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  1. Well of course they'll be available in a few weeks right after I pulled the trigger on NL 623-M (their Super Bowl 15% off promo was too much to resist). Interesting similarities between 623-M and TA III, other than some different milling on the back heel/toe. Seems to lend some credibility to those saying these are all outsourced blanks with some custom milling/stamping "finishing touches"? I do think the extended weight pads on heel/toe of TA III might add to some perimeter weighting increasing MOI/forgiveness. Comparison pics: Question to @GolfSub70 if
  2. Any word on if the TA III or 649 Tour MBs are coming any time soon? If not might be time to pull the trigger on some New Level 623-Ms.
  3. I don't think I ever "bashed" the company, in fact to the contrary I said that their clubs look nice, probably are every bit as good of quality as the big OEMs, and that I will probably even end up demoing a few at some point. I simply pointed out an error in his chart that he posted a few days ago, not a post form over a year ago, so if there was a cost adjustment why not reflect it in his chart? Like I said in previous post, not a huge deal, but who knows what other inaccuracies there may be in that chart when it should be pretty simple to know your own product's current cost? As to t
  4. Re-read the post you quoted. I never said I could walk into GG or PGASS and pick up a NEW set of CURRENT model Taylormades or Titleists for the same price, but I can go on several websites and buy NOS (New Old Stock, there, I spelled it out for you) irons for a COMPARABLE price, likely with a no up-charge shaft, for CLOSE to the same price. And they admit right on their website that there is really no significant change in improvement from cycle to cycle from all the big OEMs. Reading is fundamental, my friend! Jesus, It's like I'm playing cards with my brother's kids around here!
  5. They don't have the shafts I want listed on the drop-down menu of their website, so why not go with the stock option, pull, install my own, and try to sell of the outcasts? Hmmmm..........................
  6. @GolfSub70 Thanks for pointing out the option of sending my own shafts/grips and only paying for the heads and build. That might be an option, although I really do enjoy building my own clubs, and you didn't mention the cost of the build. I'm not necessarily looking to "break even" or anything, but why not sell off a set of shafts that I'll never, use when I already have something better "for my game" on hand ready to install? Not only is it somewhat therapeutic for me, but I know they are done exactly how I want them, everything including doweling, pro-soft inserts, grips built up exa
  7. I'm still interested in this company, and will probably do a demo later in the spring, but when I go on the website and build a set of 4-GW, the savings just aren't there. 1. They have have a very limited number of available "upgrade" shafts, and they all cost a premium. Heck, even anything other than a GP Tour Velvet STD grip is an up-charge. 2. I can actually buy NOS of last year's top of the line clubs, pull and sell the shafts, put my own in, sell the grips and put my own on, and actually about break even compared to Sub70. I'm not knocking the whole DTC concept. For the
  8. That's understandable I guess, they don't want a bunch of hacks doing shoddy builds and giving their product a bad rep. I guess the only extra work for me would be to pull whatever stock shaft came with them and then having to resell them to recoup some of my costs when I put my own in.
  9. They must've just put that up, I swear it wasn't there over the weekend. Anyway, Sweet Baby Jesus! Those look amazing, very clean, minimal "branding", reduced head size and offset, and a durable nitrocarburized finish. I may have to pick up a demo when available. Also anxiously awaiting if they announce plans to release that 639-G they teased earlier - that in black could be the one! I swore I was set on equipment for the year, but at this price for a nice new set of toys it's hard to pass up. I'm still thrilled with my TM P770s and have no intention of ditching them, but a demo of
  10. My bad, I see that now that I re-read it, but can't your wife assist her until she grows a little? Good choice on the ClicGear, I just got one last spring and couldn't be happier with it.
  11. Where is this that an 11 year old is driving herself to the course and needing to unload clubs/cart out of the trunk?
  12. Great thread so far and very informative! Couple of questions for @GolfSub70: - What is the black finish made of? Is it the crappy PVD or some other type of "surface coating" that wears rather quickly, or something more durable like black nitride or DBM? - Is it, or will it at some point be, possible to get the black finish on other models besides the 639cbs? Or even possibly raw? I could see the added expense of doing just a few 1-offs of a certain head in black for "special orders", but offering in raw should actually help with cost as its one less step of the finishing p
  13. Everything was purchased off eBay, except the ST driver head that I got from a generous WRX member for $125 shipped with headcover.
  14. Also should add, I wanted to play the GT shorter than normal and didn't find extra weights available. I went to Mizunousa.com, did the chat with Lauren, and got my extra weights in the mail today for grand total of FREE. Mizuno CS is second to none!
  15. Sorry to bump this thread back up from almost a year ago, but I just discovered these (GT180 and ST180) both in drivers and fairways. I have been playing a '17 M1 for a few years and mostly happy with it. On a lark decided I needed to try one of the new Mizuno 190 models. Read some reviews, and decided not to pay $400-500 on a club that might not preform better than what I have (no one locally has Mizuno wood demos, so would be going in blind). Then along comes the GT180 @ $125 for the head/adapter only and I figure why not. I figured if I was going in blind on the head might as well
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