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  1. Rob, why did you cut the 1” off shaft. Control or distance? Thanks
  2. I gave up on leather after moving to FL. I was burning thru them so that’s why made the switch. Good luck!
  3. Last “batch” I got was Zero Friction 6 gloves I believe was $40/$45. There the universal fit. Not the best but work great for FL weather.
  4. Have you tried Amazon?
  5. My irons are sparse 7,8,9,PW,GW & 56 SW. Everything else is FW woods & hybrids. I’m getting old
  6. Huh, my 3w has been in timeout for a few months. Cally 4hy heavenwood has taken that space and it seems to like it there.
  7. For some unforseen reason I’m happy with what’s in the bag right now. Never had that feeling B4, it’s an unfamiliar
  8. Old school cart lookin good
  9. I’m in 1151 place, last place is 1350 so it like I’m still in this thing ….well maybe
  10. The PXG has been comfortable in the bag for a while and not easily moved.
  11. It takes time to do things this important properly
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