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  1. Didn't play today but just found out... I got asked to play with a group at Silverado tomorrow in Napa! Just want to let all the frozen spies out there from places like, not California, I will post plenty of pics for you and sip a piña colada pool side in your honor.
  2. Ooh, another great show was, "Taboo" with Them Hardy as a terrifying man going up against the East India Trading Company over North American land rights (trust me, it's great). The show is on FX and can be streamed through their site.
  3. This one came out a year or two ago but it was fantastic! Check out, "Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell" It's based on a best selling book and the production is top notch (BBC did it, cost about $50 million to produce) Think, "Dark Crystal" meets "The Prestige". Basically, a version of Earth where magic is kinda real and is used to help England defeat Napoleon at the turn of the 19th century. Well written, acted, everything.
  4. Not really, only my driver, driver shaft, putter, irons, bag, umbrella, wire brush, balls, shoes, GPS, pull cart and gloves.
  5. Beautiful fall day in Davis, CA! Nearly eagled the par 5 second hole (check out the ball, chipped to 6” from the hole). Get out and play! Sent from my Augusta National using MyGolfSpy
  6. Hole four, a 480 yd par 4. This hole is long. (Note, no longer under par... stupid trees...) Sent from my Augusta National using MyGolfSpy
  7. Even through 1! Looks like I'm on course for a 72! [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Par 5 second coming up, dog leg right at 540yds. Sent from my Augusta National using MyGolfSpy
  8. Played Haggin Oaks on Sunday and dropped an 80' putt that started about 6" off the fringe! Felt pretty great! Went out and played an E9 the next day in about 45 minutes. Came to find out, if you pay for the 9, you are allowed to play as many rounds as you like. So, I ask what the record is, 54 holes in a day. That's it? I'll do that before lunch! Game on! The next time I have a full day, I'm going for the record! I would like to throw down 90 holes! Will keep you posted!
  9. Price wise, how does that compare to premium quality balls? I'm not sure how much your plastic, kangaroo dollars are worth! (or how much balls come to down there with shipping, import taxes, etc.)
  10. Well, I have put the Cut Blue through 18 holes on Sunday and another 9 on the executive course today. Additionally, I spent a few hours on the short game practice area hitting putts, chips and bunker blasts wit the Cut, some Pro V 1s, some TM TP5s and a Callaway Chrome Soft Truvis I happened to have in my bag. In general, I could not for the life of me tell the difference between any of these balls. On the course, I hit the Cut about as far as I typically hit a tour ball. No appreciable change in distance. Ball flight may be slightly high compared to other, similar balls. Around and on the green, the Cut had a nice feel, soft, easy to spin. Again, not much different than a Pro V1 or similar. As for durability, see the pic below. That is the same ball I used for 18 holes on Sunday. No issues at all, even the ugly graphic stayed in place. All in all, unless you're a seriously good golfer (club pro or better), you will have a hard time discerning the difference between this ball and another that costs twice as much or more. In general, I would say it plays more like a Pro V1/TP5 than the Pro V1x/TP5x. Definitely plenty of spin and if you don't love that, this may not be the ball for you. Bottom line, I reckon, if they painted "Titleist" on this ball instead of "Cut", there would be very few people who could tell the difference. Save yourself some cash, give these a go. They are top notch and less than $20 a dozen. Maybe someday they'll even hire a graphic designer to spruce up their look!
  11. Since I searched and haven't been able to find much on the "Cut Golf Co." line of balls, I figured I would order a few dozen and write up a review. For those that don't already know, Cut is a direct to consumer ball manufacturer based out of Southern California (Costa Mesa!). Among the many direct to consumer brands out there, I believe cut offers a "tour" quality ball at a lower price point than any other brand. This and this alone has motivated me to figure out if they're any good! My testing will not be: Scientific Quantifiable in any way Free of bias Coherently written My testing will be: Like, my opinion man? Based on feel How it relates to my game/balls I currently play About me; I'm a single digit handicapper, hit the ball pretty far, irons go high, long and have lots of spin (7i averages about 195yds with 6500rpm spin). I am currently gaming the Taylor Made TP5X. Short game needs work, Leo, dogs > cats, enjoys hazy IPAs. About the balls: Cut offers three models of golf ball; The Cut Blue, a 4 piece, urethane cover ball. This is their tour ball, the one I am testing. The Cut White, a 3 piece, mid-range ball with a surlyn cover and The Cut Red, a 2 piece, surly cover low end ball. The Blue goes for $20/dzn, the White $15/dzn and the Red is $10/dzn. Yes, $20 for one dozen, 4 piece, urethane covered, potentially tour quality balls. To start, I went on the site and ordered three dozen balls. Three dozen at $19.99 each plus $4.79 for tax and a flat $10 for shopping brought my grand total to $74.64 aka, less than $25 a dozen delivered to my door step. I received my balls less than 48 hours from time of order (I live in CA, experience may vary). Taking them out, they feel like any other tour ball, the graphics don't appear to be well designed or applied for that matter (like a screen print running a little low on ink). Graphics don't matter to me but these definitely aren't pretty like a ProV1 or direct to consumer competitor, Vice. Haven't played them yet but I have a tee time tomorrow at 0700 and they will be in the bag. Wish me luck and stay posted! Sent from my Augusta National using MyGolfSpy
  12. I had one of those days where everything that could go wrong, did! Shot a 52 on the front nine and called it a day. Let's put it this way, On the two par 5s, I was off the green but distance wise there in 2 both times. I carded a 7 on each of them! Ugh! When your short game goes south followed by losing confidence in your short game, things can get bad fast. Picking up was necessary to prevent permanent psychological damage!!!
  13. There are some sports where getting fired up and angry can help, golf is not one of them! Every good golfer I know (as in really good), has one thing in common; even keel demeanor. In high school I was on the golf team with a guy named Nick Watney who is on the PGA tour now. He was the calmest person you ever met. Almost to the point of it making me wonder if he lacked the ability to really have emotions. The guy was just scary calm all the time, nothing got to him, never mad, never excited, just the same, cruising along, being a million times better than me at golf.
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