between weight and feel?
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