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  1. I have used a Bag Boy/MGI Navigator 2 Electric Golf Caddy for 8 or more years. I upgraded to the Quad but passed my Nav2 to my spouse. The circuit board went out and the part is no longer available. If anyone has a Nav2 that's got a decent working circuit board and desires to sell, let me know. Thank you.
  2. I live in Seattle area. I also walk the course, and as a female, believe me, I need a bag that has everything! Every pocket and nook and cranny serves a purpose for me. I carry a variety of outerwear (Seattle is a tad bit wet), shorts, in case the weather warms up), the usual golf items: balls, tees, markers, etc. However, I also love to have my cold beverages be it a chilled bottle of water, a soda, or a beer or two. Currently, I carry the Ping Rhapsody bag and have it loaded onto my Bag Boy Navigator electric cart. What I look for in a bag is storage, durability with zippers and enclosures, pockets that are easy to access with a few lined for jewelry or watches. I like a large zipper section for jackets and rain gear, and easy to access umbrella holder and dividers for my clubs. I also like an easy to grab set of handles and a comfortable strap that is not too heavy or bulky. Since I load and unload my own clubs, I would like the bag to be light weight enough to store all my clubs and accessories, and not too heavy as to make is difficult to transport between the car, trunk, cart, and back again. I do like fun colors and would likely purchase a two-toned bag over a plain or neutral design. Currently, I prefer a cart bag, but I do appreciate a standing bag and often travel with that option for size and flexibility. My standing bag is a Sun Mountain, light weight carry bag. Being a gal who loves the game, I love how TGS promotes the female perspective. I'd love to help test this bag for the many readers and golf enthusiasts who are in search for a new bag and may be interested in this product. Stacy Brown
  3. Hello! My name is Stacy and I live in the Seattle area...rain gear is a must have, a go-to, an every day part of my golf and I'd love to test your product. I play daily and if not on the course I'm practicing. I own a pair of Adidas rain pants and a Sun Mountain rain jacket are two different fabrics and provide adequate protection but certainly not ideal as the properties and materials are not same. If you're looking for an opinion for your ladies "line", I'd love to be selected. I have played in absolute downpour at my home course on a weekly basis. If I waited for clear, blue skies golf would suffer and I'm not about to let that happen!
  4. Stacy index 10.7 I currently play Callaway Big Bertha, but desperately need an upgrade. The 1500 would be my choice. Probably a long shot as most applicants are men, but a girl can dream, right? Lite shaft, if selected...fingers crossed.
  5. My name is Stacy, i'm a 12.6 index, and my current driver is the Ping GLE 11.5 degree, ladies shaft,soft. I would love to test this driver with an A or senior shaft suited for my swing speed of 75 MPH. I work hard on my fitness and golf game and would do the same as a tester for the Mizuno driver.
  6. First name Stacy Home State/Province/Country. Washington State ​Do you use performance tracking? no, but I want to! Do you use a GPS watch? yes Which ones? Garmin golf watch play at least 3-5 times a week. Would love to test the product!!!
  7. Oh you know I will...you know I will.
  8. Shoes...shoes...you say, I have so many golf shoes that I've lost count. I love them, but in truth, I always return to my Adidas...traditional, sturdy, good fit, and comfy. My go to shoe is my Paula Creamer pink and white, vintage 2013 with pink ribbon laces. They are waterproof, provide total stability under foot, and look pretty darn cute, if I do say so myself!
  9. Weather forecast is for 70 degree temps this week. The course may still play like a wet carpet in a flood, but at least it will be a "warm" wet carpet. Lots of testing with the Snell ball this week and my review will be forthcoming. I look forward to adding to my review now that the sun is out.
  10. Hi, I'm Stacy, from Seattle...I play to a 12.1 index and currently have a 2008 Callaway GBB set of irons...can we spell "old"? I'd love to test the C300s for game improvement and consistency. Please consider me as an avid tester and who would give the product a fair and honest assessment. Thanks, Spy!
  11. What's my story? My golf story began at the age of 10 with a cut-down 7 iron, a few swing lessons, and a desire to beat my 3 brothers, especially in golf. It took a few years, and some additional clubs but my passion for learning the game and playing to my potential exists today, and yea, I still enjoying beating my brothers any chance I get. Where do I play?I play in the beautiful Pacific Northwest at a course that is known for its multiple fir trees, narrow fairways, and challenging greens. Did I mention the rain and wet conditions? If not, yes, that's part of our course. Balls plug and muddy, thick rough can make even the most ardent fan a snow-bird heading for warmer climates come October. However, we take what we can get, and long, dry fairways are few and far between. We also get some snow now and then, but I'm crazy dedicated, and practice no matter the conditions. What kind of golfer am I? If I score well at my home course, my game will travel most anywhere. Because I am dedicated obsessed with the game, I spend a lot of time tweaking my equipment, and I'm always looking for a few more yards. I added a new Ping GLE driver with a lite shaft to help off the tee, and my irons and fairway woods are Callaway Big Berthas. I love my Cra-Z Ping putter, and have no plans to replace that anytime soon, but I'm always a sucker for new technology! My strength and weakness in the game: This past year, my handicap index crept up to a 12.1 from a 9,7. I don't mind a few extra strokes while competing with my friends, but some of my swing issues this year off the tee hindered my distance, and I was forced to scramble to save par bogey. My strength is my short game and I work continually on my chipping, pitching, and putting. Typical Ball Fight: I play a natural draw, which is nice when I need a right to left shot. However, after attending golf school, my grip was changed, and now, it's tough for me to feel consistent. (Thanks, Martin Chuck). I know the change will be worth it (???) if I stick with it, but my typical strength is my short game, and feel. Misses, would be a draw that turns into a pull/hook. Swing Tempo: I play a senior shaft in my driver, as my average swing speed is 74 MPH. I am working on adding some MPH to that speed, but age seems to be winning that contest! What in the bag? As for balls, don't think I'm too proud to play pink, because I'm not. (See ball in cup on hole in one!) love pink and have played the Volvik, Bridgestone, the Precept all types, really. Last year, I played Bridgestone E6 for it's feel and to match my swing speed of 75 MPH. I like a soft feel off the driver club face yet, a bit of firmness when struck around the green. Sound and feel rank high with me as spinning the ball is not a skill that I've mastered with any degree of consistency. My goal: I intend to play the Snell Red on my wet, muddy course, and compare the results side by side with several other balls that find their way in my bag. I am looking for distance and feel and will keep a log of my hits, misses, and overall impressions while playing. This ball will find it's way to my practice green and I will put it through the rigors of sand, chipping, pitching, and short game skills. That is my strength, and I know what I like when I'm working around the green. Golf is a game of misses. When I began the game, I use to consider it a good day if I didn't run out of golf balls! Thankfully, those days are over I'm excited for the opportunity to test the Snell ball and provide feedback for who wish to better their game and lessen those misses Attached Images Hole in one at "childhood" course, Yakima Country Club, September, 2018.
  12. I am very interested in testing and reviewing the Clevdland HB Launcher and would give a thorough and honest review. Currently, I am playing Ping GLE, senior shaft driver. Prior to that, I had a Cleveland Hi-bore driver, that truly, was a beast but very consistent for me. My swing speed is in the mid 70s, and when I make a good swing with pure contact, my average drive is in the 180/190 range. I'm working on more distance, but aren't we all? My handicap index is 12.6, and our season is just beginning. If my work this winter comes to fruition, that index will hopefully drop. I practice daily and would love to be selected for testing. You will get an honest and thorough evaluation.
  13. As an avid player and a passion for the game of golf, I put the Snell Red through the rigors of on-course play as well as backyard practice, driving range chipping sessions, and lots and lots simulator golf in the comfort of my own living room. Long, dark, and wet winters in the Pacific Northwest translate to lots of creative ways to get my golf ‘fix' on. Looks & Durability (14 out of 15 points) Snell REDl is an aesthetically gorgeous ball, though I'm a fan of bright, colored balls, the Snell Red and it's presentation from the colors in the packaging to the simple, clean graphics appealed to me. Because of the urethane cover, this ball had a firmer feel than my regular, Bridgestone ball, Hitting the softer, two-piece ball felt almost mushy compared to the Snell, which directly translated to my sense of control and touch around the greens. On another note, I especially loved the large poker chip sized ball-marker and matching tees that I received with my Snell testing package. it was truly an eye-catching presentation. Durability: My rounds were played on mostly wet, soggy fairways under winter rule conditions. Consequently, I was able to lift, clean, and play and on account of that, the ball proved to be more than able to take a decent amount of rough terrain and less than ideal playing surfaces. A bounce or two off our cart path and an inadvertent mis-hits didn't phase the outer covering nor make a cut or ding. Sound & Feel (14 out of 15 points) My swing speed ranges in the mid-70s with the occasion low to mid-80s. If I was basking on the beach with a cold beverage, I'd take the mid-70s, low 80s anyway, but as it reflects my golf ball and the distance I generate with that speed, I am in search of yards. Greens in regulation are few and far between on par 4s, so I was anxious to put the Snell Red to the test. First of all, the sound of the Snell is distinct and solid. Hearing and feeling the ball hit the club face was notably different than my 2 piece, super soft Bridgestone. In fact, after hitting the Snell both on the course and practicing around the green, I appreciated the sound and the definite feel I experienced over the softer, 2 piece ball I usually play. The “feel” was most notable with my trusty “3” wood chipping from off the green. That is my go-to shot and a major stroke saver, and my feel for that shot was greatly enhanced with the Snell Red. I found my “feels” with the ball and much preferred that solid, crisp sound and feel over the muted, soft, marshmallowy sensation with my regular ball. Putting with the Snell Red provided solid feedback and consistency, overall. Our greens had been plugged and sanded, so conditions were a bit slow, but again, compared to my regular ball, the Snell gave me a firmer feel on my stroke. In practice, the ball performed well on, around, and near the green and once I got a few sessions under my belt, I felt confident with my 60 yards and in shots that are an important part of my game. Again, the firmness of the ball fit my feel around the green and switching between a softer ball, Bridgestone, and the more distinct hit of the Snell put me closer to an up and down from a variety of lies. (In my dreams). At least, I was more confident over the ball with how I wanted to strike the shot and isn't that the most important pre-shot thought anyway? On Course performance; 30/50 A two-piece ball is what I've hit for the past several years. Because my swing speed registers in the 70s, that was the ball that provided the most bang for my buck. The Snell is a 4 piece ball, and most definitely firmer and robust off the tee threw me a bit. I hit the Snell red and the Bridgestone concurrently for several holes. Truth be told, though I liked the feel of a firmer ball around the green, the urethane cover and perhaps the 338 dimple pattern (no, I did not count them) combined with my swing speed resulted in shorter drives. Unfortunately, in wet conditions and with soft fairways, my work was cut out for me on the second and third shots. Once I got closer to the greens, the ball felt good again. I do not spin the ball despite my best attempts, so I depend on feel and practice, and the Snell performed great in that regard. Distance was not a plus for me and the “inner mantle' of the ball that is supposed to allow for more spin and control on the greens did not factor into my game. Gamer Bag or Shag Bag: 15/20 points Testing the ball taught me that pink is not always better…who knew? (I knew that already, but I thought it sounded kind of clever). As for playing this ball on a consistent basis, probably not unless my swing picks up some MPH and my course dries out significantly to allow the extra roll and distance. Would I turn down a sleeve of Snell Reds, heck no? I was thrilled to put the ball to my test, but when I plunk down $$ for a ball to fit my game, my swing and what I bring to the course must be considered. For a stronger, faster swing, this ball is the bomb! Given that most of the reviewers are guys, I'm more than certain the ball would fit their profile to a “tee”. I would not hesitate to recommend this ball to the player that desires the firm and responsiveness a quality golf ball and who has the skill to take advantage of the spin control layer for the mid-short iron play around the green.
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