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  1. Lessons are the best investment one can make in their golf game. I just caution one thing; make sure you're taking lessons from the right person. Golf “pros” are a dime a dozen and there are plenty who don't know what they're talking about. Find a good pro, listen and put in some real practice and your game will get much better. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  2. Didn't play today but just found out... I got asked to play with a group at Silverado tomorrow in Napa! Just want to let all the frozen spies out there from places like, not California, I will post plenty of pics for you and sip a piña colada pool side in your honor.
  3. Ooh, another great show was, "Taboo" with Them Hardy as a terrifying man going up against the East India Trading Company over North American land rights (trust me, it's great). The show is on FX and can be streamed through their site.
  4. This one came out a year or two ago but it was fantastic! Check out, "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" It's based on a best selling book and the production is top notch (BBC did it, cost about $50 million to produce) Think, "Dark Crystal" meets "The Prestige". Basically, a version of Earth where magic is kinda real and is used to help England defeat Napoleon at the turn of the 19th century. Well written, acted, everything.
  5. Get well soon DawgDaddy! Hope The Dawgs whup Alabama and make that back feel extra good!
  6. Check out Action Figure Therapy! They sell after market mini figures such as "Terminally Ill Contraband Manufacturing Underwear Science Teacher Minifigure" (aka, dad from breaking bad) and "Pop Singer Whose Only Crime Was Loving Children Too Much (And Maybe Molesting Them) Minifigure" (maybe MJ?) Store PS, maybe not the best site for kids... they do have some non-licensed stuff that kids would dig though, like every Marvel character, He-Man, Godzilla, you name it!
  7. Not really, only my driver, driver shaft, putter, irons, bag, umbrella, wire brush, balls, shoes, GPS, pull cart and gloves.
  8. Equipment differences are negligible at the tour pro level. These guys can play great on anything and they have every resource in the world to dial in their equipment. The only area it seems like there might be a significant strokes gained/lost is with the putter if one company has good tech and another makes pretty wall hangers.
  9. What I love about MGS tests is they typically answer one question; will this product improve your score? Well, I think most people would agree, the best way to improve your score is not through technology but through skill so, how about a test of products designed to make you a better golfer? Training aid testing! Which products make you a better ball putter, which improve ball striking, etc. and which are not worth the price of postage. I would like to see a review of online lesson services like Rotary Swing as well. If certain products work and absolutely can make you a better player, I would like to know!
  10. Since they offer the wedges in 1* increments, you shouldn't need to bend clubs more than .5*, shouldn't be an issue.
  11. I love mine! The V sole really is amazing. It plays like a low bounce wedge on soft stuff but you can just open the face up and bounce the hell out of them if you want! Great wedges for a player who knows how to use them!
  13. They can't all be smiling chatterboxes like old Ben Hogan!!!
  14. I'm not part of the review for this but... I do have the Sky Caddie Linx GT GPS Watch & Shot Tracking System which I received as part of a beta test program. Here are a few notes I have after almost six months of use: 1: The software needs work. The version I have is in beta so this is to be expected but there are a couple real head scratchers like the fact that it uses two different apps which aren't well integrated. To use this properly, you need the SkyGolf 360 app and the SkyCaddie app. The interface is clunky and hard to navigate, particularly if you need to go back and forth between the apps, which you often do. 2: The watch is slow to pick up satellites. They recommend turning the phone on 10 minutes before your tee time but I have found this often isn't enough. Also, after 10 minutes or so, it will stop looking for satellites so you have to make sure you pay attention and reset it. The more trees on the course, the more issues you will have. Driving in a covered golf cart can block the signal as well. 3: The tags are extremely hit or miss. I would say it records my swing perfectly for all the shots on a hole (not counting putting) maybe 33% of the time. Between having to delete practice swings, add putts and any hazards issues, you get into a rhythm of editing on your app at the end of every hole if you want an accurately reported game. In my opinion, this defeats the purpose of the tagging system to some extent. 4: This GPS is REALLY accurate! especially when you have it working with your phone. I benchmarked it against laser range finders and permanent yardage monuments and found it to be inside a yard every time. Anytime it wasn't, it was because I was moving or didn't wait 2-3 seconds to get a proper reading. 5: The maps on the app are really incredible. The yardage marking points are detailed, well thought out and really give you insight into how to play the course once you figure out how to use the app properly. In the end, I am using the SkyCaddie primarily as a distance measuring tool and as a caddy tool to read the course and determine with greater accuracy, which shot to play. Knowing the exact yardage distance between the carry for one side of a bunker vs. the other makes a huge difference! There are even too maps of the greens so picking a spot to stay below the hole from a distance is something I can realistically do now. It's like having a pro caddy yardage book in your phone, which is awesome! I do not use it for keeping score at all, just more effort than it's worth. I write it down the old fashioned way and that's fine for me. Overall, it's an accurate GPS system and a 1st rate yardage book, which are really good things but it's not a great score keeper.
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