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  1. It was a while ago and it did. That Imaging Co had a choice at the time, Eagles or Pink Floyd.
  2. I got the Eagles & my MRI. Wasn’t bad!
  3. Friday Bacon Boyz 9. Played reasonably mediocre. Irons were OK, short on every chip shot which was really bad because the greens were just sanded and looks like some kind of scarification. Forced myself to go to breakfast with them….ate healthy, eggs& fruit w whole wheat toast. There was enough Bacon in the air for everyone to get 2nd hand Bacon fumes!
  4. I played for years with 3w and Driver in garage. It took a while for me to be able to hit Driver a decent distance and able to keep it in play. 3w was my friend.
  5. Interesting, the only HIO I have is on a Regulation Course, I’ve come close but no HIO’s on an Exec.
  6. Was it a “Yellow Ball”? They’re pretty tough!!
  7. Links of course . I’m playing Exec 9 with Bacon Boyz Friday and that should be it until surgery Thursday. SWMBO is getting nervous.
  8. Good luck. Sounds like we are taking similar routes. Only difference when I asked Orthopedic Doc to scope meniscus he said no, I don’t have a enough left to scope. I went with GelSyn to get thru Covid. I hope the Scope will do it for you.
  9. Huh, I thought Joe Namath was the best Authority on Medicare
  10. Take care Grasshopper and forwarding the Motocaddy classy move.
  11. Sounds like a reasonable theory.
  12. Nice Birdie!! Along with a nice day on the course!!
  13. Oh boy, that sucks. Hope it’s nothing major. Good luck tomorrow.
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