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  1. I have used a Bag Boy/MGI Navigator 2 Electric Golf Caddy for 8 or more years. I upgraded to the Quad but passed my Nav2 to my spouse. The circuit board went out and the part is no longer available. If anyone has a Nav2 that's got a decent working circuit board and desires to sell, let me know. Thank you.
  2. I live in Seattle area. I also walk the course, and as a female, believe me, I need a bag that has everything! Every pocket and nook and cranny serves a purpose for me. I carry a variety of outerwear (Seattle is a tad bit wet), shorts, in case the weather warms up), the usual golf items: balls, tees, markers, etc. However, I also love to have my cold beverages be it a chilled bottle of water, a soda, or a beer or two. Currently, I carry the Ping Rhapsody bag and have it loaded onto my Bag Boy Navigator electric cart. What I look for in a bag is storage, durability with zip
  3. Hello! My name is Stacy and I live in the Seattle area...rain gear is a must have, a go-to, an every day part of my golf and I'd love to test your product. I play daily and if not on the course I'm practicing. I own a pair of Adidas rain pants and a Sun Mountain rain jacket are two different fabrics and provide adequate protection but certainly not ideal as the properties and materials are not same. If you're looking for an opinion for your ladies "line", I'd love to be selected. I have played in absolute downpour at my home course on a weekly basis. If I waited for clear, blue ski
  4. Stacy index 10.7 I currently play Callaway Big Bertha, but desperately need an upgrade. The 1500 would be my choice. Probably a long shot as most applicants are men, but a girl can dream, right? Lite shaft, if selected...fingers crossed.
  5. My name is Stacy, i'm a 12.6 index, and my current driver is the Ping GLE 11.5 degree, ladies shaft,soft. I would love to test this driver with an A or senior shaft suited for my swing speed of 75 MPH. I work hard on my fitness and golf game and would do the same as a tester for the Mizuno driver.
  6. First name Stacy Home State/Province/Country. Washington State ​Do you use performance tracking? no, but I want to! Do you use a GPS watch? yes Which ones? Garmin golf watch play at least 3-5 times a week. Would love to test the product!!!
  7. Oh you know I will...you know I will.
  8. Shoes...shoes...you say, I have so many golf shoes that I've lost count. I love them, but in truth, I always return to my Adidas...traditional, sturdy, good fit, and comfy. My go to shoe is my Paula Creamer pink and white, vintage 2013 with pink ribbon laces. They are waterproof, provide total stability under foot, and look pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!
  9. Weather forecast is for 70 degree temps this week. The course may still play like a wet carpet in a flood, but at least it will be a "warm" wet carpet. Lots of testing with the Snell ball this week and my review will be forthcoming. I look forward to adding to my review now that the sun is out.
  10. Hi, I'm Stacy, from Seattle...I play to a 12.1 index and currently have a 2008 Callaway GBB set of irons...can we spell "old"? I'd love to test the C300s for game improvement and consistency. Please consider me as an avid tester and who would give the product a fair and honest assessment. Thanks, Spy!
  11. What's my story? My golf story began at the age of 10 with a cut-down 7 iron, a few swing lessons, and a desire to beat my 3 brothers, especially in golf. It took a few years, and some additional clubs but my passion for learning the game and playing to my potential exists today, and yea, I still enjoying beating my brothers any chance I get. Where do I play?I play in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at a course that is known for its multiple fir trees, narrow fairways, and challenging greens. Did I mention the rain and wet conditions? If not, yes, that's part of our course. Balls plug a
  12. I am very interested in testing and reviewing the Clevdland HB Launcher and would give a thorough and honest review. Currently, I am playing Ping GLE, senior shaft driver. Prior to that, I had a Cleveland Hi-bore driver, that truly, was a beast but very consistent for me. My swing speed is in the mid 70s, and when I make a good swing with pure contact, my average drive is in the 180/190 range. I'm working on more distance, but aren't we all? My handicap index is 12.6, and our season is just beginning. If my work this winter comes to fruition, that index will hopefully drop. I p
  13. As an avid player and a passion for the game of golf, I put the Snell Red through the rigors of on-course play as well as backyard practice, driving range chipping sessions, and lots and lots simulator golf in the comfort of my own living room. Long, dark, and wet winters in the Pacific Northwest translate to lots of creative ways to get my golf ‘fix' on. Looks & Durability (14 out of 15 points) Snell REDl is an aesthetically gorgeous ball, though I'm a fan of bright, colored balls, the Snell Red and it's presentation from the colors in the packaging to the simple, cl
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