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  1. Jim/Alabama Handicap 9 Current irons Callaway Apex CF 16 7 iron carry 153
  2. The Mizuno 3 swing analyzer is actually pretty good if you can find a fitter that has one. I would also recommend getting fit on grass if possible and using your gamer ball too but these two things are mostly hard to come by. Next, understand your swing tendencies to pick the particular style of club you require. Those who pick the ball tend to do better with thinner soles while those who take healthy divots, diggers if you will, will usually do better in wider soles. Of course, this is a generality and not a hard and fast rule. Shaft weight is HUGELY important. Need to try varying weights to find the optimal shaft. Too light can promote over the top of the swing plane while too heavy can promote underneath the swing plane. Club head weight also matters as well. A good fitter should know all this.
  3. May be a stupid question but have you all ever tested grips? What I mean is what is the best for like a gloved hand vs bare hand, what is best overall in terms of performance for most golfers, does cord make a difference, what happens if you go from say a 50g standard grip to a 68g oversize to club performance, how different grip sizes affect individual players and so forth. You guys rock the tests so I was curious if this has been done or could be done. What is you preferred grip choice?
  4. My son is a competitive junior player and got fitted quite well. However, I went to the same guy and after 9 weeks of trying could never hit the irons he put me in well. Went back to my previous set and hit them great. Didn't need new irons but was lured by shiny new toys I guess. My main takeaway is this, first off if you don't get fit using the ball you normally play it's almost worthless. Second, it's more than numbers, feel and looks do matter. Third, hitting off mats is not same as hitting off grass. Finally, and I think this was part of my issue, the weight of the shaft and overall weight of the club wasn't taken into consideration. I ended up in 105 gram shaft which is too light. Went back to a S300 shaft in my old clubs and hit the ball great.
  5. If you like the Snell, I would stay with it versus the Cut. Not going to really save enough money to make much difference. Snell is about the best direct to consumer ball out there in my view.
  6. My bag has been set for the last couple of years. No changes being made in my case.
  7. My bag has been set for the last couple of years. No changes being made in my case.
  8. I went to graphite last year. Arthritis in my hands would hurt like hell for days after playing with steel shafts even with dampening inserts. Haven't had an issue. Went to my fitter and ended up in Recoil 95 shafts. Love them. Haven't had an issue and now my hands don't hurt after playing.
  9. 1. Jim - Huntsville, AL 2. 8.4 3. Dream Bag: Driver: Launcher HB 10.5* Fairway: Launcher HB 15* Hybrids: Launcher HB 3h-5h Irons: Launcher CBX 6-GW Wedges: CBX Wedges (54, 58) Putter: Huntington Beach #1
  10. Glad to hear you're doing much better Robin. Get well soon. I could use a new fitting too. Age is catching up to me!
  11. The new Titleist 718 AP3s are intriguing and the new Mizunos. Probably will just stick with my MP 33s though. I flirt with other irons and always come back to the 33s. They look after me.
  12. Nothing shows up at my home course in the fall like a bright pink ball. Watch some of the ladies play with them and you can see those balls a mile away. The Truvis works pretty well in this regard too. Yellow balls can get hard to see against leaves and dormant bermuda grass. Oranges can show up well but again among the leaves they can get hard to spot. I stick with the white balls since the ball I prefer doesn't come in other colors.
  13. I am in the same category as Plaid. Doesn't really matter what ball I use and I will still shoot about the same. All I have to do is adjust to the greenside spin or lack thereof. Not that big of a deal. What matters to me the most is the feel. I have to find my Goldilocks zone. Some are too soft and some are too firm. Finding the one that feels just right is a challenge. Right now, that is the Pro V1.
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