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  1. and Ball A and ball B could be the same ball model .......just saying some people couldn't tell the difference in the first place.
  2. I always leave the carboard type front liner inside that comes with the cap when purchased......can be replaced from time to time. However I'll also as required put the cap ( take out the liner ) into the TOP rack of the Dishwasher and following the wash cycle take it out and let it AIR DRY outside.......not in the Clothes Dryer. Done many times with cap coming out like new.
  3. When first putting on the double sided grip tape make sure you extend it about a 1/4"-1/2 " beyond the end of the shaft, then fold the edges together and under the shaft and you now have the grip tape locked down so it can't slide forward ( and blocks any grip fluid entering the end of the shaft) when you slip on the grip in a fluid, forceful, steady push. I put some grip fluid inside the grip, blocking both holes, give it 3-4 shakes to lube the inside and then let the grip fluid pour out the bottom as I distribute it along the grip tape, then slide it on. As others have advised I always put a protractor (magnetic) on the putter face to 90 deg and when I install the grip I use two (2) small bubble levels slightly up (1/3) and slightly down(1/3) from the top and bottom of the grip to level it off as well. Easy peezy every time!
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