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    grumpy starters its a GM problem

    Im 51 there sporto last time I post here - your completely wrong and know zip about - you must be a gm lol - opinions are like assholes and ur 1. I fix as many ball marks as possible- I rake traps like its my own yard and even in south with no divot repair I get my divot and replace - its customers service 101 I can teach ignorance but I cant teach u there their there's sporto - ur ice cold and an ******* - done here use to be a decent place to post not so much . cheers there jr Bags
  2. 90% of all starters are grumpy bastard s - like they own the course because holding a clipboard with tees times lol. GM dont train these guys and their all rouge which is truly a shame because starters are the face of your club. Starters should say please keep up pace of play repair all ball marks and divots and thnx for coming out have a great day - nope never happens. Starters GM s plz remember golfers are your CUSTOMERS not the other way around Bags
  3. Bags

    Wedges! wedges! we don't need no steenkin' wedges.....

    correct should have 4 degree of separation between clubs - Bags
  4. Bags

    projectx hazardous

    Yellow or black looking for 6.0 or 6.5 feedback from guys who are using this shaft. Whats your swing speed spin etc what driver head launch condition etc. thanks in advance Bags
  5. gold in that there sand my friend golf lol Bags
  6. Bags

    One Sentence Story

    dude Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  7. could be many things - me 9.1 ghin 150 yards and in with no restricted backswing should hit every green - doesnt usually happen but should. Maybe look big picture forget flag and put little ball on big green surface- just a thought Bags
  8. Bags

    Got Problems?

    Im in sales can be fn nightmare sometimes Bags
  9. Hi looking for x flex shaft With adaptor that fits epic fairway head x flex - Please email me Bags
  10. Bags

    Tiger Woods - Nike/Artisan

    I thought I saw Tig with nike wedge still over wkend Bags
  11. Bags

    Old Man Winter

    that why wife and I moved from NH to SC I had enough - does get cold but like fri this week 70 plus no snow play yr round Bags
  12. nice move south so u can play Bags
  13. Bags

    New putter for Tiger?

    nope on ping putter yes on ping grip - used that pistol ping grip pretty much his whole career - its a scotty putter tho Bags
  14. Bags

    New to the group

    welcome Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy