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  1. Long week of golf. Match up lay is always interesting.
  2. Not sure if I mentioned it SWMBO is a animal lover, big time. About a year ago she noticed some cats in the back of a strip mall she goes by on her walks. Yup Wild/Feral cat colony. Only a few and looked abandoned not really feral. Well she took to it and adopted the colony which means to “we adopted” the colony and that’s OK. So she has been feeding/watering them every day, twice a day and has become very attached, especially 2 gray & white. The bride was noticed and SWMBO has become good friends with other people who try to “trap/ neuter, spay/release or find homes if they are friendly enough. There’s a lot to more to this of course. anyway I was working in the yard yesterday and she came back from her walk/feeding and could tell it wasn’t good, one of the gray/white cats was hit by a car and removed by community watch. Some people in the bank/Subway saw it happen and where there when SWMBO showed up to tell her and console her. Still a lot of good people in the world.
  3. I check occasionally and it’s amazing that it brings in the “Free Stuff” Surfers. Mods will figure it out. 80% can be removed quickly.
  4. Does this mean your name will be 2 putt or even 1putt
  5. I’ll 2nd that. Saw cartoon this morning.
  6. I was more than ready at 60-62 yo. We needed SWMBO health insurance coverage so had to hang on to 65. Customers, employees, state and federal taxes, regulations and suppliers getting materials from overseas so quality and delivery were problems. Like I said I was more than ready. I was offered jobs mostly consulting but had enough.
  7. With your setup I wouldn’t retire either. When your ready to walk away you’ll know it.
  8. GM, 60* with light breeze a beautiful morning. No golf today, coffee, cereal and Sports Page B4 a few house maintenance and then yard. Should be a good day. Resting B4 Bacon Boyz tomorrow.
  9. Trust me you don’t want to swap…
  10. 2 of our Gkids will be here a few days in June, 17 & 19. Hope the other 2 (18 & 20) can make it soon.
  11. Unfortunately the time goes really fast. Great, welcome aboard!
  12. Shame, great track. Tough and well maintained. Golf Club only, no pool, tennis and minimal amenities to keep costs reasonable and course in top shape.
  13. I’ve kinda got similar schedule…
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