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  1. This Lefty’s 4U then. I call it the refined gentleman Lefty look
  2. And ball picker uppers :) Good for u though. Staying active. Hope I’m half as active as your posts at that age :)
  3. Boy that’s a lot of shots at that hole for 1 person...
  4. Mid 60’s this weekend. Great golf weather!
  5. I see the trees r turning by u2. They r turning by me also :)
  6. Got a flat on 17 with no spare in rental. Just air pump. Got it to Pebble Beach clubhouse and wound up eating dinner while portable flat fixer came by. Plugged the flat right on back of truck in PB parking lot. Got to see the sights (table overlooking PB in window out back) but not to play :( What a tease huh. Great food and can’t beat the scenery at the clubhouse :)
  7. Mid 50’s early morning to mid 60’s by noon. Later in the day around 6 is warmest this time of year. Upper 60’s. Color change. Great time for golf :)
  8. There’s plenty of that here and it’s all year round...
  9. Yep fall in the NE is a great time of year :)
  10. Not me but we. 3 of us tee off and spun off to our right (left side of pic.) down near the trap. All in same area. We all chip on and 1 putt in. Pretty much identical shots.
  11. It’s down and to the ‘Left’
  12. I have the brother 917 :) Enjoy it!
  13. More a story but... Playing Stableford. Slightly down in score. Last hole. Really dark. Darker than pic (lightened it up to see hole in pic. Hole right to left). We can’t really see other side. Leader puts ball on edge of green. My buddy who is out already puts it on green. I am short bottom right. I chip on to 5 feet of pin. Leader putts and is short about 7 feet. My buddy out. If I get it in and he doesn’t we tie. If he gets it in he wins. I’m up first. I put it in. Pressure now on leader. He putts it in. Was a good effort. :)
  14. ‘Lefty Creek’ they call it.
  15. 165 to the pin from the bunker on the left where the carts are. Put it on within 5 feet of the pin with a 6. Not sure I could purposely replicate that again :)
  16. “We got a long way to go and a short time to get there. We gonna do what they say can’t be done...” The Bandit Lefty Edition
  17. Very open on that course. Is the whole course open like that?
  18. That one with the head up was like ‘come at me bro. I dare u.’
  19. Lefty ‘U swinging at me bro!?’ Edition
  20. More like Flub of the day. About 185 out and downhill. Was going to either lay up with a 6 and chip on from there or try straight on with my 3 hybrid and catch the roll if I need be. Btw I hate my 3 hybrid. Hate it. So what do I do? Yep, 3 damn hybrid. I wind up in the water on the left and lost a shot. Oh well some day I may learn :)
  21. This hole cuts hard left at the end. Where u see bunker far in the distance it cuts 90 degrees left about 30 yards and up a hill to a plateau for the green. My tee off I hit it on left side. I decided to chance it and cut the trees. Worked out and landed a chip away on the left side of green. Personally I was amazed it worked out that well.
  22. Lol. Racist figurine makers right. Where’s all the Lefty outrage since media pushing hypersensitivity these days right. Lmfao.
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